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Topic with many replies


Author Message
Written on: 05.05.2010 06:51
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
The other thread is expired so to say, so here is a new one!

Coffin Camp is back!

To answer some of you guys' questions:
We will be in C!
As long as there is a west side, and C is a part of it, you will find us right by the C-Tower!
We had some doubts, but we cant break a tradition that has been going on since 2006.

The Coffin Blaster lives!

The old setup has been removed, the fridge is out, speakers tossed etc.
The hydraulic lid is smaller.
What remains is a small compartment for ''stuff'', and a nice space to store beer for when we're on tour.
The size is the same. The coffin's size is, not the speakers.
The reason the lid is smaller, is because we have given alot more space to the soundsystem.
We're also adding a little tower, on top of the coffin.
We figured it's time the sound reaches the people in the back when we're on tour!
So while we build on the coffin, here are some photos of the changes.






[This article was edited 3 times, at last 11.05.2010 at 06:09.]
Written on: 05.05.2010 08:58
Deleted user Looks very good! I'm wondering how you made the strobelight, do you mind telling me that? icon_razz.gif
Written on: 05.05.2010 11:42
Posts: 35
Now it seems that we get all of C back this year!!
Happy to see that u guys are staying, keep up the good work icon_smile.gif
Written on: 05.05.2010 11:53
Deleted user Looks pretty awesome. Unfortunately C is about as far away from where we plan to camp (P) as you can get this year, but I'll show up!
Written on: 05.05.2010 12:08
Posts: 16
What kind of speakers is that?
Written on: 05.05.2010 12:46
Posts: 378
see you at C icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 05.05.2010 18:33
Posts: 3048
Nick Kjellerup wrote:

What kind of speakers is that?

Looks like p.audio HP12Ws and some piezos. Could be older HP10Ws (not that there's much difference between the old and new version of the HP10Ws except the newer version has a mesh dust cap instead of a solid one).

The amp is an amp9basic.

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 06.05.2010 at 23:50.]
Written on: 06.05.2010 23:45
Posts: 16
Du you have any links for them?
Written on: 11.05.2010 05:59
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
Some more improvements have been made, and the sound system is now up and running!
Sounds great, and is already louder than coffin blaster v 2.0!
But we believe it can get louder!
we now have a ''tower'' in place!
The tower contains 6 sound horns, and will get some strobes aswell!
All so the people in the back, and people in the camps, can hear us better!

and as for the speakers and setup:

Two 12v 120Ah batteries in series = 24v
Two Amp9-Basic
Three HP-12W drivers
Ten Piezos

here is a picture of the coffin as of now, and the tower! icon_biggrin.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 11.05.2010 at 06:09.]
Written on: 11.05.2010 06:02
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
REALLY hope you can make it over this year!
Every night @ 23:59
That's when you know we'll be there for sure!
Atleast during the warm-up!

@Christopher Dengsø
We bought it! from dioder.no icon_smile.gif

we couldn't leave C, now that it's all back!
C is the best place in the world!

yeah! see you there, and make yourself known this year! haha
Written on: 12.05.2010 00:11
Posts: 102
i have no idea what this is but im interested
Written on: 12.05.2010 02:27
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402

come to C41 at 23:59 every night, and see for yourself! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 12.05.2010 14:56
Posts: 290
just got a boner!
Written on: 12.05.2010 20:34
Posts: 102
me too!!
Written on: 13.05.2010 14:41
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
ALRIGHT! last update on the sound-system!
The sound is BETTER than ever! REALLY liud, and you'll be able to hear us comming from miles away!
Pleople dancing behind the coffin will have great sound compared to earlier years!

we melted down one of the amp9-basics, but the other one carries the load perfectly!
Now it's over to the cosmetics of the coffin blaster 2.1
Gonna start the painting, interiour, LEDs and strobes over the weekend!
Stay tuned!

in the meantime!
Check some coffin camp videos!

Coffin Blaster 2.0 brings good vibes to the Skiburger snowblower
Coffin Camp @ Roskilde
The newest film from Coffin Camp!
Some visitors filmed us last year icon_smile.gif

enjoy them!
Written on: 16.05.2010 16:56
Posts: 1
Wow that coffin is just fucking awesome!! icon_biggrin.gif
Can't wait to see it in action!
Written on: 16.05.2010 21:57
Posts: 52
The Coffin Camp wrote:

Coffin Camp @ Roskilde

Brilliant videos, what's the song used in this one called? icon_smile.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 16.05.2010 at 21:58.]
Written on: 16.05.2010 22:34
Posts: 378
great videos icon_biggrin.gif much love!

is it okay if i use one of the videos to promote the festival to some friends who haven't been there? I think you've camptured the festivalvibe great in these videos. Creds for great editing as well icon_smile.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 16.05.2010 at 22:44.]
Written on: 16.05.2010 23:55
Posts: 266
Ah, this looks awesome! A shame that I haven't been on your parties yet. Kinda got stuck in our own camp-soundsystem and all the different lights we had put up at the camp haha. But I this year I'll be there for sure! icon_biggrin.gif

Deadmau5 - Slip is the song. Excellent song to an excellent video. Love it!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 16.05.2010 at 23:56.]
Written on: 17.05.2010 12:28
Deleted user Plans change quick, looks like we'll be in E. Got three people booked so far. I'll probably come see the coffin a lot then.
Written on: 17.05.2010 16:11
Posts: 21
thanks for the comments about the videos I made, glad you're getting in the mood, only 40 days left now!

Mads; yeah, its Deadmau5 - slip. Glad you liked it icon_smile.gif

CharlieSabotage; use it as much as you like! hopefully they'll join you this year!

elGrand; thanks icon_smile.gif
Written on: 17.05.2010 16:25
Posts: 378
I'll promise I will come by for the midnightparties to party with you guys this year icon_smile.gif last year I just stopped by and said hi.
Written on: 17.05.2010 16:32
Posts: 21
I'm looking forward to it! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 17.05.2010 16:40
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
YEAH! good to have you closer! Looking forward to befriending you in real life! icon_smile.gif
(and also looking forward to that epic beer you have been talking about for a year now!)

Looking forward to have you over more often! icon_smile.gif

What camp are you in?
I recommend bringing your own soundsystem, (if it's on wheels) and we'll hook up a colaboration!
We did the same thing with Green Bar last year. That way we get extra sound and a bigger party!
Written on: 20.05.2010 08:31
Posts: 266
We don't have a name for the camp actually. But the neighbours called us Yeah-Camp because of a internal joke were we screamed yeah to everything. I think we're bringing the soundsystem this year too, I'm not sure since I didnt build it. Hopefully its also on wheels this time. But yeah, colaboration would be awesome!

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