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Topic with many replies

NEED CAMP?? Roskilde mash up - international camp!

Author Message
Written on: 27.04.2014 17:45
Posts: 4
Two danish-norwegian/norwegian-danish girls looking for fellow travellers at Roskilde.
We decided to mash it up this year and gather a bunch of random people from all around the world for a new camp. Our thought was to build a new one, instead of joining someone else’s, and that way meet as strangers and leave (hopefully) as good friends.

Anyone is welcome to contact us, singles, couples, guys or galsicon_smile.gif Our only request is that you are 22 and above, there’s plenty of lovely teenagers at the festival, but we’re looking for a different crowd.
So if you are interested in being part of founding a new camp, with the only goal of living in peace and harmony, no monkeybusiness- just beer and tequila running freely, leave a message or find us on facebook!

Looking forward to hear from you

Love J & T

Roskilde mash up

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Written on: 29.04.2014 22:06
Thea Holo
Posts: 2
Will be good party all the way!icon_cool.gificon_cool.gificon_cool.gif Join the facebook group:
Written on: 25.05.2014 22:16
Posts: 4
One month left, time to bump this topic. Need some more people!
Written on: 26.05.2014 04:27
Posts: 2
I requested to join the group on FB but thought I'd say hi here. I'm solo traveler and a Roskilde noob--never even been to Scandinavia before. But in March I was hiking to Mt Everest with a Dane and a Canadian and they started swapping Roskilde stories and I suddenly I knew I had to go. I'd be really happy to join the Mash up if you'll have me!
Written on: 30.05.2014 14:35
Posts: 2
Hey guys, this camp seems to fit the type of experience that my cousin and I are looking for! icon_biggrin.gif

I have one question - we are planning to arrive on the Wednesday. Is it possible to join the camp then, or would we need to arrive on the first day?


Written on: 30.05.2014 22:51
Posts: 1
Hello icon_biggrin.gif
I tend to be a last-minute-doer, and now decided that I really should go to Roskilde this year ! Would be cool to see the Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys, and all the great groups out there. Not yet sure if a friend will join me, otherwise it could be awesome do it by myself ! And I'm from Finland so you could add one more nationality to the list icon_smile.gif
I would have the same question as Zak, if arriving on the Wednesday, is it too late to join the camp? (i.e. is there any space left?) Would it be better to be there on the very first day?
Written on: 31.05.2014 22:07
Posts: 8
As we're going for some of the more popular spots, you might not be able to find a spot for your tent right next to our pavilions if you're not coming sunday. If you have a small-ish tent you should be able to squeeze it in somewhere nearby, but it's definitely better to come sunday, or even better join us in the queue saturday evening, to make sure you get a really good spot.
Written on: 09.06.2014 21:17
Posts: 4
All is welcome, our group is still open for business!
Written on: 12.06.2014 16:41
Posts: 2
Hey Yuly,

Me and my girlfriend are coming to Roskilde for the first time and want to join a camp, we're both super easy going and we can offer you four nationalities icon_biggrin.gif I'm half English, half Swedish and she's half Norwegian, half South African, so I think we'd fit right in in an international camp. She's 23 and I'm 22. Is there still room. I'll request to join the facebook group now as well.

Cheers icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

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Written on: 13.06.2014 18:34
Posts: 7
Hi Roskilde mashup team!

This is Edlyn - I've seen the Facebook messages but am not able to reply as I'm in Beijing now and can't access Facebook thanks to the Great Firewall of China icon_frown.gif Replying here in the hopes that you guys will see this...

Anyway, I'm only reaching Copenhagen and Roskilde on Wed, I hope that's okay... I'm having some issues with buying my ticket/camp on Billetnet (as they don't accept international credit cards outside Europe/US/Canada/Australia), so am trying to work out alternative payment options.

Tent-wise I am currently trying to see if I can get a Get a Tent option from someone else, if not I will just get the Tent & Gear option from Roskilde at a small tent.

I hope this sorts of clarifies things, sorry it's kind of messy/confusing!! If anything you can email me at listenitsmorning @ gmail.com

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Written on: 19.06.2014 20:52
Posts: 2
Hey. Me and my friend are keen on joining your camp, if there's still room for two more. We are two guys, one who has been to Roskilde once (me), and one who's going for the first time. I've requested to join your facebook-group, on behalf of me and my friend, who is one of the few people in the western part of the world who doesn't have a facebook-acount
Written on: 22.06.2014 20:41
Posts: 1
Hi Mash Up Team icon_smile.gif

I have sent a request to your FB site. I have been at Roskilde since 1998, but never alone. I gonna work at the Mexifood stand this year. I have a tent for 8 people, but I am just my-self for the first time icon_smile.gif So I really want to be a part of your Mash Up camp icon_biggrin.gif

Hope to see you all

Counting the days icon_smile.gif

Best regards and cold beers icon_smile.gif
Written on: 22.06.2014 22:15
Posts: 1
Hey mash-up guys and girls! icon_smile.gif

Still room for 5 guys?
We are 5 guys aprox 25 years old and we have entrance booking for East 1. We are 4 experienced festival goers and the last one is a first-timer icon_smile.gif

Our old camp has decided to visit another festival this year, so we hope there will be room in your camp for 5 openminded danish guys! icon_wink.gif

See you all at RF14!

Cheers/salut/prost/skål! icon_biggrin.gif

Mads, Nikolaj, Møller, Bjørn & Visti

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Written on: 23.06.2014 11:48
Thea Holo
Posts: 2
Hello all good citizens of Roskilde!
We are (happy and) sad to say that our camp is now full. icon_cool.gif
We hope that all of you last minuters that dont have a camp yet will find a good place to camp to. Come by and say hello if you see us at the campsite.icon_biggrin.gif

Happy Festival!

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