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Topic with many replies

Noobies looking for camp! :D

Author Message
Written on: 25.06.2009 01:13
Line Berg
Posts: 4
We're two 15 year old danish girl, and we're going to Roskilde for the first time this year. We're super excited about getting a great musical experience, as well as making new friends icon_biggrin.gif
At this point we only have one problem, and that's finding a camp - Anyone interested in helping us? icon_biggrin.gif

Marie and Line
Written on: 25.06.2009 02:00
William Viker
Posts: 1
You'll probably end up finding people once you get there - unless you're super shy icon_wink.gif
Written on: 25.06.2009 03:40
Anders Post
Posts: 152
Will is right! I have had many strangers, newbees in my camp. Best thing is to start your own camp. My camp. Camp Alabama Sound have been running for 5 years now and it came out of nowhere.. And another camp, Rock a Duck Sundays 3 years now. Looking forward to Pharphar on sunday!
Written on: 25.06.2009 03:43
Anders Post
Posts: 152
If you are seriously missing a proper camp, hook me up with a number and I will text you on friday. We ALWAYS have room for another tent.
Written on: 25.06.2009 09:26
Dirty Diana
Posts: 14
Hi, we're two guys from Belgium and we'll come just we two...
No camp yet...
Should be great to meet... icon_biggrin.gif
Just tell us...
Written on: 25.06.2009 10:36
Kenneth Jensen
Posts: 6
Hi Line

You're all welcome with us. We are planning to camp in L39 and I expect our camp to be filled with 20 friends.

See ya around - just reply here if you need a place for the tent.
Written on: 26.06.2009 15:45
Line Berg
Posts: 4
First, thank you all for answering so quickly!icon_biggrin.gif

Anders Post we would very much like to join your camp, cause we think it would be smart to live with danes (or other scandinavian) our first time at Roskilde. We're a bit wimpy about putting our numbers out in the public, but you could just e-mail me?

Written on: 26.06.2009 15:52
Posts: 297
one icelander here goin alone, dont have any camp or nothin, would be nice meetin someone
Written on: 26.06.2009 22:03
Line Berg
Posts: 4
*Forgetting to answer Kenneth Jensen*
We're still kinda lost about what we're doing, but we'll be arriving with the train at about 5 o'clock sunday morning - We already ordered the tickets, but it's starting to sound like we'll be arriving really late?
Anyway. Thanks for the offer! We're kinda lost about whether we should go with your offer, or Anders Post' but we haven't gotten answer from Anders - So, if you have room enough for another tent, we'd definetely like to join? icon_biggrin.gif
Like i told Anders, you can just e-mail if there's a problem.
Written on: 27.06.2009 20:20
Posts: 26
5AM is okay, but dont expect to get a top notch spot.

And seriously, 2 girls should have no problem finding a camp. Just look for people your age. (Efterskolelejre) icon_smile.gif
Written on: 27.06.2009 21:12
Posts: 164
Cool..! Newbies are great.. There are 2 girls in our camp this year who are newbies too, feel free to join us icon_smile.gif I dont know where we're camping yet, but probably down by J near the lake...
Written on: 27.06.2009 21:49
Posts: 3
5 am is terrible. The last two years the fence was toppled earlier, and this year it was obvious it would be even sooner, as there were letting people in at 8 in the morning saturday. Anyway the fence is down now, and have been for 30 minutes+.

But 2 girls shouldn't have problems finding a spot i guess.

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