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Restricted (press) camping

Author Message
Written on: 22.06.2013 11:37
R. Duke
Posts: 37
I might be camping at the restricted campsite this year (Darup Indraetscenter), which has a price of 360 dkk (aprox). Since the organization has not replied my questions yet, I'll throw them out here. Appreciate any help on that.

-Are the hot showers free?
-Is the price per tent or per person?
-What other facilities/services are available at the restricted camping?
-On the map, that camping looks huge (almost like a big chunk of West). Who else is camping there?
-Can anyone who's experienced with this camping also give me an impression of the atmosphere, activities, etc.?

Thanks ever su much! Btw, you'll all be able to read my 8-day festival report (in English!) on this website, soon: www.skylinereviews.com
Festival preview is coming up on Monday, and we'll set up FB and Twitter references for those who want to follow us.
Written on: 22.06.2013 12:13
Posts: 3048
It's per person. That much I know. The rest no idea, don't care.
Written on: 22.06.2013 12:58
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
The area is also volunteer camp so that explains the large area.

There is hot showers (its a sports complex) and I believe they are to use.

I have to look up in my nice to know book (or what the name is) and order what included in the area but I believe its possible to buy food and beverage at the restricted camping.

I am not staying there so I can't comment on the atmosphere in the area but I'm guessing its very relaxed compared to the other areas.
Written on: 22.06.2013 15:44
Posts: 3048
If by "relaxed" you actually mean mind-numbingly boring then you are on the spot.

Ok, not totally true but staying at the media camp is pretty much the same as going to any other music festival in Europe. You miss out on most of what makes Roskilde unique.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 22.06.2013 at 15:45.]
Written on: 22.06.2013 16:56
R. Duke
Posts: 37
Saturnus wrote:

If by "relaxed" you actually mean mind-numbingly boring then you are on the spot.

Ok, not totally true but staying at the media camp is pretty much the same as going to any other music festival in Europe. You miss out on most of what makes Roskilde unique.

I've been at Roskilde many times before, and I know where the action is.
But if I'm to report the full 8 days, it means I need to work as well, so some good night's sleep and free hot showers can come in handy. Moreover, there's pretty much a direct line between the restricted camp and the media center, via Darupvej.
And we're just two people, so it's not like we constitute a party camp or something.

Don't worry, we'll join the partying as much as possible! icon_smile.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 22.06.2013 at 17:00.]
Written on: 22.06.2013 19:19
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Saturnus is right about it being boring, because this area is for sleeping so no partying is allowed.

Here is a rough translation from Google icon_smile.gif

Restricted camping for volunteers
Restricted Camping Darup Sports Centre is a camping area for all
Roskilde Festival volunteers.
Access to the area is only for festival volunteers, and your employee bracelet
provides access to the area. You can not bring guests
in the art. Association Volunteers from example. a sports club must still have a
extra wristband to access the Restricted Camping.
The area is arranged in order that the volunteers should be able
to sleep before and after shifts, so there must be peace in the area. There is thus
not be held celebrations, played loud music or otherwise be noisy
behavior. By use of the area requiring the individual volunteer to hold
order in their own camp. It is not allowed to set up pavilions, since there must be
space for all employees in the camping area.
To avoid additional costs for cleaning mm. invited all volunteers to
help each other to eliminate waste in the Restricted Camping. All waste must
placed in the designated bins or containers. All users of
area must also follow the recommendations from the waste, which is given by
the surveillance area.
Remember that you must clean up after you when you leave the area. Use area
containers if you do not want tent and sleeping bag to take home.
For access to the area will offer free access to
cloakroom facilities and hot tubs. The hot baths, see the sports center
main building, where it will also be possible to buy food and drink.
Read more about parking for volunteers - Restricted Parking - on page 19

Restricted Camping Darup Sports Centre is open from Monday 24th June
pm. 15:00 Tuesday 9 July at. 12:00 noon.

Written on: 23.06.2013 12:16
R. Duke
Posts: 37
Thanks for all the info, I appreciate it!

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