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Bong Pavilion - Drinking game for 4+ mates

Author Message
Written on: 06.07.2009 19:07
Andreas Vinther
Posts: 3
All right, we were five guys in our camp and, as most other people, we enjoy throwing stuff at each other. At one point when I felt the uncontrollable urge to throw my just emptied beer-can at my friend who was reading Orange Express, I thought: 'Why not challenge myself a bit?' I threw the can up in the air so it landed on the pavilion, slid down the side, and fell off right down on my mate's head. The sound was precious and the people who walked by on the path laughed when they saw it happen.

Later on, when we all were sitting in the camp, we all decided to move the chairs to the edges of the pavilion and slowly the game BongPavilion came into existence. So here are the official rules of the game of Bong Pavilion:

(You should always be four or more people at the game of Bong Pavilion. The game requires each contestant to have at least one arm and one head.)

- Move your chairs to the edges of the pavilion so your head is just under of the the horizontal bars. There should be at least one person per side. (The more people, the funnier.)
- Finish your beers, ciders, or whatever you crazy kids are drinking nowadays. (CANS! Not bottles, unless all your skulls are made of metal or rubber.)
- When you empty your drink, throw it into the air, so it lands on top of the pavilion, slides down the side and hits your mate in the head.
- You can throw with all cans within your reach. As long as you still touch your chair with your butt, it is legal. You can use tools as well, but rule may be changed if needed (if, for example, someone brough a crane or a giant electro-magnet.)
- Whenever a can hits a mate, he/she takes a sip of his/hers beverage.


Now the rule that gives the game its name.
- Make a beer bong (you know, the classic: cut out the buttom of a large soda bottle.)
- Include the bong in the game like the cans. If it hits a mate in the head, he or she takes it.

(for the super-intelligent Bong Pavilion-player)

The FENG SHUI rule:
- If a can slides into an open tent, everybody yells "FENG SHUI!" and drink together.

The FAIL / DEATH BED rule:
- When someone does something stupid (like falling off the chair while reaching for cans on the ground, or throws a can that doesn't even get over the pavilion), the person who notices yells "FAIL!".
-The game pauses.
- Now you all vote if it was in fact a fail.
- If the accused mate is voted guilty of stupidity, he/she lays down on the DEATH BED, on his/hers back, arms down the side. (if you have nothing to use as bed, you can just lie on the ground.) The Death Bed is placed at one side of the pavilion and the people sitting at that side must move away for the moment.
- Collect all the cans you can around you. (The person on the bed cannot move!)
- Set a timer to 2 minutes.
- Start the clock and throw! Everyboy throws at the mate in the bed, the bong can also be thrown.
- When time's up, you count the amount of cans that hit the mate.
PUNISHMENT: 1 can = 1 sip
bong = 1 bong

If you successfully head-butt a can or the bong , that would otherwise hit you in the head, into another mate's head, the victim takes double sip (or double bong, if the bong hits him/her.)

Good luck with it, and please come with suggestions for new rules.

Mr. Vinther

[This article was edited 4 times, at last 23.06.2011 at 00:59.]
Written on: 06.07.2009 22:56
Posts: 211
Dude.. Now you got me all wired up for something I have to wait a whole year until I can play it icon_smile.gif

Awsome game icon_smile.gif

Feng Shui got me all woop woop icon_cool.gif
Written on: 11.07.2009 17:05
Posts: 35
Wow... will surely try this when I make my Roskilde debut! icon_lol.gif

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