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Topic with many replies

Concert rating '13

Author Message
Written on: 09.07.2013 07:43
Posts: 1462
Rate your concerts from this years festival!

Lemaitre - 5/6. The first concert I saw this year, and thought it was fanastic! Great way to start off!
Sekuoia - 2/6. Not for me. Thought it was dead boring
Baauer - 1/6. Thought it was terrible. Don't know what I was expecting though!
Kendrick Lamar - -. Didn't see enough to rate. Thought it was boring to went to queue for Slipknot!
Slipknot - 5/6. Awesome as always!
INGRID - 2/6. Not for me.
Andy Stott - 3/6. Started off very weird. Not really my type of music, but got more into it after a while.
Turbonegro - 4/6. Thought they did very well, but they should have played at Arena. Not enough people at Orange.
Of Monsters and Men - -. Didn't see enough really. Stood outside the tent, and thought it was nice.
Maskinen - 1/6. Awful. Worst concert of the festival by far.
Rihanna - 2/6. How Rihanna got 6/6 in Orange Press is a mystery to me! The only good thing for me was that she was HOT.
Tego Calderon - -. Saw a bit of this as a break from Rihanna. Was OK but won't rate.
Crystal Castles - 4+/6. Awesome party!
Action Bronson - 2/6. Not really my cup of tea. Had many hiphop fans in my camp, so went along to some that I really didn't like that much.
Joey Bada$$ - 1+/6. The above, just a bit worse.
The National - 4/6. Thought it was very nice!
Metallica 6/6. Metallica will always get 6/6 in my book! Thought they were as good as ever! Liked the setlist too, altough I missed a few. There are too many Metallica songs I love to be able to see them all each time.
Sigur Ros - -. Literally ran from the front pit of Metallica to catch the end. Liked it and wished I'd been able to see more.
Chase & Status - 5+/6. The second best show for me. Was exhausted after Metallica but went along to the pit, and definitely don't regret it! Best party of the festival.
Airbourne 5/6. Awesome! Fanastic rock'n'roll party!
Queens of the Stone Age - -. Stood far back, and we had to leave the festival too early for my liking. So can't really rateicon_frown.gif

Sad that I missed Kvelertak and only saw a bit of Sigur Ros..

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Written on: 09.07.2013 08:49
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
Suicidal Tendencies: 3/6 not the best musical but good energy
Savages: 2/6: Boring and never really caughtr my interest.
Jake Bugg: I saw 'I've seen it all' but stood too far away, and ended up going to Slipknot
Slipknot: 5/6: You can help getting carried away by their energy. The most intense concert this year.
Ingrid: 2/6: Not that interesting and not great singing.
Highasakite: 3/6: Just sat outside the tent chilling, ok show.
Turbonegro: Just sat far away relaxing, so maybe not fair to grade it.
Of Monters and men: 5/6: Great concert for me, maybe also because of great company.
Devin Townsend: Sat outside the tent with a non-metal fan, so didn't really experience is as close as I would otherwise.
Rihanna: 3/6: late and unknown song in the first part, but the second part with the hits was good I also have no idea why she was given 6/6 in the festival paper.
Crystal castles: 4/6: Great energy and good party.
[b]Hatebreed: 3/6: great heavy guitars but eventually not that much creativity.
Igeage[/b]: 2/6: I don't understand the hype, they are not very catchy or interesting and playing at the wrong tent.
Anaal Nakhtrah: 3/6: The heaviest on the festival, but didn't really leave an expression and din't seem that extreme to me.
Kvelertak: 5/6: Great energy and catchy metal from a band I will hear again.
Metallica: 5/6: My first metallica concert was very good and I could sing along to every song and probably only the chattery crowd around me kept it from a perfect score.
Goat: 4/6: I was really tired here and went to my tent just before the concert ended, but I liked the concert with their wierd kind of rock.
Ensiferum: 4/6: Catchy metal with heaviness and melodies, but probably have gotten a better grade at a better playing time.
The Sword: 3/6: I liked the heaviness and riffs, but it seemed too routine and maybe also a bad playing time to be really good.
Black Rebel Motorcycle society: 3/6: Solid sunday rockname.
Queens of the stoneage: 6/6: The best concert of the year, I was finally in the pit and it was just non-stop joy for me with one of muy favourite bands.
Kraftwerk: 3/6: Really hard to grade with some classic songs, but also the most passive band and some non-existing 3D. I might grade it higher tomorrow.

Al in all my best festival so far in my seventh visit icon_razz.gif

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Written on: 09.07.2013 10:27
Posts: 274
Suicidal Tendencies: 4/6 great with some energy from the beginning
Savages: 3/6 great bassplayer but the songs sound the same
Jake Bugg: 5,5/6 he's quite a genuis. simple songs but so great
Slipknot: 4/6 only saw the first 30 minutes but much better than expected (not a fan)
Disclosure: 4/6 don't remember much but i believe i danced
Andy Stott: 4,5/6 perfect music for the Gloria stage
Bombino: 4/6 good rhythms to chill out to
Jonathan Wilson: 5/6 great voice and awesome guitarplayer.
Bobby Womack: 6/6 Unbelivebly great! He may not have the same voice today but he has soul and so did his band and most of all his backing singers!
Rihanna: 4,5/6 In the beginning it was quite weak but the last 35 minutes was really really good. A great booking.
Simian Mobile Disco: 3,5/6 don't remember much but i believe i danced
Parquet Courts: 3,5/6 their popsongs are great the other stuff not so great
Kris Kristoffersson: 3/6 slept through some of it
The National: 5/6 they did mangaged to handle the orange stage very good.
Metallica: 5/6 a perfect headliner. did miss some songs from their first two albums.
Goat: 5/6 much better live than when i saw them in december. what a party
Uncle Acid and the deadbeats: 5,5/6 very very good in the middle of the night. they got my energy back
Airbourne: 5/6 don't think i never seen a band work so hard.
Kid Koala 4/6 a crazy show
Holy Other 5/6 absolutley perfect chill-out music
The Bots 3,5/6 cool guys but they need to work on their songwriting

Great year as always with lots of fantastic concerts! Very few disappointments.

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Written on: 09.07.2013 13:37
I Like Turtles
Posts: 760
Ponyblod - 4/6. It's always great to see Tue Track, but Khal Allan didn't seem that comfortable on stage..
Compadre - 4/6. Really great as long as it lasted, which wasn't very long
Broke - 5/6. Excellent! They really liftet the momentum we had from the Compadre-show. The Mø-appearance was a great and expected bonus!
Overthrow - 3/6. The band wasn't that tight, but we had a blast. Didn't really like the music but then again, you don't hear that well when you spend the whole time in a moshpit.
Felix De Luca - --. Didn't see much of the show, but it was great seeing Barbara Moleko.
Nonsens - --. Again, didn't see much of the show, but had fun icon_wink.gif
- 4/6. Really like her music, and it was much better than her show at Lille Vega in January. But there were too many douchebags in the crowd next to me.
Lemâitre - 5/6. Amazing show!
Kristina Renée - 4/6. She's so symphatetic, and soooo pretty!! Saw it from the front row, and it was very clear that this concert meant the world to her.
Lower - --. Sat outside the tent, but it didn't seem that great. A bit of "Savages gone wrong.."
Elliphant - 5/6. This was fantastic! She really put on a great show with intense energy. Got the whole crowd in her hand.
Baby In Vain - 4/6. They were pretty good, but was too far away in the tent, to really enjoy it.
Sekuoia - 4/6. Wow! A lot of things have happened since my last show with them in April. Going to see this guy again soon, I think!

Have not experienced this much great music in the warm up days, in all my five years at the festival. Really promising talent!

Suicidal Tendencies - 3/6. Didn't really gave me anything. Their energy was great, but I'm still not a fan of their music. Also, a little too much talking from Mike Muir.
The Lumineers - 4/6. Didn't see much because of the forthcoming Savages show. But it seemed alright. Got to see Ho Hey icon_razz.gif
Savages - 5/6. Great great great! A little technical difficulties and a tired singer, doesn't change that.
Jake Bugg - 5/6. Saw about 45 min of this wunderkind. Love the songs, and the new ones seems pretty good too!
Slipknot - 5/6. As always, Slipknot delivers! But the sound was too low in the beginning..
C2C - 4/6. Obviously didn't see the whole thing, but the 40 min. I got was very pleasant.
Ingrid - 2/6. Nothing special about this really.. Was suprised to see The Tallest Man On Earth which I really liked. But otherwise.. No.
The Soul Rebels - 5/6. Amazing! Would probably give them 6/6 if I hadn't seen Hypnotic Brass Ensemle before.
Marie Key - 4/6. Great concert, I probably just don't think she's as good as the rest of the crowd.
Bombino - 3/6. A little monotonous at the end..
Jonathan Wilson - 3/6. The same goes for this guy..
Of Monsters And Men - 4/6. We had a blast at this concert. Exciting to follow this band in the future, when they hopefully have some more great songs
Bobby Womack - 4/6. Didn't see much, but this screamed for some lovemaking, I gotta say icon_razz.gif
Den Sorte Skole - 4/6. Was great too see how they incorporated Portisheads Machine Gun, but missed Langefinger..
Rihanna - 6/6. ..Naaah just kidding! 2/6 - one for Stay and Diamonds and one for the pleasant view icon_wink.gif
Volbeat - 5/6. Greatest show I have seen with Volbeat so far. Just needed a little more from the debut, to really make this unforgettable.
Efterklang - 4/6. Pleasantly suprised since I only knew 3-4 songs, but had to leave for Kris.
Kris Krostofferson - 4/6. Was great chilling to this guy, but Arena was probably more suited for this.
The National - 4/6. Would probably have given them 5/6 if I had seen the whole thing, but had to leave after 45 minutes. I was pretty sad about that..
Kvelertak - 8/6!!! Greatest concert this year! The leadsinger is heavy, man!
Metallica - 6/6. Much better than the concert at Download last year which was phenominal. Never thought I would get to hear I Dissapear live.
Sigur Rós - --. Ran over to Arena just after the concert, but really got hooked by the last 15-20 minutes.
Chase & Status - 4/6. Great party but could have used a little more guests than Louis M^ttrs. Liam Bailey for Blind Faith and Big Man for example..
Henry Rollins - --. Don't know how I can rate this guy, but he's amazing!
James Blake - 4/6. Saw 50 min. and it was nice!
My Bubba - --. These girls are cute as hell! And sing good, of course. But had to leave after 30 minutes for Airbourne.
Airbourne - 4/6. Saw these guys for 40 minutes which I think is the right amount. Otherwise it just gets a little monotonous..
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 5/6. Not that many people in the crowd, but nevermind that. The setting seemed perfect with the sun and all.
Queens Of The Stone Age - 5/6. Great to see Mr. Homme again. They put on a great show, but it was a little too short.
The Bots - 5/6. These guys are hilarious!! One of the greatest drummers on this festival was 16 years old!
Kraftwerk - 6/6. Amazing visuals and great music combined wonderfully! Great to see that many songs from Computerworld, Electric Café and The Man Machine which are the only albums I own.
Dubioza kolektiv - 6/6. Greatest way to end a fantastic festival. Had to jump on one leg for over an hour because of an overworked ankle, and it hurts like a motherfucker now, but it was all worth it!

GREAT FESTIVAL, GREAT CONCERTS! This was amazing overall!!

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Written on: 09.07.2013 15:27
Posts: 1462
^ Wow, you sure had a busy festival!
Written on: 09.07.2013 20:44
Posts: 712
I really liked most of the shows I saw, five or six stars go to :

Broke, Gnucci, Pää Kii and Elliphant on the warm up

Mokoomba - African bands seldom fail in Roskilde (or anywhere that is)
Savages - Loved the energy, the attitude and couple of killer songs
Slipknot - I´ve seen them on Orange for only couple of songs each three times and I somehow always get surprised that they´re actually pretty good.
The Soul Rebels - Lot´s of fun. Good crowd.
Dead Can Dance - Very impressive on some parts, a bit monotonious towards the end
Jonathan Wilson - Just heard this one, sounded good with some long songs that you kind of got lost to
Bobby Womack - Saw only half hour or so, but what I saw I really liked
Krar Collective - Was pretty drunk (me not the band). What I remember was a party.
Parquet Courts - Started off really good, got a bit boring towards the end
Kris Kristoffersson - Good way to spend a sunny afternoon in front of Orange
The National - They were better than I thougt, specially the 6-7 songs from the beginning.
Badume´s Band and Selamnesh Zemene - I left early for Metallica, which was a hard desicion as this was really good live band
Metallica - Saw an hour and half of it, which was enough as I´ve seen them so many times before, best show from them in a long time
The Heliocentrics - Early Sunday show for an empty Cosmopol. Very experimental at some points, very good groove on other parts. Really liked this one and the singer was HOT!!
Queens Of the Stone Age - No surprises there, a good, solid rock´n´roll gig
Kraftwerk - I thought I would´ve been bored by this, but the minimalism really got me going.
Dubioza Collective - What a balkan party, they didn´t stop for a minute. Sad, that I was too tired to get up front and dance my ass off.

And the absolute jewels of the festival :

Rokia Traore - She´s a goddess. She really is.
Ondatropica - Party of the festival, lots of beautiful, smiling, dancing people there. No regrets at all for skipping most of Metallica and all of Chelsea Light Moving and Sigur Ros for this one. This is why I love Roskilde so much.
Goat - Only half an hour after Ondatropica another amazing treat. Glad I will be seeing these guys again in a month.
Meridian Brothers - Just so crooked, weirdest music that I think I ever heard. Made you laugh and dance for the whole show. Excellent.

Biggest misses were Of Monsters and Men whom I hopefully be seeing in Helsinki in a month, so I went for Rokia Traore instead and Calexico which was just a bad decision (saw the last song, and I really regret for not being there for the whole thing.)
Written on: 10.07.2013 14:20
Posts: 123

Suicidal Tendencies - 3/6 - there was some good energy, but the show never captured me, and "Institutionalized" wasn't all I'd hoped for.
The Lumineers - 3/6 - this seemed kind of boring (I was, however, standing outside the tent), and the songs sounded kinda samey (besides the cover of "Subterranean Homesick Blues" which needed that nerve and harmonica).
Savages - 5/6 - first really good concert, the Savages had such immense energy (when they wanted to and remembered the lyrics, lol). Great basslines!
Jake Bugg - 4/6 - I came walking up to the tent just as he began his first song, and although I was standing just outside the tent, the sound was decent and I captured the atmosphere.
Slipknot - 5/6 - after having seen 50 minutes of Jake Bugg, Slipknot in the pit was up! Amazing energy, Corey Taylor is a wonderful frontman.
C2C - 3/6 - you could tell that they were good at what they did, but from where I stood, you just couldn't feel it. Still, they get 3/6 for making what looked like a great party (and I got to hear "Down the Road" during those 35 minutes or so I was present).
Ingrid - 3/6 - I rather liked it, but it got too boring. Exciting to see, though. But the highlights were definitely the opening ("Love Will Tear Us Apart"-cover) and when Kristian Mattson entered the stage for a few songs.


The Soul Rebels - 5/6 - Really talented brass-ensemble with a hint of Hip-hop showmanship. Playing songs like "Touch the Sky", "Billie Jean" and "Sweet Dreams" just made it all the more fun - and they were the second show I saw who got the crowd to the ground this year.
Marie Key - 4,5/6 - Marie Key did an excellent job at filling up Arena, and even though her quiet songs didn't reach the furthest places of the crowd always, her backing-band made up for it during the newer songs. Oh yeah, and Nik & Jay was fun to see!
Dead Can Dance - 4,5/6 - During their first concert in Denmark, DCD made an amazing atmosphere and the two frontmen/-women did some of the best vocal-work of the entire festival. Unfortunately, I had to leave after the first 75 minutes due to the Jonathan Wilson-concert, but I believe they played very little after I left.
Jonathan Wilson - 3/6 - Sitting just outside the tent, this was nice to relax to, but never got really exciting besides for some nice organs in some songs. But it was what I needed in that hot summer sun.
Killer Mike - 5/6 - Killer Mike didn't even get his presentation before entering the stage like the black mastodon he is, spitting out fast and well-written lyrics. Truly an amazing hip-hop-performance. And when EL-P entered the stage and gave as the world premier of their "Run the Jewels" songs live, things got even better.
EL-P - 4/6 - even though not as huge or as much of a crowd-pleaser as Killer Mike, EL-P still did a great job working up the crowd and throwing out great songs. This time, he got accompanied by Killer Mike and they represented some more songs by "Run the Jewels".
Rihanna - 2/6 - Yeah, so this was a big let down. I had actually been looking forward to this, but too much backtracking and vulgarity almost made me vomit (although yes, she looks really hot). Should have seen Kreator.
Volbeat - 5/6 - Volbeat did it. They played an amazing 1 o'clock-set at Orange stage, besting their performance in 2009. Well done, boys, by far the best I've seen from you so far!


Kris Kristofferson - 4/6 - A nice chill after getting a little buzz going back in the camp. Amazing how he can stand up there all alone with just has harmonica and a guitar for 1½ hour at the age of 77.
The National - 4/6 - as with "I Like Turtles", I only got to see 40 minutes of this due the following concert, but they seemed to play up the Orange Stage rather nicely. Would've loved to see the rest, but oh well. Forum this November!
KVELERTAK!!! - 6/6 - By far the best concert of the festival. The incredible energy of Erlend Hjelvik and the boys was unbelieveable. Just how a metal-concert should be done. Come back soon!
Metallica - 5,5/6 - Metallica outdid their concert at Download last year by playing a set filled with epic classics and unknown gems. The monster, "Battery", with all of it's fiery fury, was by far the highlight of this concert for me!
Goat - 6/6 - Goat did what I hadn't thought. They managed to captured the sounds off their debut album, and created a wild, psychedelic and danceable concert, with screeching guitars, wild rhythms and unbelieveable chanting.
Chase & Status - 3,5/6 - I got to see the last 30-40 minutes of this after "Goat", but it was very much from afar while eating spaghetti, so I wouldn't say I captured any of the crowds energy except for the (excellent) lightshow that was going on.


James Blake - 4/6 - this was a nice chill on a lazy sunday afternoon. I did, however, almost manage to fall asleep during the 50 minutes I saw.
My Bubba - 5/6 - Two cute, northern girls who sang innocent songs (like "Fuck the Pain Away" and "Sexual Healing", lol). At first I was a little tired after James Blake, but after a while the concert got more interesting with songs which involved slapping and pounding on legs and arms, little commercial-skits, and wonderful songs. Definitely a highlight of the day.
John Grant - 4/6 - Although not as good, long nor intense a concert as the one a few weeks ago in "Koncerthuset", John Grant made a danceable party with sensitive songs and massive rockers.
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - ?/6 - I watched this rest of this show from very much afar and while being on the John (the one right next to the left pit so you could really squeeze that sucker out!), so I wouldn't surely know what to rate it, but the energy seemed great, the music was loud, and the band was pretty rock'n'roll.
Queens of the Stone Age - 5/6 - Josh Homme and co. delivered a more than solid rock-concert with not much to miss, except for the show only filling in 75 minutes. Hopefully that won't be the case this November!
The Bots - 4,5/6 - A twenty-year-old frontman with guitar and it's loop-pedal, along with his sixteen-year-old little brother. Who'd expect anything big? Well, expect the unexpected, because these two kids nearly exploded Pavillon, including a Wall of Death.
Kraftwerk - 5,5/6 - Kraftwerk put on an incredible 3D-show while stading on stage looking cool. There wasn't really a finger to put on the precision or the music. Things got really interesting when first the entire Festival was put undercover of the night.
Dubioza Kolektiv - 5/6 - One big party! Dubioza played their heavy-influenced balcan-music and showed such great energy that everyone had to leap along. If you didn't party to this, you should've gone home.

All in all, an amazing festival with many pleasant surprises!
Written on: 10.07.2013 14:51
I Like Turtles
Posts: 760
MasterMaster wrote:

^ Wow, you sure had a busy festival!

Yeah icon_cool.gif next up: Iron Maiden tonight, Bilbao BBK tomorrow..
Written on: 10.07.2013 15:32
Posts: 1462
I Like Turtles wrote:

MasterMaster wrote:

^ Wow, you sure had a busy festival!

Yeah icon_cool.gif next up: Iron Maiden tonight, Bilbao BBK tomorrow..

Awesomeicon_smile.gif I haven't got anything until Muse on the 19th!

And as well, reading everyone's description of Kvelertak I'm getting more and more annoyed that I couldn't see them!! Hopefully, living in Bergen, I'll get plenty of chances
Written on: 10.07.2013 21:41
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Because of voluntering i didn´t see as much as i wanted to but here we go.


Dead Can Dance - 5/6 - The best possible way to start this years festival.

Turbonegro - I saw a little bit but not enough to judge the concert.

Of Monsters And Men - 5/6 - Maybe the crowd made the concert better than it was but I had a good time.

Then wached a little bit of Bobby Womack and Devind Townsend Project.

Söndörgö - 4/6 - THe is always something special by watching "world music" acts at Roskilde, both the crowd and the band had a good time, just watch the concert on this website and find out by yourself.

Then I tried to get a spot for Rihanna but it was to crowded so I went home instead.


Hoba Hoba Spirit - 4/6 - The crowd was a little bit "Morgentræt" to start with but at the end of the concert it was a huge party, The music at times reminded a little bit of the older RHCP songs and some of the other was rather bluesy.

Hatebreed - I can´t judge it from the few song i saw but what a energy.

Thurston Moore artist talk - I don´t think i can judge a interview but a very chatty crowd safety guard (yes number 49 I´m talking about you) ruined the start so I moved closer to the stage but then another security guy asked me (and the others i presume) to stand up and then i was gone.

Kris Kristofferson - 4/6 - All the critics should go to hell, so what that the Orange stage wasn´t filled to the brim.
I just sat in the grass in the back pit like many others and enjoyed the concert in a very relaxed way and I think that Kris felt the same way.

The National - 5/6 - Matt has such a stage presence and the sound was good.

I really wanted to see Quadron but i was tired and the tent was already full 30 minutes before the concert so I went home early again (had a 07:30 shift next morning)


Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 3/6 - I really tried to watch this concert but it didn´t catch me at all, The music sounded fine but was not my thing.

Orgi-e feat F1rsteholdet and Opa Opa Orkestar - 5/6 - waaaaat a party and also a crazy amount of guest stars and I was afraid that the roof at Arena was going to blow off.

Then i was watching a little bit of Kid Koala, Marcus Valle and Colexico but i was probably to tired know to to keep focus.

Then I listened to some weird stuff at the artzone, there was no bass so even though the music was mediocre I could just sit down and relax.

Kraftwerk - 5/6 - One of my most amazing concerts experiences, the music was rather monotonous a few times but the hits and the 3D effects made the concert better.

2 things i know for the next time, Even if i go by myself another year I will camp and maybe hook up with a camp atleasrt its hard to commute between Køge and Roskilde each day, i missed Sigúr Ros because I couldn´t get home in time to get some sleep in order to work the next morning.

If I volunteer again I will not take a job were I have to stand up for 8 hours and then listening to some music for many other hours.

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Written on: 10.07.2013 23:21
Posts: 3048
As usual I didn't see that many concerts. It's not what I come to Roskilde for really but the few concerts I did see were mostly amazing.

Pää Kii - 6/6 - Only caveat was that it was too short really. Good energy, good crowd, and the band was obviously enjoying themselves.
Slipknot - 5/6 - Not a band I listen to at home but they deliver live. Big time.
Soul Rebels - 6/6 - Best experience of the festival!
Henry Rollins - 4/6 - Not a big fan of political speakers appealing to a diverse crowd but he has his moments. Might also being Soul Rebels still sinking into my brain.
Bobby Womack - 5/6 - Didn't see all but most of it, and it was superfly.
Rihanna - 1/6 - Didn't really see the show as it was too crowded so only heard it from afar while munching. Awful in the beginning but picked up enough to get a single star later. Left for Kreator
Kreator - 2/6 - Kreator, we've grown apart. In fairness I only saw half the show as I thought it was tacky and cliché.
Kvelertak - 6/6 - Amazing energy and crowd.
Metallica - 6/6 - Well, it's Metallica at their best. Super tight performance.
QotSA - 5/6 - Didn't see that much of the show but what I saw they delivered.
Kraftwerk - 5/6 - Awesome sound. 3D and visuals effects in general didn't work before the end of the show because they played an hour too early and it was too light. (It would've been 6/6 an hour later in starting).
Dubioza Kollektiv - 6/6 - what a way to end the festival dancing the last energy out of the old legs. Thanks.

All in all, probably the best Roskilde for me music-wise since 1998.

[This article was edited 3 times, at last 10.07.2013 at 23:31.]
Written on: 11.07.2013 00:18
Posts: 380
Scultz & Forever - 4/6 I thought he and the band did pretty good. Nothing extraordinary but all enjoyable enough.
Dråpe - 4/6 Not quite as good as I had hoped but still good enough to get 4/6.
Torkelsen - N/A Randomly my friend and I stumbled (probably the best description) down to Apollo from Pavilion and danced (jumped) through the last 4-5 tracks. It was good fun.
Mother Lewinsky - 4/6 A couple of my friends knew someone in the band or something like that and dragged me along. I was pleasantly surprised. Had they had all of the strings on the stage for a couple of more songs they would have been a 5 (I think)
Summer Heart - 3/6 I actually expected more from him. He brought a band but otherwise it was a bit bland. Had I not been pretty drunk and dancing a bit I would probably have left. "I Wanna Go" was good.

Vinnie Who - 4/6 I was drunk, danced and had fun with some friends. That's pretty much what I expected.
Savages - 5/6 They did well as long as the lead remembered her lyrics.
Animal Collective - 4/6 Had they cut out all the filler between the otherwise great songs they would have been a 5/6. I could have done with hearing "Monkey Riches".
Ingrid feat. everyone - 2/6 I was honestly disappointed. I had expected a huge party. They started out pretty solid with "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "It Don't Move Me" but then it got boring until maybe the last three songs or so.
The Soul Rebels - 6/6 I was pretty tired when I went there. But I had promised myself to go and hoped they'd be able to liven me up a bit. And my god was that a party. Biggest morning party of the year?
Highasakite - 4/6 Good concert I thought. I hoped to hear "Whatever That Means" as well but no such luck.
Sohn - N/A I was lying outside Gloria on the left side and it sounded alright.
Jonathan Wilson - N/A Another concert sitting outside chilling, this time I could see a bit as well. And I was impressed with what I heard. I didn't even buy my own beer.
Killer Mike - 4/6 His vocals was a bit too low otherwise a great show. Good to see El-P come on as well.
El-P - 5/6 I thought it was a bit better than his partner in crime, I was closer to the stage which might have helped. It didn't harm him he played three songs with Killer Mike. The chemistry those two have on stage is great to watch.
Rihanna - 3/6 Come this show I couldn't see straight. I had good fun with some friends but the 6/6 she received in Orange Press was ludicrous.
Bixiga 70 - 5/6 Then I went to see the Brazilians alone. And had a really good time. Lots of dancing. They seemed to love it as well.
Simian Mobile Disco - N/A I managed to dance to a couple of tracks before grabbing a snack and going to bed.
Matthew E. White - 4/6 Too bad his vocals were to low because his band did very well. Mostly I heard it from the outside of Odeon but had to move closer at one point. I didn't see it all by the way.
Efterklang - N/A I only heard the first three or four songs before heading over for food and Pavilion. The sound was pretty good I thought.
Ásgeir Trausti - 5/6 A perfect concert for the mood I was in. Very relaxing to listen to. If he would just stick to Icelandic.
The National - 6/6 Concert of the year for me. I was at the fence in the second pit right where Matt Berninger passed by during "Mr. November". If you asked me they should've played a couple of songs more "Pink Rabbits" and "Ada" to name a few. But anyway I loved every single minute of it.
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - N/A I only managed to hear a couple of songs before heading back to camp for some beers. They did very well however.
Sigur Rós - 4/6 It was good but I got very hungry during it and had to piss as well so I watched the last songs from the outside sitting in front of Økobar.
When Saints Go Machine - 5/6 The final party of the year for me. I danced most of the time and didn't mind they're very instrumental passages at all.
James Blake - 5/6 I was sat outside right in the center and enjoyed it immensely. What a voice that guy has on him. And the way he effortlessly changes between bass heavy tracks to very vulnerable songs. The fact he closed with "A Case of You" was perfect.

And that was it. I had one of the best festivals this year. It helped a lot to not get completely shitfaced during the warm-up days.
Written on: 11.07.2013 11:51
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
I Couldn't Go This Year: -6/6

Written on: 11.07.2013 12:53
Posts: 3048
Classic rock dude! wrote:

I Couldn't Go This Year: -6/6


You're that happy about not going that you give it a 6 of 6?
Written on: 11.07.2013 12:57
Posts: 380
Classic rock dude! wrote:

I Couldn't Go This Year: -6/6


They played?! Damn!
Written on: 11.07.2013 22:42
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
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Saturnus wrote:

Classic rock dude! wrote:

I Couldn't Go This Year: -6/6


You're that happy about not going that you give it a 6 of 6?

I gave it minus 6
Written on: 11.07.2013 22:54
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
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TMaagaard wrote:

Classic rock dude! wrote:

I Couldn't Go This Year: -6/6


They played?! Damn!

They sucked. Big time
Written on: 12.07.2013 11:28
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Torkelsen - 4/6 It was nice and chill just sitting on the grass. Good beats.
Carli - 4/6 Served its purpose with a good party. Nothing extraordinary though.
Vanligt Folk - 2/6 It was interesting music, but in the end it just seemed way too monotonous.
Sekuoia - 5/6 My warmup concert of the year. Sekuoia really got a new fan. Such atmospheric music!

Go Go Berlin - 5/6 Turned a casual walk in City Center West into an afternoon rock orgie!

The Lumineers - 4/6 Think I would've been a bit more excited if I hadn't been so far from the stage.
Kendrick Lamar - 6/6 Biggest surprise this year. Wasn't planning on going to Kendrick but ended up enjoying every single moment of it!
Disclosure - 3/6 Found it to be sort of in between chill and dance which seemed to cause an awkward vibe.
Slipknot - N/A Only saw a couple of songs. Did seem interesting.
Ingrid - 2/6 I was expecting so much more. Highlights were definitely The Tallest Man on Earth and the closing few songs where they actually started playing some of all their hits and in proper versions. Too many boring fillers and dumbed down versions of their hits.

Highasakite - N/A Didn't really see enough to judge. Or maybe I was too drunk. Either way as far as I remember, it was pretty decent.
Of Monsters and Men - 6/6 Starstruck moment of the year: Apart from playing an incredible concert, Nanna (female singer) took a run in front of the stage, stopped right in front of me, stole my wine, drank a fair bit and handed it back. I can't explain the kind of impression it had on me, standing there with a half full wine, which one of your favourite bands have just drunk from.
Rihanna - 1/6 Not my kind of music and I wasn't expecting much. By the time she went on stage, I was still pretty worked up, hoping for a massive hit parade. Not only did the sound fail, but the hits never came. I ended up leaving after 45 minutes. Very disappointing!
Tego Calderón - 4/6 After leaving Rihanna, I arrived at a pretty empty Cosmopol where a reggaeton party was happening. It instantly caught me!
Crystal Castles - 5/6 Such a great party. Sound was good too. Sadly I eventually got tired and headed back to camp halfway through.

Efterklang - 5/6 Brilliant sound. Great songs. Good stage show.
The National - 5/6 Great connection to the crowd. The microphone cut out during Mr. November, but luckily the crowd was ready to pick it up. Massive singalong.
Metallica - 5/6 They really know how to put on a show. For some reason I don't feel like it was a 6 out of 6, but I can't really fault their show either. Maybe it's just the fact that Metallica isn't exactly something I listen to a whole lot at home.

James Blake - 4/6 It was incredible that the sound actually didn't suffer from being on Orange. I was sitting on the grandstand listening without being overpowered by people talking around me. To compare: 2 years ago at Portishead, I was on the grandstand as well. There the people talking around me way overpowered the sound and I had to move closer.
Queens of the Stone Age - 4/6 Solid, but nothing extraordinary. Thought the concert was too short for a headliner as well.
Kraftwerk - 6/6 Simply perfection. This is one of the best experiences I've ever had in my 8 Roskilde Festivals. The 3D show itself wasn't spectacular, but it forced the whole crowd to where the glasses, which fit so well with some of the themes Kraftwerk touch (like Man vs Machine, Robots and computer surveillance). In addition to that, their hits were delivered in absolutely perfect versions. And the sound could not be faulted in any way. It is truly impressive they manage a sound so clean on a stage like Orange. Wow... Just wow!

Bands I am gutted I missed out on: Sigur Rós, Flume, Jake Bugg, Chase & Status

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Written on: 12.07.2013 19:02
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Was fortunate enough to work as press for Roskilde so this was my first year, will definitely be back next year, best festival I have ever been to alongside Primavera. Got a review of the festival coming soon aswell as an interview with Baby In Vain if anybody's interested in reading! Anyway my ratings:

Suicidal Tendencies: 4/6 Was shocked to discover they would still be so much fun after all these years, Mike Muir's energy was great
Kendrick Lamar: 3/6 Couldn't get anywhere near the tent and the start of the show was really poor, he redeemed himself when he realised the crowd was as he put it 'the wildest he had ever performed infront of'
Slipknot: 3/6 Only caught about 40 minutes of their set but they were fun
Killer Mike: 3/6 Saw him at Primavera where he was a lot better but being in the venue for the first ever 'Run The Jewels' songs played live was cool
EL-P: 3/6 Lets his music do the talking, his music is good but what's music in a live show without the stage presence?
Rihanna: 2/6 Making us wait for 30 minutes and then playing album track after album track is really lame
King Tuff: 3/6 Were also a lot better at Primavera, but they were the perfect remedy for Rihanna's diva like antics
Action Bronson: 2/6 Saw him in Manchester where he was a lot better (this is going to become a recurring theme, sorry guys)
Joey Badass: 2/6 See above
Flatbush Zombies: 5/6 Really fun show, stopping to take a "smoke break" as Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' was one of the moments of the festival for me
Danny Brown: 5/6 My favourite rapper, played a brilliant set.
Pissed Jeans: 4/6 Was writing my questions for the Baby In Vain interview in the morning so only caught the latter end of their set but they were really loud, loud is good
Chelsea Light Moving: 5/6 Thurston's still got it
Goat: 6/6 Act of the week for me, without a doubt
Fidlar: 5/6 The highlight being the drummer from The Bots getting told off for crowdsurfing which led to Fidlar stopping their set and telling security "leave Macy Gray alone! She's playing later tonight!'
Azealia Banks: 0/6 Awful, how can an artist turn up 45 minutes late to play and not up their game one bit?
The Bots: 4/6 Only caught half an hour of their set but they are fun, definitely ones to look out for in the future
Kraftwerk: 6/6 No better way to end a week than by singing along to German songs in Northern English accents to bewildered Scandinavian onlookers icon_lol.gif
Written on: 12.07.2013 19:37
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
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Ponyblod: 4/6 - Tue Track is the man - Khal Allan need to work on the live part

Overthrow: 4/6 - great energy

PÄÄ KII: 5/6 - That is how you play punkrock drunk!

Suicidal Tendencies: 3.5/6 - Started badly got a lot better doing the show

SAVAGES: 5/6 - great show - don’t care about the fuck up, it just makes them human

Slipknot: 5.5/6 - Awesome!

Turbonegro: NR - the vocal was so bad.. So I toke a nap in pit2

Maskinen: NR - got the late, ppl look to like it.. But Segertåget and Alla Som Inte Dansar(and all was dancing like crazy) is crazy songs

Linkoban: 4/6 - miss the last part but good show

Kreator: 6/6 - perfect

Rihanna: NR - Watch the last part after Kreator and well the part I watch made all dance and sing, and the was the point

Hatebreed: 6/6 - that is hardcore!

Kvelertak: 6/6 - when the show more or less is ending with the front man standing on the crowed in the back of the pit, I can only love it!

Metallica: 4/6 - To slow a buildup, the many "unknown" songs for a festival show but still good
Written on: 14.07.2013 01:00
Rock`N`Roll Dude...
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Great festival with a fantastic lineup.

Suicidal Tendencies
5/6 great show with lot of energy. And Mike Muir old man.. Love him!
Best suprice for me was, when they played Subliminal!!
Hell fucking yeah!!!

5/6 always put on a great show.
Corey Taylor is the man.
Do think their show in 2009 was better.

Den Sorte Skole
1/6 sucked big time. Saw then with some friends of mine.
Expected some crazy party and energy, and got some sumped electronica.

3/6 yes yes, i was there with my wife icon_wink.gif
Instead of Kreator icon_frown.gif
She seemed happy to be at Roskilde.
In the end of the show, there was a party at Orange.
Big minus for being half an hour late, and a big minus for not showing some skin icon_wink.gif

4/6 have seen them many times before.
Nice sound, Poulsen singing was perfect!
Could have been great if King Diamond had showed up on stage!!
But Poulsen has to stop his 1000, 1000 tak!!
Just quit it!!!

6/6 greatest show on the festival! Just amazing. Playing Orion, Battery and Master of puppets.
Great stuff. Tight guitar solos, and Robert is one of the most amazing bassplayers ever!
Perfect sound, and was laughing my ass off, when James went: yeah..yeah..yeeeeah oh yeaahhhhh!
Amazing Night at Orangeicon_smile.gif

The Sword
3/6 really like their music, but they have to work on their live perfomance.
Almost no contact with the crowd, and they looked liked it just was another day at the office.

5/6 have seen these guys twice before. No other band have their energy!
Full speed ahead..! Cool Rock'n'Roll.
Cool replacement for AC/DC

I was very satisfied with Roskilde festival 2013.
Missed some show, cause i had to sleep or other things.
Missed shows with:
The Bots
Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats
Henry Rollins

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Written on: 15.07.2013 23:51
Posts: 4
Great year at RF with lots of good music and perfect weather.

Vinnie Who 3/6. Did a honorable job of opening the Orange stage.
David Linley 4/6. Nice concert with a splendid guitar player. Sadly I arrived too late to get a spot where I could actually see much which impeded the experience.
Chinese Man 5/6. The highlight of Thursday. Great party.
Disclosure 3/6. I am not a huge fan of dance music, but Disclosure were pretty good.
Animal Collective 1/6. I just did not get this concert. I was curious about this band but found them completely unengaging.
Ingrid 2/6. Another disappointment. I had hopes for this Swedish pop collective this but it turned out to be uninteresting so I gave up after half an hour.
Geomungo Factory 5/6. RF has a habit of booking world music artists whom you have never heard of but turn out to be great. Geomungo factory from South Korea was such an example this year.
Marie Key 5/6. This Danish pop singer is undeservedly unknown in Sweden. I am glad to have experienced her live.
Of Monsters And Men 4/6. I had to watch this concert outside the Arena tent as it was too packed.
Bobby Womack 3/6. This show would have benefitted from a later time at the Arena rather than an afternoon slot at Orange.
Rihanna 3/6. Poor start with 30 min delay but the last 40 minutes of great hits made up for it.
Volbeat 6/6. First Volbeat show for me. Great rock n’ roll performace. You could see that they really enjoyed playing on home turf.
Hoba Hoba Spirit 2/6. Ok, but a fairly forgettable experience.
Truls 4/6. He looked like a metal head but sang the sweetest falsetto pop. Quite cute and entertaining.
Kris Kristofferson 4/6. He managed the Orange stage surprisingly well armed just with his guitar, harmonica and songs. Arena would probably have been a better placement. He is a legend and did a solid performace.
The National 5/6. Every year a add a band or two to my record collection whom I did not know beforehand. The National is one of those gems. Great band, great preformace.
Metallica 5/6. Metallica has a an amazingly high standard of performace live. They always deliver great shows. This one was no exception even though they were even better when I saw them at Ullevi in Gothenburg 2011.
Sigur Ros 4/6. I ran from Metallica to catch the last 30 min of this concert. From what I heard this show was a good as back in 2006, but also similar.
Chase and Status 6/6. I was quite tired but decided to stay and check them out and boy was I rewarded. This was the absolute party of the festival! Awesome! The cover of RATM’s Killing in the name of… was a killer version turning the front pits into huge raving mosh pits.
Henry Rollins 5/6. Spellbinding monlogue at a jam-packed Gloria stage.
Wintergatan 4/6. A nice litte Swedish pop gem that I have not heard before.
The Sword 2/6. Great riffs, but a rather boring live performace.
James Blake 4/6. Scheduling James Blake at the Orange stage in the early afternoon looked like a disaster beforehand, but it worked out surprisingly well. His minimalistic electrosoul was engaging. The deep bass in some of his songs turned into minor earthquakes when channeled through the sound system at the Orange stage making your whole body vibrate.
Calexico 4/6. Good music, good band.
Kraftwerk 6/6. Amazing closing performace. I have never been a great fan of Kraftwerk’s music, but after this show I must acknowlege their greatness. A found myself looking at my watch and suddenly realising that I had been completely immensed and hypnotised by the music and the visuals for an hour… Looking back over the audience to see 60000 people with paper 3D-glasses nodding their heads was also a priceless experience. Great booking RF!

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Written on: 23.07.2013 10:44
Posts: 168
Thorbjørn wrote:

Of Monsters and Men - 6/6 Starstruck moment of the year: Apart from playing an incredible concert, Nanna (female singer) took a run in front of the stage, stopped right in front of me, stole my wine, drank a fair bit and handed it back. I can't explain the kind of impression it had on me, standing there with a half full wine, which one of your favourite bands have just drunk from.

That was YOU?? Oh you lucky basterd icon_wink.gif
Written on: 23.07.2013 11:27
Posts: 168
Rewolmer 4/6 - First concert of the year and i caught a drumstick, yeah! Nice start to the festival, super chill electronica with live percussion and vocals.
Nonsens 4/6 - Braindead rave-tronica, not very interesting but who cares - it was a party!
K-X-P 4/6 - Super cool psychedelic industrial rock played by a hooded drummer, the finnish version of Till Lindemann on vocals and a guitar with no headstock. Far out!
Lemaître 5/6 - Cool lights, good music and a great crowd. Everything I'd expected and more.
Friendly Beastly Coyote 3/6 - Was okay i guess, would have been better with a larger crowd.
Carli 3/6 - Very monotonous and predictable, seeking every possible climax. Got bored in the end and left.
Summer Heart 3/6 - slept in the grass at Apollo. Not super interesting but fine for a nap.

Vinnie Who 4/6 - Best opening concert of Orange I've seen (they don't tend to impress me), Flawless and right on the spot! Time and place could have been adjusted though.
Chinese Man -/- - Only saw 30 mins or so, but damn those were cool! But a ticket for their show in pumpehuset as soon as I came home!
Disclosure 5/6 - I'm a huge fan, rating may or may not be biased. Perfect concert except a bit bass distortion up front (I drank some more wine, then it went away) and a wall of little 16-year old girls who were obviously just there for 'Latch'. I swear to God one of them was texting somewhere in the middle of the concert - on the front row! I'll get there 2 hours early for the Vega show in November to make sure I'll get a front spot!

Marie Key 2/6 - Only good thing was Andreas Sommer. She's just awkward on a big stage like that, and the change from glorious synth-pop to acoustic guitar and singing about her grandmother was even more awkward. Also, I can never un-see or deny that I've seen Nik & Jay @ Arena...
Of Monsters And Men 6/6 - Perfect show, so uplifting and happy. I was proud to scream my lungs out when Nanna asked how many Icelandic people there were in the crowd!
Den Sorte Skole 3/6 - Definitely not what I had expected but a cool soundscape journey anyway. Lektion #3 is very different from their other work!
Rihanna 1/6 - Just boring. "Wow, I can feel the love tonight!" Sure you can, Rihanna, sure you can. I think no one in the 80.000 strong crowd actually believed that.
Simian Mobile Disco 6/6 - Dragged a couple of guys from my camp to this concert, two of them not even electronic music lovers but none of them regretted. Most extatic concert of the festival for me, to dance my worries away till the early morning. The show stopped somewhere around 03:50 where the lights went off and we all saw how the sky was lightening up. Everybody was sure they were done and were on their way when suddenly the lights went back on - it was night again. The vocals of 'Cruel Intentions' moaned through the speakers and everybody went completely nuts for another 15 minutes.

Kenton Slash Demon 5/6 Great day-after dance less than 12 hours since Simian. Searing sunlight and happy dancing people, great atmosphere for their dark and quirky disco-ish deep house!
Metallica 6/6 - Not much to say, was in line for C and S, perfect show!
Chase and Status 3/6 - Never seen so many girls carried over the fence in the pit. Would have been a 6/6 if i hadn't seen their show in '11, they played the exact same setlist. it was like they were still on the same tour. Disappointed, wish I'd seen Goat instead icon_frown.gif

Wintergatan 3/6 - Less awkward swedish jokes and more of your great videogame-music. Thank you.
James Blake 4/6 - Great concert, Sunday afternoon at Orange was weirdly enough a fine setting for his music.
Marcos Valle 5/6 - 70-year old bossa nova God closing Cosmopol can't go wrong. Danced my ass off. Also, his 40-year old wife and vocalist is much hotter than Rihanna.
Kraftwerk 6/6 - Last energy well spent. Never seen so many people at an Orange closing concert. 3D didn't really work on the back row with all the flags and shit but I was too busy enjoying the music anyways. To stand there at a first-hand experience and being able to point out which tracks had inspired what genres of music was just amazing.

Top 5 concerts all in all: Disclosure, Simian Mobile Disco, Of Monsters And Men, Kraftwerk and Metallica

Regret I didn't see Goat and Dubioza Kollektiv.

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Written on: 23.07.2013 12:27
Posts: 20
K-X-P 5/6
Pää Kii 6/6 - Always great!
Mokoomba 4/6 - Good start for thursday
Savages 4/6 - Hope to see them again somewhere because I didn't see much on the stage. One of the most interesting bands in RF this year I think.
Slipknot 4/6 - I rarely listen them at home but really liked the show!
Turbonegro 3,5/6
Suuns 4,5/6
Volbeat 5/6 - The best Volbeat concert I've seen! I liked that they played in the night spot at Orange.
Hatebreed 3,5/6
The National 6/6 - Perfect.
Chelsea Light Moving 2,5/6 - I expected something more, really like their album.
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats 5/6 - Perfect closing for saturday night. It was exactly what I was waiting for!
The Sword 4/6
John Grant 5/6
Queens of the Stone Age 5/6
Kraftwerk 3/6

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