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Topic with many replies

Best lineup since 2010 already.

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Written on: 06.03.2013 12:35
Posts: 3048
Coldblooded wrote:

Regarding psychobilly, Powersolo has played twice at the festival. Could they be labeled as such? And how about Hank III? Tremolo Beer Gut opened the Orange stage in 2000, but they're definitely more surf than 'billy.

None of them are psychobilly. The closest that comes to it that has played in recent years (and are this year as well) is Volbeat. Psychobilly is usually traditional rockabilly in it's purest form which includes the mandatory floor bass but paired with punk attitude and extreme lyrics usually about the undead and violence in general.

Bands like The Misfits and Coffinshakers are often seen as belonging to the psychobilly genre although neither are strictly speaking.



Incidently. One of the biggest rockabilly/psychobilly festivals in Europe, Pineda de Mar (near Barcelona), coincides with Roskilde every year, so it wouldn't be that hard to get some of the bands to travel northwards.


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Written on: 08.03.2013 12:23
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
Written on: 08.03.2013 14:12
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
That's my dream festival.

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