until Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27 June to 4 July

The Roskilde Festival Dice Game

Are you ready to create and play your own game?

'The Roskilde Festival Dice Game' is not just one single game. It's several different games –
all of them made by you and other festival-goers.

How it works
Find a can of Festival Dice (they're sold in the festival merchandise shops and in our online webshop).

Then you have two options:

  • Play the game using the dice in the can. As games and rules are submitted by you and other festival-goers, they'll be uploaded to The Game Room (here)
  • Submit your own set of rules for others to enjoy
Photo: Bo Jørgensen

You don't have a can of Roskilde Festival Dice right now?
Even if you haven't gotten your hands on The Roskilde Festival Dice Game, you can still come up with your own rules. We'll just tell you what the game includes.

The game includes six different dice. Five dice with the numbers 2-6 and our orange canopy on the last side of it. The sixth one is orange.

Photo: Bo Jørgensen

The orange die has six different symbols on it and you can see them all here:

Photo: Bo Jørgensen

Photo: Bo Jørgensen

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