until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Photo: Marie Joensen

The camping area

There are two camping areas at Roskilde Festival: one on the east side of the railway and one on the west side of the railway. The two areas are referred to as camping East and camping West and they are divided into smaller areas, each assigned a letter.

People who attend Roskilde Festival every year tend to have preferences as to which area is the best place to camp. It is very different from person to person how people find the different areas and we are therefore not capable of giving some final guide to where the best place is to pitch your camp. 

During the following we have tried to gather some facts about the various camping areas so you can get a better idea about where the best place will be for you to camp.

Luxury and twittering birds
If you are the kind of person who likes it best when people do the hard work for you, you should consider living in the Get A Tent area or the H&M Reboot Camp. In these areas the tents are already pitched for you when you arrive and the ticket also includes access to hot water showers.

If you really love your own tent but still dig the idea about having a reserved area for you and your camp, then you should consider buying a ticket for the Get A Place area. Here you get your very own spot for yourself and between 3 and 19 of your mates. The ticket includes unlimited access to hot showers.

You can read more about Get A Tent, Get A Place and H&M Reboot Camp if you go to camping.

If you like to fall asleep to the sound of wind in the willows and wake up to twittering birds, then you should consider setting up camp in the Silent & Clean area. In this area you are expected to keep your camp clean and to be somewhat quite at the night. Silent & Clean is located in area J in camping East approximately 10 minutes walk from Orange Stage.

Real-deal camping
If you want the authentic way of camping you can use the CITY centres as a party indicator. Of course we can’t promise that this theory always sticks, but in most cases the big camps with the very big sound systems place themselves close to the CITY centres.

So if you are you the type of person who once in a while want a quiet cozy night in the camp without a rave going on next door, then consider placing your camp a bit further away from the CITY centers.  

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