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Topic with no new replies

Newbie, Get a Tent?

Author Message
Written on: 01.03.2013 18:37
Posts: 6
Hey there!

I'm going to Roskilde for the first time this year with a friend for the full 9 days, first of all I just moved to Denmark from Australia so I don't know a single person other than the chick i'm going with, is it a good idea just us two chicks going?

Secondly I bought the Get a tent thing today and was wondering how good the tents and area around there are?

Thirdly I'm trying to kinda budget everything, so how much money would you expect someone to use during the festival?
Written on: 01.03.2013 19:03
Deleted user Hey there!

Knowing nobody is not going to be a problem. Everyone is friendly and ready to party with complete strangers. And for some reason, Danes loves Australians icon_razz.gif So the two of you should do just fine. Just go around on the campareas, look for a group of people and join them. Then you got yourself a great party.

Despite this year is going to be my 4th year, I have never been at the Get A Tent area, so I do not know anything about that. The tents though, seems alright as a festival tent - Not to crappy, but alright.

The budget depends on how much you're going to drink everyday, and how much you are bringing from home. If you bring beer, and some canned food from home, you don't need as much as if you buy it all on the festival. A box of beer with 24 on the festival is about 185,- DKK I think, the price is. Food is about 50-60,- per meal. So it can always be done cheaper if you bring som canned food and "rugbrød", some beers and maybe a few bottles of alcohol from home. Depending on how you wanna do it. icon_smile.gif

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Written on: 01.03.2013 20:02
Posts: 6
Thanks alot!

I've realised the love of aussies already in Denmark and can't wait to meet some more Danes icon_biggrin.gif

I'll do my best to take a few things from home. Too bad I can't stand rugbrød, dunno how you all eat it!
Written on: 01.03.2013 20:16
Posts: 27
Angela wrote:

Too bad I can't stand rugbrød, dunno how you all eat it!

Lots and lots of practise icon_smile.gif
Written on: 01.03.2013 20:49
Posts: 27
Kasper Hedegaard wrote:

And for some reason, Danes loves Australians icon_razz.gif

It's the accent, mate icon_smile.gif
Written on: 01.03.2013 21:33
Deleted user
Angela wrote:

Thanks alot!

I've realised the love of aussies already in Denmark and can't wait to meet some more Danes icon_biggrin.gif

I'll do my best to take a few things from home. Too bad I can't stand rugbrød, dunno how you all eat it!

You are very welcome. Keep questions coming, if you have any. (:

Haha, that's a shame. It's the best to eat, when you got hangover from the night before. icon_biggrin.gif

Jesper wrote:

It's the accent, mate icon_smile.gif

That might be it :b
Written on: 01.03.2013 23:19
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
If you have the regular get a tent (downtown) its now located in camping area M so its actually located inside the regular camping area and not outside.

Uptown (former HM reboot camp) is located just north of the motorway, opposite the Odeon stage, perfect when the festival opens but a nightmare to reach before the gates opens because you have to circumnavigate the entire festival site to reach entrance East (forget everything about getting directly to West)

From Uptown Get A Tent to camping east in the warm up days


From Uptown Get A Tent to camping west (skate park) in the warm up days.


Here is the camping map with both locations on, Downtown is located close to the east 2 entrance and uptown green or brown (I´m colorblind) spot just north of the motorway.

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Written on: 23.04.2013 22:47
Posts: 3
Hi there, I had the same questions as you do last year icon_smile.gif So allow me to clear some things up for you.

Get A Tent: if it's just you and someone else, I hope you got the small tent, it will certainly do! The Get A Tent camping was pretty awesome, as it includes warm showers and clean toilets as it's less crowded and cleaned every day. The camp site is not noisy at all so you'll be sure to get some good night rest. We had awesome neighbours, too. And it was just me and a female friend aswell, which was fine. Maybe the regular camp sites would be more intimidating as just 2 females.

Cost: go to a shop in the city of Roskilde (or do it in your hometown) for some stuff as mentioned before like canned food and alcohol if you like. It'll certainly save you some money. The food on the fest site is awesome though and not too expensive, don't remember exact prices. Also there's an insane array of snacks, proper meals and drinks to choose from.

General observations: Roskilde is an incredible festival, I'd recommend it to anyone. It's so much more than just a music festival. There were all kinds of people; young, old, families, students, .. Really diverse crowd. The further you stand away from the large stages though, the more people are talking so it might sometimes be hard to listen to the music properly. Even though the mass in front of the big stages looks enormous, it's not hard to make it to the front side. I found people to be very respectful at the fest, and didn't see too many crazy drunks/druggies (but maybe that just indicates I've been going to the wrong kind of festivals icon_smile.gif).

You can always ask some more questions if you like, and I'm sure you'll have a blast icon_smile.gif

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