until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Photo: Sebastian Alexander Stamatis

The easy solution

When you are packing your back for the festival you might find it a bit frustrating that your tent, sleeping bag and camp madras are taking up all the space. So if you are freaking out about the fact that there is only room for one pair of clean underwear and a bottle of vodka in your bag when all the practical stuff has been stuffed in, we might offer you some help here.

We give you the opportunity to forget everything about carrying your the basic camping gear all the long way to the festival. Instead you now have the option to buy a festival package. The package contains a tent, a sleeping bag and a camp or air madras, and you can get it in three different sizes.

You can pick up the festival package in the Festival Gear stalls in both CITY centre East and West – you just have to choose where when buying the package.

So if this solution appeals to your inner luxury-seeking self, you can look at the different types of packages and prices here.

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