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Submitted games and rules

... The submitted games and sets of rules will be uploaded here. Please keep them coming.

Capture the Orange Stage (ENG) (RF Recommends)

WHAT: A simple game for 2 persons - for all the lovers of Ludo, Stratego, Chess and Roskilde.
: Per Petri Olesen, Denmark.
: I am an experinced Roskilde-goer from Denmark - 2012 will be my 11th time. I have a little experience making games - or I have made one game before. It was a nice little game about trading goods and moving them around. I really liked that the luck-aspect was taken out, but somehow there weren't any way to stop the game.
For this game, the purpose was to make a game, which only took a short time to complete, which is easy to learn and which was about moving some beer around on a board. And then I came up with this little thing. I hope you enjoy.

Meta Roskilde Spillet (DK) (RF Recommends)

WHO: Mike Ditlevsen, Denmark

Roskilde Experience (DK/UK) (RF Recommends)

WHAT:I kommer i spillet rundt i festivalens mange både musikalske og særprægede hjørner. Måske får I en uventet oplevelse…
WHO: Rasmus Møller og Jeppe S. Christensen, Denmark.
WHY: Vi elsker spil. Vi elsker festival. Vi elsker musikken, og vi elsker alle de særlige oplevelser, som festivaler som Roskilde byder på. Sammen har vi bl.a. haft en fantastisk fodboldkamp i sand på Roskilde Festival. Det er den slags, der har givet inspirationen til spillet her.

A Drinking Game (ENG)

WHAT: A drinking game were the fastest is playing safe for the next round
WHO: Wrisberg, Denmark.

Børnespil (DK)

WHAT: Et spil for børn - opfundet af et barn
WHO: Andrea, Denmark.

"Camp"ion (DK)

WHAT: Champen af campen
WHO: Champen af campen, Denmark.


WHAT: Just the first idea that came to my mind ...
WHO: Thomas, Germany.

King (UK)

WHAT: Be the King
WHO: The king, Sweden.
WHY: I amt he king. I rule the dice.

King of Roskilde (DK)

WHAT: Du skal være rigtig god til at kaste terninger. Og ramme.
WHO: Rasmus Møller og Jeppe S. Christensen, Denmark.
WHY: Spillet er startet med en nysgerrighed: gad vide, om man kan ramme en anden terning og få den til at rulle rundt. Det kunne man godt. Vi er begge store nydere af spil og festival. Den ene går dog mere på festival end den anden, der så tilgengæld spiller - og laver - flere spil.

Mød din næste ven (DK)

WHAT: Mød andre mennesker, sjovt og udfordrende
WHO: Michael Jensen & Andreas Swiatek, Denmark.
WHY: Vi er 2 spilleglade, Roskilde-festival-elskende gutter.

Pick an orange! (UK)

WHAT: Which orange feeling to pursue next? "Pick an orange!" helps you decide..
WHO: Natalie Düring and Marion Guntermann, Germany.
WHY: We are two friends from Hamburg, that have visited many festivals, Roskilde Festival many times, played many games, and invented even more (most not publishable). Inventing this game was so much fun, because it gave deeper meaning to our past festival adventures and all the lovable people we have met. By our own definition of the festival characters we are a thinker and a socializer, who very much love to hang out with a consumer. Which you will all understand after reading the attached set of rules.

Solløjki (DK)

WHAT:Et terningespil hvor alt kan ske.
WHO: Nikolaj Jensen, Denmark.
WHY: Jeg hedder Nikolaj, bor i Århus, der går jeg på universitetet. Jeg har været på Roskilde Festival mange gange, og noget af det jeg synes bedst om er de lange warm-up dage hvor alle bare sidder i camps'ne og skal have tiden til at gå med noget. Derfor har jeg skabt et spil der kan få mange timer til at gå. Meningen er ikke at det skal kunne overstås på to minutter. Meningen er at man kan sidde en hel camp, fordybet i et spil og dets regler, glemme alt omkring sig, drikke nogen øl imens, bare hygge sig, hjælpe hinanden lidt, engang imellem tage nogen chancer og alt det der. Meningen er at det skal skabe "The Orange Feeling"

The dice race (UK)

WHAT: Run and don´t loose your dice!
WHO: Henrik, Germany.

The "What happened last night?" Game (UK)

WHAT: Create festival fairytales verging on the border of truth and deceive your camp in this drinking game of yesterday's glorious escapades!
WHO: Abe-trubadouren, Denmark.
WHY: Full time musician in the revered "Abelejren". Part time creator of drinking games. A weakling and a small homo. Will dance for money, drinks, nice words or just about anything...

Where is the Orange Stage (DK)

WHAT: Hvor mange Roskilde telte er der i alt hos spillerne? Har du gættet rigtigt, går du ud af spillet. De tilbageværende spillere må tage konsekvenserne…
WHO: Jeppe S. Christensen og Rasmus Møller, Denmark.
WHY: Vi elsker spil. Vi spiller spil, og vi har selv lavet brætspil - den ene mere end den anden. Ideen i det her spil er, at man kan psyke hinanden lidt og måske regne hinanden ud.

Tuborg Tilter (UK)

WHAT:Social drinking game with lots of unusual elements for such a simple category.
WHO: Eirik Bratlie, Norway.
WHY: I'm Eirik, and I love festivals. Roskilde 3 years in a row, intending on making in 4. You dont need to know much more about me to know how I made this game.

Kærlighed fra dåse (DK)

WHAT: Et spil om at sprede glæde og kærlighed på festivalen.
WHO: Unknown, Denmark.

Ryst og rul (DK)

WHAT: Bedøm, bluff, saml point og vær heldig
WHO: Unknown, Denmark.

How I met your mother (UK)

WHAT: Perfect for making new friends.
WHO: Klio, Italy.
WHY: I am half ottearmet blæksprutte, be very afraid.

Humunuku (UK)

WHAT: See.
WHO: Anar Chia, Italy.
WHY: Anar is my name, this will be my first time at roskilde and hopefully the first of many times. I am also an artist in training, and I find festivals one of my top inspirations. 

Roskilde Zombie (UK)

WHAT: Zombies and Roskilde, what could go wrong?
WHO: Joachim Franch, Denmark.

Sperning (DK)

WHAT: Throw the dice!
WHO: Onkel S. og KONGEN, Denmark.
WHY: To Roskilde/musik/terninge freaks, der elsker at få ideer, nogen bedre end andre. Denne gang blev verdens nemmeste druk terningespil opfundet.

The die challenge (UK)

WHAT: Kiss, Hug, Drink, Have fun
WHO: Henrik, Germany.
WHY: Hey. I´m Henrik, 29 years old from Hannover/Germany.

Roskilde Poker Dice Game (UK)

WHAT: "Poker meets Yatzy" drinking game.
WHO: Mikkel Rymark Christensen, Denmark.
WHY: I´m one of the locals from Roskilde city. 29 years old studying pedagogy in Roskilde. It's going to be my 14'th Roskilde Festival this year, so I have a lot of years of game-inventing at Roskilde behind me. Unfortunately I tend to forget what games we've been playing at Roskilde. Great idea putting them online!

Orange Game (DK)

WHAT: Drunk roskilde dice orange game beer øl drik spil terninger 2012 fyn.
WHO: Søren, Kofod, Grundtvig og Magnus, Denmark.
WHY: 4 guys on south Fyn.

Drink or Dare (UK)

WHAT: Drink and Dares like no one cares.
WHO: Thue Gram-Hansen and Marie-Louise Rasmussen, Denmark.
WHY: We are a cute couple in love, we both study at DTU in Lyngby, and we would very much like to go to Roskilde to play our new awesome game!

Roskilde Drinking Jack! (UK)

WHAT: Party with the people!
WHO: Daði Freyr Pétursson of Camp Ananas, Iceland.
WHY: I come from Iceland, this festival will be my third time in a row, I love Roskilde Festival! Come join the party at Camp Ananas, it is very cozy good times :)

Dice Scrable (DK)

WHAT: Sæt pris på det gode ord.
WHO: Angelika Rasmussen, Denmark.
WHY: Dårlig taber og dårlig vinder!! Elsker at psyke mine medspillere før, under og efter et spil. Derudover er jeg studerende, Dansk og Kommunikation ved Københavns Universitet. Jeg har boet i København ca. 6 år og bor pt. på Nørrebro. Game on:)

The Roskilde Festival Dice Game (UK)

WHAT: The game where you have fun and get the orange feeling!
WHO: Michelle Gryholt Andersen, Denmark.
WHY: I'm a girl who turns 19 right before Roskilde 2012. I joined Roskilde Festival last year for the first time, and I was hooked! Now I wanted to give something back to you. Lots of Love, Michelle.

Rock, Roll (UK)

WHAT: The objective of the game is to lose your mind. Good luck.
WHO: Miguel Vicente Aoki, Denmark.
WHY: I'm originally from the Philippines, studying in Denmark and on exchange in Shanghai China for one semester. I love Roskilde festival. I've been there, it's a good place. There's nowhere else in the world like it. I thought it deserved a good dice game. I want that game to be mine.

Majority (UK)

WHAT: Join the orange feeling or face the consequnses....
WHO: Mikkel Mindegaard, Denmark.
WHY: I used to create games on my fathers LP inner-coversleeves when I was a kid. Then life has made me dull and only playing other peoples games - until now, when the Roskilde Festival has given me the opportunity of becoming a gamemaker again.


WHAT: Duel your best friend or your worst enemy in a hilarious drinking game!
WHO: Jonas, Denmark.
WHY: Hello, I was just checking out the roskilde when i fell across this game-competition and thought "Why not?". I've never been to roskilde and i thought i'd give it a try to get a ticket by throwing in a little game of mine here!

Orange Dice (UK)

WHAT: A innovative strategi quiz game.
WHO: NH, Denmark.
WHY: I live in Roskilde and i have been to Roskilde Festival every year since 2008. Different games is a part of Roskilde Festival and therefore i have self made one.

FunInTheSun (UK)

WHAT: Easy, customizable and fun under the Roskilde sun.
WHO: Tits McGhie, Norway.
WHY: like roskilde a lot.

Dice Stories (UK)

WHAT: Dice inspired storytelling !
WHO: Sölvi Þór Hannesson, Iceland.
WHY: A regular Roskilde Festival goer, and a part of Camp Ananas, which is always full of very weird people and crazy happenings !

Throw higher or suffer!!! (UK)

WHAT: Will you be lucky this time? It's all up to the dice!
WHO: Casper & Agata (aka Casata), Denmark & Poland.
WHY: We are a couple of party monkeys and we would sell our kidneys to go to Roskilde! Creating this game might give us the opportunity to save our spare parts for another occasion :-) The idea for the game was a result of many beers and hours of conversations. Skål Roskilde!!!

Catch the tab (UK)

WHAT: A small reaction-game made of materials you can find on a festival.
WHO: Henrik, Germany
WHY: Hey. I´m Henrik from Hannover/Germany and that´s the first time i invented a game.

Trust me (UK)

WHAT: Chance and human interaction can be fun - depending on the people involved...
WHO: Razvan-Mihai Badea, Romania
WHY: I'm a Romanian screen writer who's been living in Denmark for the past two years. Having enjoyed Roskilde last year and having somewhat of an experience making games (most of it from my childhood), I decided to rip off a game I invented for a couple of characters in one of my scripts, add some extra rules involving dice, come to Roskilde again and say hello to the world...

The most awsome game with dice ever (UK)

WHAT: Drinking magic fun of greatness
WHO: Peter Ascanius Jacobsen, Denmark

Roskilde Festival Terningspillet! (RFT!) (DK)

WHAT: Hvor alting kan ske
WHO: Peter Ø. Clausen, Denmark
WHY: Mit navn er Peter, jeg er 18 år gammel og er fra København. At spille til fester er noget af det hyggeligste jeg ved, specielt spil med terninger! Dette år er 3. gang jeg er på Roskilde Festival, og hvis der er noget jeg elsker ved festivallen, så er det THE ORANGE FEELING!

Stable terning (DK)

WHAT: Double set of dices, points by how many dices lies on eachother.
WHO: Categorina, Denmark
WHY: 30 år og trænger virkelig til at prøve at komme til Roskilde Festival! Elsker terninge spil, snyd og halv tolv er helt klart favoritter pga. simplicity.

The Orange Cup (UK)

WHAT: A game that combines the orange feeling with the greatness of drinking.
WHO: The Hulk, Denmark
WHY: I recently moved back from the US, where I've lived for the past year. I'm 18 years old, and love to be innovative and when i got an email about this game, I looked into it and came up with the perfect game.

Go Fetch! (UK)

WHAT: You want to be able to drink and eat your festival away and still have a good conscience? Then this is the game!
WHO: Unknown, Australia

An envoy to the open fields of Roskilde 2012 (UK)

WHAT: Friend making, laugh resulting, thirst quenching - it has it all mixed in a simple but awesome game!
WHO: Mikkel, Denmark
WHY: A guy in between educations enjoying a year of relaxation who is hoping to attend ROSKILDE! Hence the making of this little fun game - I love music and wouldn't want to miss this years' artists.

Roll The Dices (DK)

WHAT: Do the Mission and drink
WHO: NM, Denmark
WHY: Jeg er altid frisk på spil og en kold øl!

What to do? (UK)

WHAT: A Party - Dice - Activity - Game
WHO: Sölvi Þór Hannesson, Iceland
WHY: I'm a huge fan of Roskilde Festival, since I went for my first time in 2009. Me and my friends started last year with the great Camp Ananas and are planning it's return to RF 2012 and planning to win the Camp Of The Year !
This game was firstly inspired by the orange dice you created ! and also a little from many icelandic drinking and party games, along with experiences from parties with my friends here in iceland and at Roskilde Festival ! I tried to include the orange feeling and the camp experience in the game.

Orange Bear (DK/UK)

WHAT: ATJUU!!! HEY IT's ORANGE.. Get a Bear on!!
WHO: Bjørn F. Møller, Denmark
WHY: Love beer, love games, love party, love festival and LOVE ROSKILDE!!! Always fresh if there is fun near by!

BeerQuest 9000 (UK)

WHAT: An epic journey, into the unknown lands of Roskilde Festival.!
WHO: The Kure, Denmark
WHY: I am a 17-year-old boy, I live in Skagen (a place far far away), and I go to school at Fr. Havn Gymnasium. I was at Roskilde Festival for the first time in 2011 with my boardingschool, and some of my friends did this thing where they left our camp with an empty case of beer, and they didn't come back untill it was filled. That's where I got the idea for BeerQuest 9000 :-) I'll see you there in 2012 !

Banjo-Kussing (UK)

WHAT: Banjo-Kussing - remember these words
WHO: Rasmus Dalgas, Denmark
WHY: I'm 23 years old and extremely fond of Roskilde Festival, I have been there the last 8 years. The game I submitted is a special modified edition of a homemade dice-game, called Banjo-Kussing, that I created with a friend in my camp, "Camp Lounge", during Roskilde Festival 2009. The game was so popular in the camp that we ended up playing it all through the night until the sun came up. The original game needs a lot more dices so some changes has been made.

Drunk stage dicing (UK)

WHAT: Think of a stage, roll the dice and drink
WHO: Mark Lee, Denmark
WHY: Hello! My name is mark. I love music w. quality. I was drunk when i thought of this... and the rules doesn't really have any other point than the one who are the most drunk has lost... and won a nice percentage of alcohol in the blood.

Get to know your strangers (DK)

WHAT: Spillet handler om at udfordre sig selv og hinanden ved at imødegå fremmede og er en blanding af druk og ren underholdning
WHO: Nina-Franziska Christiansen, Denmark
WHY: Inspirationen til spillereglerne kommer fra sidste års Roskilde, hvor min camp spillede et drukspil kendt som "vandfald" eller "træmand". Hvis man trækker et bestemt kort, skal man lave en hvilken som helst regel. Her fandt vi på, at hver gang man trak et bestemt kort, skulle man kramme en fremmed, hvilket vi (og de fremmede) fik meget sjov ud af. På samme måde udnytter dette spil også "the orange feeling", der netop handler om at en fremmed hurtigt kan blive din nye ven. På Roskilde er alle velkommen!

Dare Dice (UK)

WHAT: The dice commands you!
WHO: Unknown, Denmark

Tøs eller Roskilde? (DK)

WHAT: Et drukspil hvor hardcore festivaldrikkere klart har en fordel. :-)
WHO: Unknown, Denmark

Festival Dice (UK)

WHAT: Add rules, perform actions, get drunk!
WHO: Unknown, Unknown

Drink or do! (UK)

WHAT: The perfect festival drinking game.
WHO: Emma, Sweden
WHY: Hi! My name is Emma, and I'm a fun-loving hippie and student from Sweden. I usually come up with fun games at parties, and I felt like sharing one now, since I have the opportunity to win a ticket. This year would be my 8th year at Roskilde festival - If i could afford both the ticket and the trip. Unfortunately, I can just afford one or the other, so this is my last hope.

Den vilde nymfe (DK)

WHAT: Spillet der automatisk justeres til selskabet!
WHO: Dan Saattrup Nielsen, Denmark

Dice of Destiny (DK)

WHO: Nikolaj Munk, Denmark

Et lille (alternativt) spil (DK)

WHO: Martin Buch, Denmark

Forræderne i Camp Roskilde (DK)

WHO: Troels Vastrup, Denmark

Nabospil (DK)

WHO: Dennis Fantoni, Denmark

Ret nemt spil (DK)

WHO: Martin Buch, Denmark

Roskilde Dice Game (DK)

WHO: Kasper Nielsen, Denmark

Roskilde Dice Game (DK)

WHO: Mikkel Yven, Denmark

Roskilde Extreme (DK)

WHO: Martin Johnsson, Denmark

Roskilde festival dice game (DK)

WHO: Lars Wagner Hansen, Denmark

Roskilde Festival stene i lejren spillet (DK)

WHO: Bent Ejaas, Denmark

Roskilde Party Game (DK)

WHO: Martin Horn Pedersen, Denmark

Russer (DK)

WHO: Anna Petersen, Denmark
WHY: Spillet hedder Russer og selv den stivestes stodder kan være med for det er noget så̊ simpelt.

Simple Regler (DK)

WHO: Emil J. Heigren, Denmark

Sku vi aldrig være fulde (DK)

WHO: Dennis Kristensen, Denmark
WHY: Drukspillene med drengene blev mere og mere komplekse, så vi "opfandt" dette, for at få det back to basic, hvor det drejede sig om at drikke sig i humør inden en bytur, eller under en fest.

Spil (DK)

WHO: Thore Roed Caspersen, Denmark

Spillet er Døsch! (DK)

WHO: Casper Svith, Denmark

Spin the Dice (DK)

WHO: Bjarke Johnsen, Denmark

Strip Search, The Game (DK)

WHO: David Vindtorp, Denmark

Terning Amok (DK)

WHO: Troels Vastrup, Denmark

The Challenge (DK)

WHO: Tobias Rose, Denmark

The Roskilde Festival Dice Game (DK)

WHO: Kasper Hansen, Denmark

Træmand (DK)

WHO: Rasmus Petersen, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Andreas Haugaard, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Fabio Cujino, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Kris Thomsen, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Malte Jacobsen, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Lea Shoshan, Denmark

Unnamed game (DK)

WHO: Simon Shine, Denmark

Wuu (DK)

WHO: Lis og Sif Stig Poulsen, Denmark

Dice, Dice and Dice (DK)

WHAT: Silence plz - commence the awesome
: The ZprutZaeks - aka. Betina & Betina, Denmark
WHY: On a cold November night, Betina, Betina & Cabernet Sauvignon joined forces to create the infamous ZpruZaek unity - the world has never been the same since that fateful moment. Behold the power of the Betinas, because Betinas just wanna have fun!

TerningTår (DK)

WHO: Mathias Nielsen, Denmark

The Orange Die Game (UK)

WHAT: Show some love, have some fun, get the drunk!
: Einar Indridason and Andri M. Fridriksson, Denmark
WHY: My friend Andri and I Einar are from Iceland but Live in Danmark this will be my 9th roskilda and Andri's 6th we've never made games like this before. And to the world of ROSKILDA! We hope you have fun and get drunk and create some fun stories!

Waterfall (UK)

WHO: Einar Indridason and Andri M. Fridriksson, Denmark
WHY: My friend Andri and I Einar are from Iceland but Live in Danmark this will be my 9th roskilda and Andri's 6th we've never made games like this before. And to the world of ROSKILDA! We hope you have fun and get drunk and create some fun stories!

The Game of Rules (UK)

WHAT: Make your own rules! Make your own fun!
: Einar Indridason and Andri M. Fridriksson, Denmark
WHY: My friend Andri and I Einar are from Iceland but Live in Danmark this will be my 9th roskilda and Andri's 6th we've never made games like this before. And to the world of ROSKILDA! We hope you have fun and get drunk and create some fun stories!

Photo: Bo Jørgensen

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