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Rate your 2014 concerts

Author Message
Written on: 20.07.2014 01:14
Jonathan Søgaard
Posts: 99
I remember we had this thread last year, and I miss it, since I dont really give much credit to the reviees you read in the newspapers / online.

I've rated from 1-6, and only full concerts.


Outkast: 4. It was ok, but not great. It ends on 4 due to a setlist with more of the old material.
Rolling Stones: 5,5. Im not a fan but they blew me away + I was quite drunk and happy.


Dilated Peoples: 2. I was disappointed. Would have been nice with some sort of band.
Seed: 4. Nice concert to pass the time. Got me dancing a little.
Deftones: 6. Was not even sure I wanted to see this one, BUT they convinced me. The Energy!!
Mowai 5,5. Very very good one also.
Atomic Bomb: 5. After a slow start it delivered in the end. Damon Albarn on Fantastic Man!


Vic Mensa: 3, Did not have enough material, but good energy.
Psyched Up Janice: 3.
Manu Chao: 1. Biggest disappointment this year
Arctic: 5. These guys have really improved! Very very good concert.
Interpol: 5.


Merchandise: 4
Asap Ferg 3
Stevie wonder 4
Jack White 6. WTF! He tore the place apart.
Arena Party 5. Amazing. Just 3 hours of endless dancing. Ibibio was better than expected (but I was pretty drunk, so that might have had an influence)

Good year. Jack white really saved the sunday.

I would not have thought that Rolling Stones, Mogwai, Deftones and Jack White (for obvious reasons) would have been my favourite concerts before going.

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Written on: 20.07.2014 21:51
Posts: 274

Jambinai 4,5
Bombus 3
Lykke Li 3,5
Rolling Stones 6


Jason Isbell 5,5
Warpaint 4
Corrections House 2
Mogwai 6

Ryley Walker Trio 4
Helhorse vs The Psyke Project 3
Dark Buddah Rising 3
The Men 5

Denai Moore 5,5
Stevie Wonder 4,5
Jack White 5

Saw alot less bands than i use to this year. But had a great time and the Rolling Stones and Mogwai concerts qualifies among my top 8 at Roskilde ever.
Written on: 21.07.2014 12:17
Posts: 123

Hexis - 4,5/6


OutKast - 3/6
Bombus - 4/6
The Rolling Stones - 4/6


Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals - 4,5/6
Les Claypool's Duo De Twang - 3,5/6
Seeed - 3,5/6
Deftones - 5,5/6
The Ocean - 3/6
Mogwai - 5,5/6
Future Islands - 3/6
Trentemøller - 4/6 - Only saw about 30 minutes of this from a far distance, but it was rather good.


DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 4/6
Fire! Orchestra - 5,5/6
Jenny Wilson - 3,5/6
Psyched Up Janis - 5/6
Helhorse vs. The Psyke Project - 3/6
Manu Chao La Ventura - 4/6
Arctic Monkeys - 5,8/6 - I want to give this 6/6, but it kinda needed a tiny, ekstra "push" or something out of the ordinary. But really well done by the Monkeys!
Interpol - 5/6
Major Lazer - 3/6 - Saw about 25 minutes from a distance. Good show, but felt much less ... "personal", than the last time I saw them.
Slowdive - 6/6 - Despite a few difficulties with the vocals, this concert was breathtaking.


Skambankt - 4,5/6
Carcass - 5/6
The Black Dahlia Murder - 5/6
Kasabian - 3/6
Mø - ? - Sat and ate some food during a good chunk of her show, she seemed engaged as always, but I won't rate this concert.
Stevie Wonder - 2/6
Nails - 5,5/6
Jack White - 6/6 - I have the hugest amount of respect for Jack White atm. He just proved himself worthy of standing in line with the likes of Springsteen, Young, McCartney, etc. This might be one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
Jupiter & Okwess International - 3/6 - Not at all as good as the finishing party last year, but it was rather fun due to me being pretty drunk.

All in all, this year had it's fair share of nice surprises for me, and a few let-downs. Would probably rate it 4,5-5/6.

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Written on: 21.07.2014 13:28
Posts: 712
4,5, or 6 stars go to :

Warm Up : The Minds of 99, Slöa Knivar and Kill J - All very good concerts, 6 Stars!!!

The Main Music Days :

Jambinai, The Rolling Stones (They weren´t a bit too old, nothing but a great rock´n´roll band), Systema Solar, Phli anselmo, Les Claypool, Dilated Peoples, King Ayisoba, Mamar Cassey, Deftones, Damon Albarn, Cünyet Sepetci & Orchestra Dolapdere, Rob Zombie, Trentemöller, Fire! Orchestra, Jenny Wilson, Les Ambassadeurs, Balkan Khans, Manu Chao, Mark Ernestus presents Jeri-Jeri, Die Nerven, Dengue Dengue Dengue!, Skambankt, Toumani & Sidiki Diabate, Carcass, Arto Lindsay Band, Ema, Julia Holter, Kasabian, Juana Molina, Stevie Wonder, Nails, Jack White, Jupiter & Okwess International, Ibibio Sound Machine.

Some of them I only saw for a couple of songs or so, but put them here anyways.

Honorary Mention - The two African guys with bongos and an acoustic guitar in front off their tent in G in the middle of Wednesday-Thursday night. 7 stars!!

Biggest Surpise - How good Rob Zombie and Damon Albarn were.

Best Song - Juana Molina : Un Dia

Biggest Misses - Atomic Bomb! (too drunk and tired) and seeing only 20 minutes of Julia Holter (what I saw was really great)

And what about replacing Drake with Jack White...? icon_biggrin.gif Omg!
Written on: 22.07.2014 09:25
Posts: 241
Outcast - 4/6 Was standing in line for beers during most of the concert but we had our own little party there.

The Rolling Stones - 5/6 Was very drunk and very happy. I had a fun time though I dont remember much.

Deftones - 5/6 The sound was great and the energy was amazing.

Rob Zombie - 3/6 The lead singer is really just a longhaired freak that shouts a lot but cant sing but he sure tried his best and again the sound was great.

Trentemøller - 3/6 Dissapointing show from Trentemøller. When its just him and his keyboard/mixer the concert can really get people moving but for some reason boring singers get invited on stage.

Psyched up Janis - 2/6 Noise rock like this dont fit on Orange and every single number sounded the same.

Manu Chao - 4/6 Great weather and great party but I disslike the heavy use of cheap effects like police sirens and such.

Major Lazor - 6/6 This score is given based on the madness that was Orange stage that evening. Sickest party ever and for some reason the Orange stage fits perfectly for electronic music, which has also shown in the past. However from an artistic point of view the score would be like 1/6. Having a giant wickleling ass on big screens for 30 mins+ during the concert dont impress me much.

Carcass - 2/6 Arena was almost empty and I dont like this stage for metal music as it tends to get very hot in there and the sound dont fit the heavy guitar riffs imo. The band themselves also seemed frustrated by the small crowd and their lack of energy.

The Black Dahlia Murder - 4/6 Best part of this show was just before they went on and it was announced that boring hiphop dude was delayed and crushing metal would play instead. Some of us had heard the news beforehand but not the cute teen-girls infront of us. Obviously didnt take long for them to run off somewhere else.
It was also fun when the lead singer encouraged people to crowd surf and then apologized afterwards cause he didnt know about the stupid rules.

Mø - 3/6 Was mostly chilling in the back. Its girl music and people was happy. Not really my taste.
Written on: 27.07.2014 12:49
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155

Electric Wizard - 3/6

I like the energy in this kind of music (doom metal that is) but in the end it sounded the same

Outkast - 4/6

I only saw the rest of the show from the back and I´m thinking that most people in the back was just waiting for the stones so there was almost no crowd reaction at all.

The Rolling Stones - 5/6

Man, that was awesome.

The Master Musician of Jajouka - 3/6

They were like 20 minutes late because their plane from Porto (or was it Lissabon) was cancelled so I did only see 15 minutes before I went to bed.


Philip H Anselmo and The Illegals - 4/6

Again I´m not the biggest fan of metal music (but not a hater either) but I do like the energy in the music and oh boy I did feel the energy at this concert.

Les Claypools Duo De Twang - 4/6

It sounded like a fun concert but for some reason we just stayed for 4-5 songs.

Seeed - 6/6

What a party, I was dancing the whole concert.

Damon Albarn - 6/6

How to top the Seeed concert, go to mr Albarns tour the force in showmanship.
The onloy thing that I missed was a few Blur songs.


DJ Food, DJ Cheeba & DJ Moneyshot - 3/6

They mixed all samples from Beastie Boys classic albums Pauls Butique

Omar Suleyman - 4/6

If it was a longer concert (only 40 minutes) I would have rated it 5 or 6.

Les Ambassadeurs - 4/6

It sounded like some beach music so it was perfect to lay in the grass at the new area next to the arena stage.

Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri Jeri 4/6

I was amazed by the drummers.

Die Nerven - 5/6

It sounded just as awesome as on album.

Arctic Monkeys - 4/6

Well I did not expect Alex Turner to be that chatty so people expecting lots of crowd interaction would probably have been dissapointed.

Kavinsky (Outrun Live) - 4/6

Avalon was overcrowded (maybe they should have switched place with Sleigh Bells) so I only watched it from the far back.

Major Lazer - 5/6

huuuuge party but I subtract 1 character because that I expected something more dancehall / reggae / reggaeton etc and not so much smaddertechno.
That there wasn´t any live instruments or singers and that Diplo just pressed the play button may also drag down a bit.

Now it's going to sound very negative and how it should not be understood because I wasn´t missing it during the concert but when you think it through afterwards it was lacking.


Kasabian - 5/6

What a energy in that concert.

Stevie Wonder - 5/6

I just like the big special concerts at Orange.

Diplo - 5/6

I think that Diplo´s dj style is more justified here at his solo shoiw compared to the Major Lazer show.

Moderat 4/6

I liked the visuals on stage.

Jack White 5/6

The perfect way to end Roskilde Festival and unlike Gaffa´s review I liked the guitar solo/jams.

Jupiter And Okwess International.

It was just a big happy dance party, even the stewards was dancing and kicking a football happy time

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