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Topic with many replies

Tips: Camping a rainy festival?

Author Message
Written on: 24.06.2014 14:33
Jesper Carlsson
Posts: 2
Looks like it's going to rain so I thought some of you more experienced campers might have some good ideas on how to protect tents from getting flooded/wet/damp and also tips, does and don't regarding camping a rainy festival
Written on: 24.06.2014 15:01
Posts: 663
Buy/bring a good quality tent and set it up (or check it) relatively sober so it's setup correct and tight (note to self icon_wink.gif ).
When picking your camping spot, don't camp in a ditch or on low ground.
A pavilion can be a live saver.
Bring army boots or wellies and decent rain gear (not just a disposable raincoat).
Use the luggage storage at the camp sites or your car as water proof storage to keep some clothes etc dry.
An umbrella is fine during the warm-up days but please don't take it to the festival site.
If it gets really muddy, a fold-able camping chair makes that you can sit everywhere when there is no dry grass. You are even allowed to take it to the festival area a.f.a.i.k.
Secret pro-tip: Coffee lounge at Pavilion stage area.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 24.06.2014 at 15:04.]
Written on: 24.06.2014 15:15
Posts: 824
-Keep the inner and outer tent separated, like B said, properly set-up. If your gear press the inner tent against the outer the moisture will get through.
-Keep clothes in plastic bags to separate used wet clothes from dry unused stuff.
-Camp near a proper road, gravel or paved, people won't walk past on "your" grass and make it muddy.
-Only walk around if it's necessary, walking in mud will drain your stamina.
Written on: 24.06.2014 15:34
Mattias Svensson
Posts: 52
It wont rain that much. Youll probably be just fine with boots and a raincoat.
Written on: 24.06.2014 15:44
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
Just buy a cheap tent a put a tarp over it. The tarp will keep the tent dry. Camp at top of a hil, not at the bottom. You are set.
Written on: 24.06.2014 16:17
Posts: 380
Build a house with a nice cozy fireplace, wear rain gear/birthday suit when outside the house.
Written on: 24.06.2014 16:36
Posts: 712
While doing mudslides it´s better to slide on your bottom than your front. Firstly to protect your genitals of hitting a rock and secondly to avoid getting muddy piss in your mouth.
Written on: 24.06.2014 17:02
Posts: 380
If you can't see the bottom of a puddle of water there is none icon_eek.gif
Written on: 24.06.2014 21:46
Posts: 23
Should it happen that you get cold and wet, find yourself a dance concert or party and dance yourself warm and dry again!
Hot food helps in raising the mood, too.
Written on: 24.06.2014 22:25
Posts: 712
stevomatic wrote:

Should it happen that you get cold and wet, find yourself a dance concert or party and dance yourself warm and dry again!
Hot food helps in raising the mood, too.

Written on: 24.06.2014 23:09
Posts: 380
Wallu wrote:


You're a sucker for that stuff, aren't you? icon_lol.gif
Written on: 24.06.2014 23:17
Posts: 712
TMaagaard wrote:

Wallu wrote:


You're a sucker for that stuff, aren't you? icon_lol.gif

The only booze we get here in Finland is made of potatoes. icon_smile.gif
Written on: 24.06.2014 23:38
Jonathan Søgaard
Posts: 99
If the rain is really happening, I would recommend opgrading from fisk to Whiskey. Gives you such a nice warm feeling in the body (and soon you will completely have forgotten the rain!)
Written on: 25.06.2014 00:57
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
The problem with alcohol as way to stay warm is, that it will give you a feeling of warmt, but at the same time making you colder.

Your body has to break down the toxins in the alcohol, this requires energy. That energy is needed to keep warm. So while it may feel like you are getting warmer, you are actualley burning the fuel, that should been used to warm you up.

Sharing the energy will slowly make you colder, while tricking your brain into beliving you are getting warmer.
Written on: 25.06.2014 10:17
Posts: 106
Bring good quality rain gear and wear layers of clothes underneath it. If you get sweaty you only have to remove the inner layer, and if rain gets through the rain coat, then you can just remove the outer layer.

Also, it gets really cold at night sometimes. Make sure that you have dry clothes for the nights. I would recommend at least a T-shirt, a thick sweatshirt and some kind of jacket or coat. It is also nice to have a hat, cap or something else for your head.

If water is running through your camp, you can divert it by digging a "water trench" or whatever you want to call it, right outside the camp. But if you do that, please make sure to mark it with tent poles and tape or something similar to make sure that people wont step into the trench and break their foot or leg. It has happened that way.

But the most important thing to bring to a wet festival:

PLENTY OF SOCKS!! Dry socks when you are wet and cold is probably the best feeling in the World. Put them in a plastic bag, tie a knot on it so it will keep them dry. That way can untie it and tie it Again when you want new socks, and you will always have nice, clean and dry socks.

You walk a lot during a festival and if you have wet feet, you will get sore feet and that can ruin your festival experience.

I was there in both '04 and '07, which were pretty wet years, so I know what I am talking about here. I always bring 10 pairs of socks, some of them thick woolly socks and some thin cotton.

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