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Topic with many replies

Camp Grock looking for more people

Author Message
Written on: 11.03.2013 22:55
Posts: 27
Are you ready to join an awesome camp?

We are gay, straight, bi, male, female in our 20's and 30's

Our motto is: go where the party is!

Since last year was really cool and great and some people aren't going this year we still have space in our camp.

If you love to party and have fun you should join us. We are located at J so that we can get some sleep so now and then as well.

Our typical activities include: dancing, listening the great concerts, hanging out at the camp, BBQ-ing, bothering our neighbors with cheap whiskey, playing strip-poker, checking out other camps/parties, swimming in the toxic lake, and whatever seems fun at the moment.

Find us on Facebook: Camp Grock
Or email campgrock at hotmail dot com

See you at RF 2013!
Written on: 12.03.2013 10:33
Posts: 332
You have to be crazy like us, we're from Holland, Denmark, Norway, Korea,Poland.
and beyond!

this is the url for facebook

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Written on: 07.04.2013 13:57
Anne Sofie Jepsen
Posts: 3
Hey Yo! icon_biggrin.gif

Do you still have room in your lovely camp?? If so we are two girls looking for a camp. I've been to Roskilde before but for my friend Thea its a first!
We are looking for a place to party and have fun since the camp we were supposed to be in kinda fell apart icon_wink.gif

Written on: 08.04.2013 10:03
Posts: 332
Hey Anne Sofie,

Yes ofcourse you can join!
Just add the group on Facebook.

Or send a mail to campgrock @ hotmail . com with your name so we can add you.


Written on: 10.04.2013 10:05
Posts: 5

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Written on: 10.04.2013 12:47
Posts: 3048
Marc, it might be more prudent to write in English to an international camp. Especially since the arrangers aren't Danish icon_wink.gif
Written on: 10.04.2013 13:28
Posts: 5
Hello Camp Grock
We are 4 funky fellas whom needs a camp for RF2013.
We are mega funky and always fresh, we would describe our motto: smoke weed, fuck bitches.
If there still is room in your insane camp we would like to come and be funky with you.

the most funky boys on Roskilde
Written on: 10.04.2013 17:58
Posts: 332
Helloo funky dudes.

Ofcourse you can join our camp.. just find us on FB..camp grock, or email us your funky facebook names, so we can add you.

Written on: 15.04.2013 15:08
Thomas Christensen
Posts: 1
As our camp sort of fell apart we are looking for a new camp this year. If three guys in their mid-thirties is an acceptable addition we will be able to provide the camp with some crazy ass drinking 24/7 and the means to keep those drinks cool - we will be bringing dry ice icon_smile.gif
Written on: 15.04.2013 16:07
Posts: 332
I added you to the group Thomas icon_smile.gif
Written on: 21.04.2013 12:10
Posts: 13
Dear Rockers.

I'm J-Rock and I will be travelling with a friend to ROSKILDE for the first time ever! We would be very interested to join a big camp like yours.

I tried joining your facebook page but seems like a closed group.

anyways let me tell you a bit about us.

I'm from Finland and my friend is from Venezuela and we both are currently residing in SAUDI ARABIA.

We would like to join a group of very well established party rockers and drop some knowledge on us first timers!

We think we would make a great INTERNATIONAL addition to your camp. We are fun and we are fun and we like to have fun.

We need to know relatively soon if we can join the council of awesome camp.



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Written on: 21.04.2013 15:56
Posts: 1
Hey campers. My and my boyfriend might be looking for a camp. Do you still have room for more awesome people?

I am 27 (will be 28 at the time) and he is also 27 years old.

We don't want to be the boring stiky-icky couple and so we would like to meet a lot of new people to enjoy the festival with, and how better than to find a random camp? icon_razz.gif

My boyfriend is now going for the 11th time I think. and for me it is the 6th time.. give or take.
So, the man knows how to prep a camp for all kinds of grusome weather, how to make beers cold and so on.
I don't know much about that, but I do know how to cook pasta or rice to perfection and am very easy to lure into any fun game. Also I will be bringing stuff for plaing dress up or I can be of help when making the camp pretty (I do have a bachelor degree in theater-science so..)

Also, we might be driving by car to the festival, and so we will be able to do some easily done shopping in Roskilde city, at the days when my man haven't been drinking and is able to sit behind the wheels. (We might be openminded and with the heart set for party - but safety's first - no drink and drive!)

One of my core values is that one should, especially at a venue like roskilde festival, look out for one another, and not do stuff that is potentially hurtfull to others, in other words, respect others boundaries and take good care. - But I am sure most people agree on that. Hope I don't sound to boring. icon_cool.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 21.04.2013 at 16:00.]
Written on: 22.04.2013 13:54
Posts: 332
Hey Elise,
ofcourse you can join our camp..just invite yourself on Facebook icon_wink.gif


Written on: 24.04.2013 15:36
Posts: 332
I added you to our group.
And..we need more female party pple!!
Written on: 01.05.2013 17:10
Posts: 1
Hey guys my name is Yahav im 22 and this is my first roskilde festival, and im looking for some cool people to camp with.
I would really like to join your camp if its still possible, My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/yahavc.
Hope to hear from you soonicon_smile.gif
Written on: 01.05.2013 20:00
Posts: 332
Hey Yahav, I've send you a message on fb.
Written on: 01.05.2013 21:47
Camilla Aalbæk Kristensen
Posts: 2
Hallo! We are two party girls who are looking for a camp. Can we maybe join you guys?
Written on: 01.05.2013 22:38
Posts: 332
Yes you can, just find us on Facebook...
Written on: 02.05.2013 00:54
Posts: 1
Hey Camp Grock! May I join you? I travel alone from Sweden.icon_wink.gif
Written on: 05.05.2013 17:22
Posts: 13
Hello Camp Grock

We would like to add some international flavor into your Camp. Can I join alon with my friend?
Written on: 06.05.2013 11:24
Posts: 332
Hey Jam rock, it seems you already found a camp right?


Written on: 06.05.2013 13:10
Posts: 13
I would like to join the best camp. Nothing is set in stone..
Written on: 06.05.2013 16:59
Posts: 332
k i've send you a message on FB.

And to everyone else reading this:
We need people that will for sure arrive on a saturday to have an early queue party and a good spot at the J area. Sooo.. feel free to contact us if you want to join. The camp is almost full.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 06.05.2013 at 22:14.]
Written on: 14.05.2013 05:16
Ashlee Nicole
Posts: 11
I'm planning to camp and queue with you all again. I hope we get a spot as good as last year's - it was perfect. I'm so excited! icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 15.05.2013 18:54
Posts: 332
Yeah me too and excited as well!! Hope it will be as awesome as last year!!

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