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Author Message
Written on: 27.06.2009 21:26
Posts: 11
Must be a new record. More than 10 hours before the official opening, the fence at Entrance East has been broken down. Dunno about West, haven't heard from anyone on that side (but usually, when the fence goes down on one side, they open up on the other).

I'm frankly disapointed...

Written on: 27.06.2009 21:33
Deleted user I can confirm this. I recieved a telephone call from at friend on site at around 9.15 pm. who told me the both the eastern and western fences are down. And that we had aquired our prefered camping site!
Written on: 27.06.2009 21:36
Jesper Andersen
Posts: 4
That blows....big time icon_rolleyes.gif
Written on: 27.06.2009 21:40
Posts: 17
icon_eek.gif jesus...

it's not even funny anymore. just stupid dumb people taking away the excitement of "the opening of Roskilde".
Written on: 28.06.2009 16:39
Søren Nielsen
Posts: 32
We had to stand at entrance 6 in the festival area looking at 20.000 sprinting out on the fields to get the best spots, we were promised a spot since we are doing some trash recycling-party thing with a pirate ship... (if you are at the festival you might have a clue to what i am talking about) icon_smile.gif

Actually right now i am writing this post while im sitting on a pirate ship overlooking the gravelpit... HSDPA internet is awesome!
Written on: 30.06.2009 16:18
Posts: 1
For some, it's a bad thing when the fence gets taken, for others, and many more, it's a moment of excitement and adrenalin.

But don't forget, the faster the tents gets raised, the faster can the drinking begin!
Written on: 07.07.2009 23:56
Mads Madsen
Posts: 269
I had some coworkers working on the big screens, they where working triple speed because the screens needed to be ready to show a movie at 21, they where just about finishing the last cable when they saw the fence go down...
And the construction workers at the city centers, needed to duck for cover, so they didn't got run over...

RF had planed that the waiting, for the fence to go down at 0800, where going to be a nice experience and one big party.

But some people just choose to ruin the experiences, for every one else!!!

Remember there is a lot of volunteers working around the clock, just for you can have the best festival in your life, and it is an selfish act to tip over the fence...

Btw. a little bonus info, if you had done the green footsteps, you could have put up a camp Friday the 26 of june at E....

Written on: 08.07.2009 13:03
Posts: 59
On West, there were flyers lying around, asking everyone to break the fence as early as possible to beat the East.

It has gone pretty far now. Starting to sound like war strategics.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 08.07.2009 at 13:04.]
Written on: 08.07.2009 15:54
Så scorede Lyngby sgu!
Posts: 633
Well, actually 3 of the voluntering guards at the fence at east got their wristband cut for HELPING pushing over the fence.
Written on: 08.07.2009 16:19
Posts: 4
Taking down the fence this early is especially bad for people coming from Sweden, Norway, Finland etc. We started at 9 am in Stockholm, picked up a few people along he way and came to Entrance West only to see that the camping area was filled with tents.

Next year ... should we start driving from Stockholm at 5 am Saturday? Or should we take another day off (Friday) from work to get a camping spot?
Written on: 08.07.2009 16:38
Posts: 5
John wrote:

Next year ... should we start driving from Stockholm at 5 am Saturday? Or should we take another day off (Friday) from work to get a camping spot?

Yes... or you have to built up your camp before they built up the fence.... maybe a week before or so...

I was very angry on Sunday morning. We arrived at 5:30 in the morning at east, 2,5 hours before the camping area was planned to open, paid our 350 DKK for the paid parking, only to hear from most of the volunteers, that all spots on east are taken and we should try it in west. I wanted to get my money back for the parking-ticket, because it is completely nonsens to pay for parking in east, when you have to camp in west, but this was not possible.

So we walked around nearly 3 hours an get very various informations from the volunteers. One said, they will open D this afternoon, some said, we have to queue in front of E and another one told us, that P will open certainly today. Funny to read, that P never existed this year, but at this point, we hoping to get in P.

So we walked back, to find the entrance to P... and, of course, we found out that there was nothing. Fortunately we got a little spot at N64, so the whole thing came to a nearly perfect end for us. But that was only luck.

In 2005 I arrived at 1 p.m. on Sunday and I was able to choose between some very nice spots. There was really enough space for all. This year it was a complete desaster.

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