until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Entrance booking

If you want to be among the first to enter the campsite.

The entrances to the campsite will open Saturday 27 June at 16:00. To ensure a smooth opening we will use four waiting areas (see map).

Note that if you are planning on arriving after Saturday 27 June at 16:00 it is not necessary to book entrance.

Note that no matter which entrance you choose to book you still have access to all camping areas.

If you wish to be one of the first to access the campsite you need to make an entrance booking. You have to choose entrance together with your ticket – and you can only make one entrance booking per ticket.

In May we will open for entrance booking for those who haven’t made an entrance booking upon buying their ticket. Do note, some entrances can be fully booked at that time, so book your entrance together with your ticket and get the entrance you want.

Each entrance has a max. capacity and can therefore be closed for further bookings. However, since it is possible to change your choice of entrance, entrances can open for new bookings again, even though they have been sold out previously.


  • East 1
  • East 2
  • South
  • West

You will get a separate voucher for the entrance booking. Remember to bring your voucher, which you will have to present when you arrive to the area together with your festival ticket.

When the entrances to the campsite open Saturday 27 June at 16:00 you will receive a temporary wristband which you need to exchange to a regular festival wristband.

The waiting areas (yes, quite a few people arrive before we open) are open from Friday 26 June at 16:00 but we recommend you not to arrive before Saturday. We don’t provide any special service at the entrances, and you are not allowed to camp in the area. However, it’ll be possible to use toilets and drink water.

If you wish to change your choice of entrance, contact Billetnet Service Center (+45 70 15 65 65). Change of entrance booking costs a fee of 5 kr.

If you don’t wish to book an entrance in advance, you will have access to the campsite as soon as the “bookers” are in and the temporary waiting areas have been removed. It shouldn’t be that long.

It is not allowed to enter the campsite before Saturday 27 June at 16:00. Doing so will result in a fine of DKK 3,500.

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