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A small budget

Photo: Thomas Arnbo

Low budget

If your entire savings have already been spent on buying the ticket there is no need for despair. Roskilde Festival is do-able even on a tight budget. We give you here some packing advice so you can make it through a week of Roskilde Festival in good low-budget manner.

The food
Your festival eating habits are essential if you want to go low-budget. Canned food such like tuna, pate and mackerel along with some (wholewheat) bread makes a perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner – and even a small snack now and then. These things can all be bought in Roskilde city, so you don’t have to pack more of this than what you need for the first couple of days. If you feel like upgrading your diet a bit without breaking the bank you can bring a camping stove. With this piece of equipment you have endless possibilities of making delicious home-cooked meals in the cooking areas in the agoras.

After taking care of the food you need to pack some practical gear. Something as simple as black plastic bags are a lifesaver (especially together with the duct tape). With these you can create a floor to sit on in your camp. You can also fill a black plastic back with water and leave it in the sun for a few hours and then you will have warm water for a (very) quick shower. They are also excellent to start a good camp activity like a sack race, and should it start to rain you just have to cut a hole for your head and one for each arm and you will have a raincoat. Of course you can also use them to clean up your camp.

If there is more space left in your backpack you should consider squeezing a towel in there. If you wanna shower for free at the festival there are both free cold showers and a swimming lake that you can jump into. So there are a lot of options if you at some point reach the conclusion that eight days in spite of everything was too long to go without a shower.

Of course, there are lots of hot showers as well at the festival. This luxury will cost you a few quit – but you will feel like a new person afterwards, so that is an option too if you really wanna treat yourself.

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