until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Get A Place

If you want to get your own dedicated space for a camp

All Get A Place offers are sold out

Get A Place is a camping area where you bring your own tent and pitch it yourself when you arrive. We make sure that a space is reserved for your camp when you arrive.
Get A Place is located on the camping area just by Entrance East (Agora M). The campsite opens on Sunday 29 June at 21:00.

Get A Place offers three different area sizes:

  • Get A Place Small: 3 x 3 meter sold out
    Price: DKK 420 (This does not include any regular festival wristband)
  • Get A Place Medium: 5 x 5 meter sold out
    Price: DKK 820 (This does not include any regular festival wristband)
  • Get A Place Large: 10 x 10 meter sold out
    Price: DKK 2020 (This does not include any regular festival wristband)

Remember to bring your Voucher, which you will have to present upon arrival to the area.
Note that you need to exchange your festival ticket to a festival wristband at the main entrances before you go to the Get A Place campsite.


See the preliminary festival map (pdf)

Alternative camping options
Would you like to arrive to a pitched tent, bring your motorcycle, live in a caravan or do you need a bit of luxury?
Read more about the possibilities in the submenus.


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