until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Photo: Thomas Sjoerup/Rockphoto

The girly stuff

For some reason girls always tend to pack more stuff than guys. So to avoid over-packing we have made a special list with packing advice mostly for girls so important stuff will end up in the backpack and the rest will stay at home.

First a few nice-to-know things
There is nothing better than a shower once in a while and then maybe a bit of time in front of the mirror. At the festival there are quite a few opportunities to get a nice warm shower in and near the camping area. Here you will almost always also find mirrors and electrical outlets. So if your hair dryer or hair straightener is a must-have in case of a bad hair day you can easily bring them with you.

Girl stuff
To be able to give the best advice we have asked some female festival participants what are the most important girly stuff that needs to go in the festival back.

Advice no. 1: Always bring a small bag so you can take the most important stuff with you when you walk around on the camping and festival area.

Advice no. 2: Bring shorts instead of skirts and leave the G-string at home. It is not a good combo when you are sitting cross-legged on the ground or are jumping around to music – unless you really like to flash yourself of course.

Advice no. 3: Bring a little mirror to have in your tent. It is a lifesaver in the mornings when you need to have a reality check before crawling out in the open.

Advice no. 4: Paint your toe and finger nails before the festival so you don’t have to ting about dealing with less attractive dirty nails during the festival.  

Advice no. 5: Bring cleansing tissues to fresh up your face, paper tissues to have in your bag if a toilet has run out of paper, and disinfectant spray or tissues to use if you can not find anywhere to wash your hands.

Advice no. 6: Bring a waterproof mascara – you will appreciate it if it is raining, if you are going for a swim or if you get sweaty from dancing in front of a stage.  

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