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Camping and stealing

Have you had something stolen at Roskilde?
Yes, unfortunately
5 of 17 replies (29%)
12 of 17 replies (71%)
Yes, but it's part of the experience
0 of 17 replies (0%)

Author Message
Written on: 08.07.2014 11:08
Posts: 4
Hey everyone!
Hope that you all have had an amazing Roskilde Festival '14 icon_biggrin.gif

I'm writing this post because I've noticed how my own and others general festival experience has been influenced negatively from some of the stealing that goes on at the camp site.

I wanted to know if others have problems with this?
Or if it's just something that's part of camping at Roskilde?
Is there any way to prevent it?

Please keep your replies in a nice tone icon_smile.gif

Personal experiences: I've had several things stolen at Roskilde. I've experienced people who broke into my tent while I was sleeping and stole my handbag with wallet, camera etc. I've also had rather large things stolen, recently a large green container that I use for carrying my camp gear. And of course beers, chairs, tables, etc. etc. icon_wink.gif

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Written on: 08.07.2014 12:52
Posts: 26
Signe, that reminds me of some other girl in a camp near to ours last year who was very disappointed that things got stolen from them. She said she was particularly shocked because this happenend at Roskilde Festival where she did not expect this. I feel, too, Roskilde is still a place where people care for each other a lot and people can generally trust each other and you can relax. Just the more it hits you, when things like that happen.

Yet, among 100.000 people there are always some idiots and professional thieves.
I just wonder whether the numbers of these might have grown over the last year? Has the number of reported cases increased? Does RF have to do something about this, maybe try to address other people as festivalgoers?

well, just to say this: we had a blast this year, and many others staying in J as well, I could tell icon_biggrin.gif


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Written on: 08.07.2014 13:55
Posts: 4
I too feel that Roskilde is a wonderful place! I often lend out camp stuff, and I find that people are good at offering each other beer, food, etc. icon_smile.gif

Maybe I'm just getting older (this was my 9th year at Roskilde), but I still find that stealing sometimes ruins it for me, unfortunately. In 2009 and in 2011, I had some stuff stolen and I went to the police station. They said that there was an increased number of thefts, but I have no idea how the statistics are now.
Written on: 08.07.2014 22:30
Posts: 332
Hey Signe,

Well I think it happens every year. But it could have been increased through the years. Since a lot of foreigners come to RF to collect cans, mostly are poor. And if they see something like a phone laying around. Yes i guess they can steel it. And will just take it. But I also know that the police cought a lot of people before the festival started and has send them right back home. It's just something RF indirectly supports by this system of collecting cans. And since some countries are in a more poor situation then a few years ago it could get worse.. but thats just my opninion. I dont know if they enter tents and look for the passed out people. But.. yes that could also happen. It just sucks

BUT... there are also alot of other people stealing. I cought some guy with a flashlight searching for "someone" but then he went away again. That was also kind of strange. So yeasss. it happens more and more. And if Roskilde wants to change something about it in my opinion it would be a different refund system.
Written on: 09.07.2014 14:02
Mattias Svensson
Posts: 52
My tenth time this year and Ive never had anything stolen from me.
The last 3 years however Ive been living at GaT and I think the security there is a lot better.
Written on: 01.10.2014 14:10
Posts: 7
I think a lof of people also losse their stuff due to alcohol and music playing.. you know when you are a few days in people tend to forget where stuff is and where they themselves are icon_smile.gif but stealing is so annoying - never had anything stolen myself though...

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