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refugees get tents and homeless in CPH stay without tent

Author Message
Written on: 14.07.2014 12:21
Posts: 1
Hi, one news made me sad, I just read in CPH Post that all tents abandoned after festival will be collected by aidcamps and given to refugees in Asia while so many homeless in Copenhagen strive to get a tent and we can hardly get it. kofoedskole maybe have it but they don't give it to all homeless, other places simply don't have tents.

I don't say refugees should stay without tent, but they get help from the UN, homeless in CPH rarely get tent, very hard.

Food and cloths are not problem, even sleeping bags are given often by homeless shelters but tents are hard to find, they don't have it.

I hope next year Roskilde Festival will donate all tents to homeless shelters in DK, although CPH has the biggest number of homeless.

I will clarify more for you.
even if homeless get tent or sleeping bag, it is heavy to bring it around and we leave it usually in amager fælled and similar places and people (and cops) walk there with dogs and they take it. it means, I lost 3 sleeping bags in 2 weeks, people steal it. my outwell tent was stolen in december, in amager fælled. I paid 300dkk for that and I used it 2-3 months and then it was not there any more. people who walk with dogs hate when homeless sleep there and they steal from homeless.

if roskidle fest or aidcamps has one more tent for free, I would be happy to take it, smaller and lighter = better.
fakta and others sell tents but is is expensive, more than 200 dkk, and holly molly it is good just for 400mm raining. everything less than 1500mm is not useful. that's the truth. if anyone has such thing for giving away, I would be happy to take it. but I speak in the name of others, roskilde festival should remember that there are several thousands homeless in CPH. statistics says: in 2011 there were 5300 registered homeless and in 2013 there are 500 more. that's 5800.
homeess don't get help from the UN like refugees, so...

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Written on: 14.07.2014 17:41
Posts: 4
Pretty sure there are loads of people who have it worse than homeless Danish people. We have lots of shelters and they don't really have it that bad. Save up some money, subscribe to a gym (for free showers and storage), get welfare'd to stability.

Although I do see a point in helping our own first.
Written on: 16.07.2014 19:18
Posts: 1229
Sascha: Homeless people in Denmark has received tents earlier years, but the situation in ie. Syria is so dire, so I think it's alright in this case, sending the tents there instead. I feel bad for your situation and hope that you get your hands on a new tent soon. A solution for keeping it safe could be to have it stored at either Copenhagen Central Station or at the airport. Both places have luggage lockers. Don't know which is closest to Amager Fælled. You might also want to look into a tent that's easy to setup and take down.

I had an Outwell pop-up tent with me at Roskilde 2007, and it was only fucked over because some drunkard stepped on its poles and broke it. I've had an Outwell Galveston with me for the past six festivals in a row. Great tent, and great value if taken properly care of.

Some of the Camp Aid stuff btw. still goes to homeless people in Denmark – food in particular. Also, much of the surplus ingredients from the food stalls is turned into frozen meals exclusively for shelters in Denmark, so it's not all going out of the country.

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