until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

Photo: Per Lange

The stuff you have forgotten

When you are standing at the festival about to set up your tent and you suddenly realise that the bag with tent pegs, underwear and canned tuna is still at home (because you chose to use your free hand to carry an extra bottle of booze) you don’t have to panic. You will have the opportunity to buy most of the stuff you need at the festival, and if you can’t find it there Roskilde city is not far away.

CITY centres
In the two CITY centres in the camping area you can find Festival Gear that sells a lot of practical stuff. Here you can find everything from batteries and peg hammers to party tents, and if you feel like upgrading your tent at some point of the festival you can get yourself a double air mattress instead of your flat camp mattress.

In the CITY centres you will also be able to find beer stalls selling cases of beer and cartons of fair trade wine. The stalls are open all through the festival so you don’t have to drag a whole week’s requirement of beer and wine with you – even if you don’t have any plans of leaving the festival area all through the festival.

Roskilde city
The city Roskilde is not far away and there are a lot of different ways you can get to the city centre. It takes about half an hour to walk there from the entrances to the camping area. You can also take the train that runs from the festival area to Roskilde Station or use the shuttle busses that go from entrances of East and West.

Both in the CITY centres and in Roskilde city you can find lots of shops and stalls that sells clothes, shoes, bags, rubber boots and flipflops so there are lots of options if the weather changes or you feel like pimping up your festival wardrobe.

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