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Author Message
Written on: 27.05.2011 01:53
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
coffin update

it's time for a new update!
So here it is! Now we worked all over the place, so in the spirit of making a thread, I'll make it seem chronological, even though the photos may stray from this illusion.
I had some company this weekend. Joakim aka Jayman from the cam was with me ALL weekend long! Felt god icon_smile.gif Also had a few drop-by visits from Eirik, who is a fellow Roskilde-fan, with a passion for building.
So here we go:

we started we weekend with the most important supplies!
3 cases of beer between the two of us. And a champagne to celebrate the start of the build-weekend icon_smile.gif
Now as I've told before, we have been building a coffin next to ours, for the skate shoe brand VOX.
So I'll start showing of the VOX-build, as it is now finished.

Here is how far we have gotten. It's pretty much done, we had all the speakers, and tested it. I have to mention that it was also our speakers for the weekend, playing all the crap we listen to when building icon_smile.gif

Once the speakers were in, we started with putting primer on the grills for the speakers. This is going to be a skate obstacle, so to protect the speakers is a must, but they still have to match the colors!

Then some color was put on!

Eirik came to help with connecting the speakers and paint the actual COFFIN CURB!

Top player of paint being put on!

All of the coffin has been painted, so we flipped it, and painted the bottom swell icon_smile.gif

A second layer of paint was put on, and then the speakers were mounted!

This is the ''compartment''! It holds a leap 2020 amp, a fuse for the amp, a charger for the batteries, and can be closed of with a lid. It can also hold an ipod if you want to skate and have a playlist, or a jack-to-jack cable can be left out on the side for external ''DJ's''.

All done, and with the charging terminal in place.

Here it has even got the handles in place so it's easier to carry.

Back to the Coffin Blaster!

First we painted our grills. We didn't have red spray-paint, but we put on primer, and painted it with the same red paint we're using on the rim of the lid.

After this, we started of putting on the wheels.
We figured it would be good to see it in it's actual height, and it's also a better height to work with when finishing it.

What you see here is the neatly cut, braces for the axels of the wheels.

There will be 3 wheels on each side this year. We know it's not very practical for turning, but the turn-radius is quite long, since the Coffin is just that.
We mainly have it for extra support, since the ''dance-area'' on top of the Coffin is quite bigger this year.

Jayman is measuring the insides to fit the screws going in to hold the braces in place.
In 2009 our wheels fell of several times when we hit holes in the ground. We fixed this in 2010, and will surely make them hold in 2011 icon_smile.gif

Here the frontal wheels come on. These turn 360 degrees, and makes it easy to change directions on the coffin. We just call these ''shoppingcart-wheels''!

And here you have it, standing on all 8 wheels. well only 6 here, but that's only because the last two wheels are stored somewhere else. We just made it all ready with pre-drilled holes, so it will be an easy fix to mount later.

At last it could be tested! jumping up and down to see if it gives in. It did not budge a millimeter!

Cheers to that!

So here we have caught up with the COFFIN CURB. You can se it standing finished in the background.

and here is a photo for size reference icon_smile.gif

Now we had to sleep, and this trailer, where we usually store the Coffin and tools when not building was perfect! We got a little Roskilde spirit when having our first night outdoors this year!

Here you see the build-site and camp-site icon_smile.gif

BTW, it was also the perfect lodge for some BBQ to keep our stomaches filled when liquid bread was not enough.

Now we get to the tricky part! Putting the LED's in the lid.
I have spent aaaaaall winter long trying to work out how to do this!
First of, we had to do a big amount of testing!
We measured the exact distance from the edge to the blade on a circle saw.
Then cut, rotated the wood, and cut again. All while following a profile we had screwed in place. After a few tries, it was a perfect fit!

We then cut all the pieces into the right shape, and then screwed it into place to make sure it was a perfect fit to the lid.
This is me using the wonderful Dremel Multi to polish of the excess screws.

Then we took it all apart, cut with the circle saw, and used a small flat screwdriver-iron to break the 1mm piece f wood stuck between the lines of sawing.
Then fitted cables, and pushed the LED-strip into place with the same screwdriver.

Now soldering on all the cables to make one strip after the other light from the same source.

The biggest lid is done, and we can start fastening it!

We found the perfect solution! Using clear silicone on top would not only hold the LED-strips in place, but would spread the light even more!

Jayman went over with a wet finger to smoothen the silicone and push it into all the narrow spaces and holes.

Light done, and Jayman sitting in the middle of it all.

Here is a close-up of the finished ''product''.

Then we had to fit on all the ''legs'' for the frame before mounting it on the lid.
This was quite tricky. And we actually ruined one LED-strip by putting down a screw to close to it. So I had to order a few more icon_razz.gif

The lid is mounted, and Jay is polishing of all the screw-tips coming through on top of the lid. Now hold your breath, cause here comes photos of the finished rim, with lights!

WOHO! It's all working as it should! In my opinion, it looks SICK!
Sort of like an ominous glow of death! Perfect!

And here it is with the this opened.
I filmed it when it went up with the lights on, but managed to delete it, haha.
Also, it has to be mentioned that there was actually a light under the lid aswell, but since we ruined one of the lights, we used this one. So it will be replaced next time!
It gies a good light inside the coffin at night icon_smile.gif

This is one of the things about the new LED-strips in the lid I like the most!
You can't really see it too good here, but you get the idea!
The light draws the outline of the Coffin Blasters shape, in shadows and light, on the ground! Looks SICK in the dark!

We also managed to get one more thing done. We fitted the strobes in the tower! It was quite a task, but by a millimeter, we made it all fit! haha!

So here is a photo of the Coffin Blaster 3.0's evolution!
It's almost done.
We have but 4 things left, done in half an hour.
Mounting the strobes generator in the tower, making hole in the side wall for the fire extinguisher (it will be a piece of wood, that when released, will hold the fire extinguisher!) andmounting the solar panels charge controllers.
The last thing is to put in the new, unfired, amp I got in the mail today!
Then it's all done, and only cosmetic parts remain. Like putting on putty to fill screw holes, sanding it down, and paint it!
We're gonna make it before ROSKILDE!

And we finished all the beers icon_smile.gif
Written on: 27.05.2011 08:00
Posts: 824
Looking supersweet and very professional Ace. This year I'm surely going to look your camp up and not just meet you outside a McDonalds in Malmö. icon_biggrin.gif
Lousy mid-Roskilde businesstrips are NOT planned for this year.
Written on: 27.05.2011 08:51
Posts: 14
It looks really awesome with the LED strips!
Will it be possible to dance on the lid when it's raised?
Won't the coffin curb be damaged when skated? Maybe with some metal fitted along the edges would make it more sturdy.
Written on: 27.05.2011 09:24
Posts: 663
It's a monster icon_eek.gif Fantastic, thanks for the updates.
Written on: 27.05.2011 09:55
Posts: 391
WOW! icon_eek.gif
Can't wait to dance around (almost) every night around the Coffin. Looks great Ace! Really really great!
Written on: 27.05.2011 13:01
Posts: 14
The LED:s were a very nice addition, keep up the good work : )
Written on: 27.05.2011 13:22
Gitte Bjerring-Jensen
Posts: 75
icon_eek.gif one word : WOW!
Written on: 27.05.2011 18:07
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
Fredde wrote:

Thanks Fredde, our hero and master of the Orange Feeling form 2010! icon_smile.gif
Really hope you'll come by this year. we'll always have beer ready for you!

Neztnerol wrote:

Good to hear you like it!
The lid will not be ''dancable'' when raised.
In fact, it will have a small sign on it, two footprints crossed over.
If you look at the previous photos, you'll se the tower goes in the middle.
The only part ment for dancing on, is the part over the speakers, in front of the tower.
Also from a previous post, if you look closer at the photos, you'll see there is an open part of the frame around the top.
This will hold a rail that goes around the intire coffin. without the metal, no curb, so it comes of as kind of obvious in my book icon_razz.gif
It's way beyond sturdy, so it won't need the metal for support, and it's built to take some damage. Being a skater for 12 years myself, I know the kind of beating a skateobstacle will take icon_smile.gif

B. wrote:

No worries! I love showing you the Coffin! I'll ofcourse bring it to the chat meet again this year! Not to be carried, but to keep the beer cold, play music, and to show you all the final product! icon_smile.gif

ganjaoux wrote:

Thanks! Can't wait to have you back! This year, without the protest agenda, simply to hang out and party icon_smile.gif

Nahaz wrote:

So glad to hear you like them! I'm really happy with the result icon_smile.gif

Gitte Bjerring-Jensen wrote:

THANKS! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 27.05.2011 18:29
Posts: 391
Ace > The Coffin Camp wrote:

ganjaoux wrote:

Thanks! Can't wait to have you back! This year, without the protest agenda, simply to hang out and party icon_smile.gif

Ha ha, yeah partying throughout the warm-up this time is gonna be great. No (planned) media interviews, poster posting (!), etc. Just pure partying!
Written on: 27.05.2011 22:22
Posts: 6
Last year, I was pretty high, and went around with a disposable camera all day.. look what i found...

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
Written on: 28.05.2011 01:26
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
ganjaoux wrote:

I can imagine that's gonna feel nice! icon_smile.gif

Vegard wrote:

SICK! Thank you so much for that photo! So many people take photos, it's fun to see someone actually show them to us! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 31.05.2011 00:56
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402

Someone from Oslo University's school paper ''ERGO'' wrote an article abou The Coffin Blaster.
It's in Norwegian, but if you want to give it a try, here are two links to PDF's of the whole story.

Now as with all journalists, there will always be some mistakes.
Like it's growth eatch year, and how long I think it will last.
This is the final eddition. There will ofcourse be more gadgets and gizmos, but for size, this is the end icon_razz.gif


[This article was edited 2 times, at last 31.05.2011 at 14:59.]
Written on: 31.05.2011 08:34
Mrs. Brian
Posts: 42
That's an interesting article. Danes should have no problem reading/understanding it - at least I didn't icon_smile.gif
Written on: 01.06.2011 11:00
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
Hello AGAIN!
So the Coffin Blaster has now moved to Oslo!
This means it's easier to build, because it's only a half hour from inside my apartment to inside the warehouse I'm building at!
Stoked about that!
So there will be more small updates from now on.
Ofcourse, we are planning to have atleast one or two build-weekends before the festival.
There is still alot to do on the Coffin.

The Coffin is still alive!

For the first time on this build, I actually get to organize my tools!
Feels great not working out of cardboard boxes! haha

parked for the night!

NOW, here is a some extra shots:

''first person view'' from behind the mixer table! icon_smile.gif

The lid-LED-light in complete darkness!
here you can really see how it draws an outline of the coffin on the ground!
love it!
Written on: 09.06.2011 02:08
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
Another update on the thread!

The Coffin Blaster 3.0 is REALLY close to completion!
We have about an hour left of putting in the last components for the stereo and lights that arrived in the mail this week! Ater that, just simple cosmetic fixes left! icon_smile.gif and some paint!
I have been on the road since the stuff I'll show you now.
The following update is close to a week old.

First of, since the stereo is out, and the Coffin Curb is done, I figured we needed some music icon_smile.gif
So i took our midrange speakers, a Lepai 2020 and a small 7,4Ah battery, and hooked it as an easy fix. I didn't have the time to make a cabinet for the speakers, so I simply taped off a cardboard box, and cut holes!

To my surprise, it actually sounded quite well! haha!

So back to the build!
We finally got the solar panel's charge controllers, and hooked them up properly!
Also got thicker cables for the 24V part of our system.

So this is how we'll connect the solar panels!
It's a really great setup drawn for me by Jacob in Orange Camp!
We had to make it idiot proof, because, lets face it, we're gona be drunk/stoned out of our minds when plugging this stuff in.
Pretty much, cigarette outlets mounted on the wall of the coffin.
One panel in each input on the left, charges the 12V system.
One panel in each input on the right, charges the 24V system.
Now we only have two 50W panels, but with full volume and all lights on, we should be able to go for about 48hours non stop. But this will ofcourse not be the case, so one day on the 12V, and one day on 24V, and we should come home with pretty much full batteries

I had help from my girlfriend Christine this time around!
It felt really good to start some of the paint and get the exterior of the coffin on it's way!

Christine with some alternative covers for her precious shoes, haha!

She finished 3 coats of paint on the tower, the control- and mixer-panel, and the tool drawer!

So here it is, the finished tower! FINALLY!
All the wires are fitted within the legs, strobes are in place, and speaker fabric covering the speakers. The reason for the odd placement of the strobes, is because we had to place them around the front leg of the tower. Pretty much a perfect fit! We even had to extend them, by making a piece of wood 15mm thick to push them out from the tower. If not, they would have crashed with the leg.

Here is a closer image, and as you can se, we also made a cover for the midrange ports and piezo on the back! I think the final result looks rather good! This is just in place to cover the port-holes, but to get a more symmetrical look, I figured I might as well cover the whole plane.

and finally, my personal pride-project: The control-panel!
This controls everything on the coffin! And I think it looks rather sick! haha!
On top you can see the scrolling LED-sign, visible from the other side.
It has an edge going on top, so that two ipods can stand leaning up against the LED-sign icon_smile.gif
There are two inputs on top, and one output (for visitors).
There is also the up/down-button for the automated lid.
We got the mixer, and the small black button over the big red button (car-horn) is a bypass.
This way we can still play music during the day, without using power for the mixer icon_smile.gif
Then there are power buttons for all the stuff like strobes, LEDs, amp, crossover mixer etc.
And on the very bottom to the right, there is an input for a microphone, and an output for a que headset for mixing icon_smile.gif
Like I said, I'm pretty excited!

And since the control-panel is finally done, I could clamp all the cable shoes, fix the last wires, and FINALLY, attach them to the mixer wall!
So at night, when we want to remove the control-panel, we need only to unlock it, and disconnect these 3 cables.
One for incoming power, one for outgoing power, and one for audio!
icon_biggrin.gif STOKED!

So here it is! Mixer and tower in place!
If you look at the previous image, you can see the mixer's platform, and the hole for the cables.
This is designed so that it can be taken of, and rotated 180 degrees.
So you can sit on top of the coffin and DJ as we roll around on tour! icon_smile.gif
But as in the picture here, it's the perfect height for staining in front of it icon_smile.gif

Finally, our toolbox!
It's got a big room for the essential tools like screwdrivers etc, and small rooms for fuses and extra wires etc. it doesn't run on rails, so it can be completely removed from the coffin so we can bring it to the part that needs fixing.
(hopefully we won't ever have to open it! haha)

and as you can see, it pushes in for an ''invisible'' and flush fit on the coffin wall.
The lock is in itself a handle for pulling it out icon_smile.gif

So that's that!
Next week we'll get on with the final stage of the coffin! Can't wait! Hope you haven't grown tired of my updates, cause there will be more, haha!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 09.06.2011 at 02:23.]
Written on: 09.06.2011 09:51
Posts: 21
Incredible! That is so pro icon_smile.gif
Where in Tønsberg were you building? Cause I'm from there, hehe.
Written on: 09.06.2011 10:31
Posts: 13
Thumbs up for your creativity and sense of details! I have enjoyed following your progress and i am looking forward to see how it all turned out at the festival, i'll make sure to drop by for one of your parties icon_smile.gif

Keep up the good work!! Skål!
Written on: 09.06.2011 11:04
Posts: 824
Dude, you're a bit low on air in the front wheels.
Written on: 09.06.2011 11:43
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
You are going to bring the coffin to the chatmeeting, right?
Written on: 09.06.2011 12:20
Posts: 3
You are insane, but in a productive kind of way icon_smile.gif
C y a at Roskilde..
Written on: 09.06.2011 23:07
Posts: 108
Young people from Norway has alot of money ^^ Good Job guys, where are you building that thing ? Got your personal workshop ?
Written on: 09.06.2011 23:12
Posts: 3048
Rasmus123 wrote:

Young people from Norway has alot of money ^^ Good Job guys, where are you building that thing ? Got your personal workshop ?

Read the thread from the start. It clearly states where the different stages have been built.
Written on: 09.06.2011 23:38
Ace > The Coffin Camp
Posts: 402
Starchild wrote:

Thanks! icon_smile.gif We're building on Nøtterøy icon_smile.gif

Shizz wrote:

Really cool to hear you enjoy our thread!
I do love to post, but it wouldn't be half as much fun without feedback like this!
Hope you come by the camp!

Fredde wrote:

I know! We don't have a pump at the warehouse. But we'll get all the wheels up to the recommended PSI before departure icon_smile.gif

Jim Daggerthuggert wrote:

Ofcourse! It's just a short stroll from our camp, and since all our progress is posted on the forum, and everyone at the chatmeet has given feedback, we have to show you the finished product in real life!
And besides, it's nice with some music, and a place to store the beer, haha!

Raevenlock wrote:

I'll take that as a compliment! haha! See you there!

Rasmus123 wrote:

You know, sometimes I'm wondering if you are Emilius, just playing a prank on everyone at the forum! haha! your comments are so ridiculous at times! haha! And this would be a prank suitable for Emilius.
Anywho, if 10 people chip in 1500DKK each, you could have the same setup.
It's all about getting the right help from the right people to put it together, be early out before the festival, and buy stuff on eBay at 1/5th fo the price here at home. You don't have to be rich to pull this off, you just need to do it the right way.
As for the buildsites, we have friends whith businesses that require warehouses and storage spaces. (we range in age from 20-28, so we got adult friends) We build where we can. And do things or build stuff as return favours for the space we use. This because we don't have anywhere to build ourselves. We did one build, in return for getting the wood for the coffin sponsored. Karma baby! icon_smile.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 09.06.2011 at 23:40.]
Written on: 15.06.2011 01:37
Posts: 48
Whoa, Ace, I wonder how I could write all those emails to you, without checking this out!

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 15.06.2011 at 01:38.]
Written on: 19.06.2011 02:15
Posts: 21
Ok, so today we finished "BabyCoffin". Made a video, you should really check it out. And, sorry for the dancing. I suck.


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