until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Photo: Lasse Dearman

The fun stuff

Especially the warm-up-days are dedicated to partying at the camping area and many camps are spending these days by having theme days, camp parties, competitions and stuff like that. So if you find a little extra space in your festival bag you might consider putting in some party or theme-related items.

Even if it is your first time at the festival it can be quite cool to have a camp theme – it is fun and creates a kind of fellowship in the camp. A camp theme can cover everything from matching T-shirts and dressing-up to decoration of the camp, theme camp dinners or whatever suits your camp. At Roskilde Festival the only limit is your imagination – the most important thing is that you are having fun with the theme.

There is a big chance that you will be able to listen to music from your neighbour camp all week, but sometimes it can be a bit more fun if you can be in charge of what kind of music that is gonna rock your camp. An old ghetto blaster, loudspeakers or some other music equipment can therefore be a good thing to bring with you. If you have something that is using rechargeable batteries you can bring the music back to life during the festival in one of the luggage storages in the agoras. You just have to bring a charger yourself.

Another thing that is cool to have is a flag for your camp. And it has been proven that pretty much everything goes as a flag, so you don’t have to get out and spend your last money on a fancy pre-made flag. You and you camp can normally get a long way with a piece of old sheet and some waterproof paint, but if you don’t feel that creative an inflatable ball or an old pair of shoes can do the job as well.

Another good reason to have a flag is that it makes it so much easier to find your camp again – even if you have had a beer or two too many – and it makes it easier to tell other people where you are if they wanna visit your camp.

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