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Topic with many replies

Rate your concerts! 2012 edition

Author Message
Written on: 09.07.2012 19:39
Posts: 383
It's time to rate your concerts - what rocked and what sucked? Feel free to just rate a few, or everything you saw.

Either I'm getting soft, or this year was an awesome one in terms of concert quality - in spite of me not being particularly happy with the programme. Didn't watch a single Junior concert this year, sadly - however, more than made up for that with an insane amount of concerts during the music days - in spite of much more partying than the past few years. Perfect balance of post-30 music geek and partying punk (although that also means my mind wasn't completely present at all these concerts).

***___ Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro (1/2)
Fun, punky tango, but ultimately not something to start a party with.

***___ Kellermensch
More like it, party-wise - nice hard rock, but a bit monotonous - not sure I see what the fuzz is about.

*****_ Sam Amidon
Gloria stage... The eternal chatterbox. Would you people shut up already?! The man is making music - or talking about something a good deal more interesting than you - even when it's Kirsten Dunst. Anyway... Impressive voice control. A sustained, rather brutal glottal fry from a folk singer? Brilliant. Concert a bit short.

****** The Cure
Wasn't short. First half (in second pit): Great. Second half (in front pit): Fucking fantastic. Only really missing my favorite, "Watching Me Fall", but got that 10 years ago in the same spot, so I'll let it slide.

**____ Apparatjik (1/2)
Yawn. Just yawn. No, not just yawn because it was late. Yawn because it was disconnected, boring and tasteless.

*_____ The Megaphonic Thrift (1/2)
Who booked this band? Rikke, was it you? Did you actually hear them live before making our ears suffer so early in the day? This isn't noise rock, it's hardly even noise anything. It's just really badly executed music.

***___ Grieves & Budo
Is hiphop my thing? Nope. But felt like giving it a chance (OK, so I was dragged there). Nice energy from these guys, although I don't see the point in bringing live instruments on stage, when the sound they make is clearly playback. (I'll add a star if someone convinces me that trumpet and guitar weren't pointless).

*_____ Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
More hop, self-admittedly less hip. But that wasn't the whole truth. Also unoriginal and tasteless - downright toecurl-inducing.

*****_ Hank 3
Country evolving into cow punk, evolving into... hmmm... doomed-cow-metal? Seeing Alien+Cow has never been more fitting, and Hank delivered the biggest party of the festival up until that point - even if the last 30 minutes may have left some of the audience baffled.

***___ Of the Wand and the Moon (1/2)
The instrumental, atmospheric, ambient-y stuff was nice and soothing after Hank. The songs, however, were nothing to write home about. Left for Lee Ranaldo, who bored us, leaving us with...

**____ Elektro Guzzi (1/2)
Always an interesting experiment, doing "electronic" music on live instruments. But without real sonic variety, this only has the (to me) annoying parts of minimalist electronic techno left.

****** Jack White
(2nd pit, moving to front pit) Phenomenal. Jack is just a mind-numbingly awe-inspiring guitar player in terms of tone. Could gush on the nuances of this for an hour or more, but he still stuffed in some rock and a party. May have been a bit "private club" except for the couple of White Stripes and Raconteurs hits. No idea. Don't care.

*****_ Punch Brothers (3/4)
One more party from Americana-land for today. An excellent placement in the programme - right after Jack White's history lesson, and at just the right time at night for the audience to go berserk for Oldtime/Bluegrass. What's surprising is how well the less crowd pleasing bits were received. The response to the very catchy Reptilia cover was less surprising, even if its appearance came as a surprise (to me).

***___ Cerebral Ballzy
Party-hardcore without pretentions. Fun, but not particularly memorable - not even for a pit at noon. A late night gig would have fitted Ballzy better.

****** Refused
A good deal more pretentions here. Back before they broke up, Refused sometimes had a Rollins-like (though not quite as annoying) tendency to preach - in lyrics as well as anywhere else - to the point of sounding hollow like a militant straight edge-fanatic. But the music? Genre-defining/defying. Dennis Lyxzén thankfully held back on the politics a bit and focused on the band's forte instead - showing us both the shape of punk (still) to come and a view of what was - "for the old school punks" as he remarked. I haven't witnessed a hardcore performance this insanely energetic, yet tight, the past 10+ years (The Bronx a few years back is the closest contender).

****__ Bellowhead (3/4)
Remembered this as one of the biggest parties on Ballroom in 2006. Crazy, devil-may-care British folk music - from sea shanties to traditional jigs with a modern twist. With Ballroom long gone, this year Bellowhead had been "upgraded" to Odeon. Arriving late from Refused, I didn't recognize what I remembered at all until about 20 minutes was left. Still, they'd made enough of an impression for the audience to actually think they could overrule the Odeon announcer. icon_wink.gif

****__ Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band
I could muse lengthily on why I don't think this was the 6/6 performance every paper gushes about. Short version: The audience chatter - at the front of the second pit - ruined any quieter moments and the rest lacked the edge and roughness that Bruce can deliver. Almost any other band might still get 5/6 for this, but I came with moderate expectations and left with them just about fulfilled - fun but ultimately forgettable.

***___ Dorit Chrysler
Not part of the actual music programme. Audio difficulties, I guess due to her moving to new spots around site, meaning this was an uneven experience. Still, she has a nice (if sometimes slightly overdone) sensual voice, some real theremin chops, and an intriguing presence.

****__ Dr. John and the Lower 911
Got what we came for, which was just to chill to some New Orleans vibes.

**____ H2O
Closest we got this year to pure, simple punk, no matter if the band and the bookers want to label it hardcore. This just wasn't very good, very interesting, or very punk. Toby Morse mostly paced the stage babbling out lyrics on integrity while the rest of the band provided a tired-sounding backing.

****** Barons of Tang
This, however, is punk. Crazy instrumentation mixing Django Reinhardt-style gypsy music, polka, ska and a bit of hardcore. If Gogol Bordello is "gypsy punk", then the Barons' own labelling of their music as "gypsy deathcore" may be jokey, but still rings true in quite a few ways. This year's find.

****__ Nils Frahm
Back to chilling. Didn't hear an audience this quiet and attentive at any other concert this year. Would like to give it 5/6, but the Gloria stage really has some issues (chatterbox - although not in this case, logistics, and sweat lodge climate); we were quite too drunk to really catch the nuances other than Sunday afternoon bliss; I want to counter my ratings inflation; and Nils is such a nice guy (even if we can't trust that) that I don't think he'll mind the 4/6. icon_wink.gif

*****_ Suicide Silence
No festival without a bit of deathcore. Lots of energy and edge from the band, and safety guards were mostly keeping things safe without disrupting too much.

Left for final camp party after 4 or 5 Björk songs, so not rating that. The bit we got bored us to tears.

All in all, parties, people and everything added to the music, this was my best festival since 2005 or 2006.

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Written on: 09.07.2012 21:13
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155

Started out with Today Is The Day without reading the band description first so we walked away after the first song icon_smile.gif

The Cure 5/6

The concert was very good but also very long, had it been around 30 minutes shorter it would have been 6 stars.
As not being a fan I did surprice myself by not getting bored so I´m guessing that they played at their top level and they also looked happy on stage.


Christina Rosenvinge 3/6

We sat outside drinking beer and eating Natchos so times were passing by, but her music didn´t drag us inside the Tent but neither scared us away.

The Gossip 4/6

We were standing in the back for the second half of the concert and we could feel the good vibes from the stage back there.

I Got You On Tape 4/6

I only watched the first half of the show and it sounded good, but I got a feeling that the songs were to much of the same if one can say so and I searched for a excuse to leave for the next concert. icon_cool.gif

Amsterdance: Sam O´Neall 4/6

Party, Party, Party.

Jack White 5/6

OMG this man can do something with his guitar and i will never forget the atmosphere in the pit when Seven Nation Army ended his show.

But i also think that his more americana´ish songs worked well.

Amsterdance: Dennis Christopher 5/6

The crowd was a little bit smaller than before but it can´t be because of the trancy stuff he was playing but more the fact that Malk De Koijn was about to start.
The people there was at the Apollo stage had a good time and so did i.

The reason why i give him one more star than Sam is because i am a trance kind of guy and that he played less commercial music.

Spleen United

I really wanted to see them but i had no energy left and therefore i left shortly after In Peak Fitness Condition was performed.


Niklas 3/6

Fuck dig to you, I only went to the concert because my friends wanted to, but one of the things i now remember from this festival is 2 girls with a high pithed voice singing fordi de er Jalouuuuuuuuus.

Mac Miller 5/6

That show was Macadelic, at one point I thought that the Arena tent would fly away because of the crowd was cheering so loud.

Staff Benda Bilili 5/6

It was a bery good and fun concert and everyone danced but we only got to see around 30 minutes in order to get to the next concert.
It was fun to see that before the show started Cosmopol was very empty but 5 minutes into the concert it was almost full.

Jonathan Johansson 5/6

Both Jonathan and myself thought that the tent would be empty because it started at the same time as Bruce Springsteen but it was a little bit more than half full at Odeon and the crowd cheered him on stage and he thanked us for beeing here and not over there (pointing at the Orange Stage).

Aldrig Ensam sounded almost as good live than on record and the other songs also sounded well.
The most funny crowd/singer interaction on the entire happened when Jonathan played a long intro on his guitar i think and someone from the crowd did throw a red cap on stage that he put on and it stayed there under the entire song.

Bruce Springsteen 5/6

I came after the Jonathan Johansson concert and Because The Night was one of the first songs i saw after arriving.
Even back by the threes left to the stage the Atmosphere was electrifing, the only reason i won´t give it a 6 out of 6 is because i didn´t see it all.

Paul Kalkbrenner 4/6

I saw the first 30 Minutes from the back and it sounded good but it was a last minute decision but I found out that i wanted to see Mew a little bit more.

Mew 4/6

From what i saw it was good but i arrived in a interlude of some kind with ghost on the stage and I didn´t get it but the concert ended strong.


Dr John 4/6

It was good with some quality swamp rock to start the day with.

Magtens Korridorer 5/6

Just what one needs on the last day of the festival.

Lars Winnerbeck 4/6

It sounded good but we was tired and sat outside the tent for most part of the concert, but it was fun to see that the people at the start of the concert berely didn´t clap but at the end the crowd was almost wild compared to the start.

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Written on: 09.07.2012 21:48
Mr. Monster
Posts: 944
I have only rated concerts I watched for the whole or at least most part of the show.

Kellermensch 4/6
The Cure 3/6

Red Fang 5/6
Baroness 4/6
Hank3 5/6
Jack White 5/6
Mikael Cronin 6/6

Alison Kraus & Union Station 4/6
Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band 6/6
Mew 5/6

Dr. John 4/6
Magtens Korridorer 5/6
Lars Winnerbäck 5/6
Machine Head 5/6
Alabama Shakes 4/6

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Written on: 09.07.2012 21:59
Niklas Birksted
Posts: 79
I'll keep it short, and just give ratings and a few words

Linkoban 4/6: Missed the 1st half, had walked about 20km this day, so i wanted to die. When i saw the show, i just wanted to jump and dance

Araabmuzik 4/6: Very good, shoulda played Cosmopol instead and shoulda been a late nighter. Still awesome, and very refreshing and different.
DjangoDjango 2/6: Only saw the end, did not live up to the promising album
Shins 4/6: Very beautiful and harmonic. A shame not more people visited Arena, and that they didnt play a bit later.
Wiz Khalifa 5/6: Best gig of the day, a bit too poppy for my taste, but still rocked arena!
The Cure 2/6: My biggest disappointment of the festival, perhaps ever, concertwise. I only got like 10 songs before my patience was lost. A shame, as this was one of my most important gigs this year
A$AP Rocky 2/6: At this point, i was fearing for the entire festival, way to many big acts disappointing. This was a lot of energy, and very little structure. I guess they where stoned out of their minds, which was a shame, as A$AP has a lot of potential. Not live tho...
Apparatjik 2/6: Just boring. Very nice visuals, tho....
Dalglish 1/6: I love the Gloria stage, i love conquering new land. This, however, was waaaay to weird for me, lasted about 10 mins, before i had to leave.
Gossip 4/6: Much better than i had imagined, i thought orange would be to big a mouthful for them, and i was wrong. A series of great surprises came from here
Hank 3 3/6: Just got a bit of this, awesome energy and a lot of happy people.
I Got You On Tape 4/6: Again, only got a bit of this, but was amazed how many people where on arena and how well they played. I think i got just around 30 minutes, but as the Cult was important to me, i had to go, sadly
The Cult 2/6: They played well, but the fact that they're hasbeens was the biggest factor, only She Sell's Sanctuary was good.
Jack White 2/6: Not my favourite artist, in my world he's a 1 hit wonder and this show did not change it for me. Im sure a lot would disagree.
Vaccines 4/6: As i expected, nothing more, nothing less.
Gentlemen & The Evolution 5/6: What a nice surprise! Sooo much love, so much energy. Raggae, Dancehall and all Roskilde is about it.
Malk De Koijn 6/6: I've seen them a lot of times, this was the best show by far. Even some of my friends that arent danish, and not into hiphop loved this. I just enjoyed the pit and the wonderful show!
Spleen United 0/6: Only cos i was too lazy to watch them! I suck!

Mac Miller 10000000/6: One of the two best gigs i've ever seen. Was i gig i was looking forward to before, but not a must see. Until i saw it! He blew the crowd away, in a show that was soo confident, soo fluent and so energetic.... And the kids only just turned 20! Even if you're not into hiphop, you shoulda seen this!
First Aid Kit 5/6: I missed the first part of this, because Mac Miller had kept me under his spell. It was still every bit as good as i had hoped. It was like the air was made of velour when listening to the swedish kids. A shame i didnt catch it all, as they where on my must-see-list, but when it was b/c of MM, it was obv ok.
The Roots 2/6: Lame! They play well, but it was just unorganized and random songs it seemed, it bored the shit out of me, so i left for a walk, before Cold Specks would go on.
Criolo 5/6: On my way to Pavillon, i walked by Cosmo, and oh boy! Criolo was playing hiphop at first, but shortly after, it was samba and love. People where battling capoeira, a big ring was dancing around in the tent and sooo many people where kissing. This was as Roskilde as it could be, and we stayed till the end, and missing a lot of Cold Specks
Cold Specks 0/6: Was pretty good, but too little to rate it.
M83 5/6: I did not expect them to be this good, but it's like arena just does something to a band. A lot less poppy than i had feared, and lot better than i had hoped.
Bon Iver 6/6: Just beautiful! I've never heard trackintro's being greeted with 'awww' from the audience before.
Paul Kalkbrenner 4/6: A bit too monotone, a DJ set woulda been better, as he used the same beat all the way through. But the guy's still got skills, i have to admit.
Spectors 6/6: This completed a perfect day. I ditched arena to watch this in full, and what a party!

I was tired and bored, and didnt have the energy to walk around the stages to find the good surprises i hadn't found.
Written on: 09.07.2012 22:33
Emil Asbjørn Madsen
Posts: 93

Kellermensch: ****
These guys sure opened the Orange Stage with bravour! Although they lacked some material to pull of a legendary show, they really gave it their all. Ended up in the front pit, and people around me like myself seemed to have a ball. And three smashed guitars is always fun icon_smile.gif

The Cure: ****
Far too long concert! The band played really really well, and the sound was great, but I think everyone waited for almost half the concert for them to play some of their hits, instead of all those songs hardly anyone knows.

Apparatjik: ******
Wauw, what a show! Everything was just amazing about that concert. It all started out pretty weird with the videos and stuff, but when the DJ suddenly appeared behind us, me and my friends just looked at each others and had the party of our lives! We even spent the rest of the festival singing the "hu-ha"-song icon_smile.gif


Les Freres Smith: *****
Great surprise! Amazing musicians that had the whole tent dancing to their afrobeat-funk!

Bernhoft: *****
Just great! Jarle is an amazing singer, and he had brought an even more amazing band, so this was just about enjoyment! I especially liked the orchestrated version of C'mon Talk

The Cult: ***
Biggest dissapointment for me. The band played alright, but there was no connection to the audience at all. Not even She Sells Sanctuary managed to get the audience lit up.

Jack White: ***
Low sound really ruined this one! This might have been a great concert, but we couldnt hear a thing, and it didn't take long before people started talking around us, making it even harder to hear anything. A few well delivered hits in the end made people shut up, and we couldnt finally enjoy the show.

Malk De Koijn: *****
Malk pulled of orange with style. For someone like me, who is not that much into their music, the show got a bit too long though, and that is one star less from me, but impressive perfomance.

Spleen United: ******
Based on what I got to hear. Awesome party, everybody was dancing, myself included, even though my feet were aching from all that partying. Respect to Spleen for pulling off a party like that!


The Roots: ******
Best concert ever!!! This was an exhibition in singing, showmanship, rapping, playing instruments, dancing, being awesome etc.! These guys deserved every single applause from the audience, because these guys are the most incredible thing I have ever experienced!

M83: ***
Not memorable, but alright. Perhaps my standards had been highered from the Roots concert, but there seemed to lack some connection between the band and the audience.

Bon Iver: ******
So incredibly intense concert! Incredible connection between band and audience, and I didn't feel bad at all for missing out on Bruce to see this. Loved every bit of it, especially in the end when all of Arena was singing along!

Mew: ****
Was a bit drunk to this, so maybe I dont remember this on clearly enough. I seem to remember some sound problems, though, but the setlist was harsh (In a good way, mind you) - hits from start to end, and a lot of singing along


Friendly Fires: ***
Started out with a 10 minute delay, which seemed to frustrate both band and audience when the concert finally started. And with that frustration it was uphill for the band, and they never seemed to hit the top of the concert.

Suicide Silence: ****
I got dragged to this, as I am not a metalhead in any way, but I must admit they rocked the tent. My favourite moment, though, was when two guys ran into the concert carrying one of the "easytents" and two chairs, set up camp in the middle of the crowd, and watched the end end of the concert as though they were sitting in their camp, before packing up just after the last song as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
Written on: 10.07.2012 13:11
The Rehabilitation of Luis Suarez
Posts: 2506
Wiz Khalifa *****
Really nice experience! Great artist, band and songs to follow. Can only get better with more albums and experience. I'd welcome him back to RF in a few years.

The Cure ****
Solid, as expected. Didn't see the whole show, but what I saw was very good.

Janelle Monae ***
Started ok, but I got bored and left after a while. Doesn't have enough interesting songs yet IMO.

Red Fang ***
Was a bit disappointed to be honest. Had high expectations. Thought the sound let them down, too muddy, and their riffs are more crisp on record than at the show. Will follow their development though.

Boubacar Traore ******
Absolutely brilliant! I love the sound of his guitar (very common for artists from Mali) and the harmonica player must be the best I've ever seen. One of the finest concerts in a small tent that I've seen at Roskilde. There was a dickhead in the crowd thinking he could grab my fiancée and make a pass/dance with her without asking her- I suspect he had that notion because she is African and pretty. Made her feel low, like trash- hope it never happens again! Luckily for him I didn't see what happened.

Gossip *****
They really owned Orange! Loved the sound, deep bass and crisp drums. They have the songs to boot, and also implemented elements from other artists like Black Sabbath and Nirvana in their songs. Respect! They've won a new fan. Good signing. I was surprised they were put at orange, but I am happy to say I was proven wrong.

The Cult *****
Love their music, and their performance was great. Was shocked that, only 5 minutes before the show, we were able to walk right in front of the stage. Very few people showing up. Rock and roll is dying at Roskilde. Sad but true! Seems like those who showed up thoroughly enjoyed themselves though. Would have been better at Arena, and I hope RF aren't deterred from signing legends of their relative size in the future. They must not all play at Orange.

Jack White ****

Didn't see the whole show, as I left to see Gentleman. Great songs, great style, loved the fact that he had a back up band only consisting of women. But once again the sound let an artist down at Orange. Too low, and sometimes difficult to distinguish one instrument from another.

Gentleman ******

Never-mind the phony "I tak jamaican maan" thing he has going on- this was a fantastic concert! Great reggae songs, great voice and just a party all through the show! His wife was amazing too, doing a song on her own.

Bruce Springsteen ******* (Yes, 7)
Exactly what is needed at Roskilde. Huge artists at Orange to unify young and old, and throw a party never to be forgotten by those who participated. Again, low sound didn't do the concert any favors. Especially during the slower and more quiet songs.

Amadou & Mariam *****
Sadly, not many people showed up at Orange, but those who did experienced a concert filled with happy feeling created beats and sound that only the Africans can master. Hope to see them again at RF, preferably a night slot at Arena.

Santigold ****
Good, professional performance by an artist who are getting better and better.

Didn't get to see nearly as many concerts as planned this year, but was mostly very pleased with the ones I attended. So overall a good festival for me. I felt Roskilde, musically, took a small step towards the past with their signings. Hopefully this is just a start of what is to come!

Høstler icon_cool.gif

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Written on: 10.07.2012 15:32
Posts: 309
Here are the ones I had been looking forward to the most or simply enjoyed. Generally this year's Roskilde Festival was a great experience, still I find it really sad that the sound quality at Orange Stage was so bad. And often way too low - even behind the pits! WTF?!! But here goes:

The Alaev Family ******
Simply mindblowing! Really great musicians, throwing of a party with their central asian scales and rhythms. Fantastic.

Boubacar Traoré *****
Great concert. I wanna go to Mali, it seems like a land of gold. So many talented musicians, and Boubacar did a good job. Voice, guitar, the harmonica player. It was just a great concert for a friday after noon.

Jack White ****
This concert was a huge disappointment. Not that I didn't like it. Though I haven't really heard "the Stripes" I had really been looking forward to this concert; Jack's solo album is filled with great songs. I stood just behind the pits for the first three songs. And couldn't even hear what he was singing! Furthermore the overall sound was way to low (again, I was standing JUST BEHIND the pits!). Left the (perfect?) spot, found some friends and enjoyed the rest of the concert (being able to hear Jack's lyrics..) - but the overall sound was still too low. It seemed like the perfect concert, and the fact that you had to stand in pit to be blown away is just wrong. Nice concert, but should have been a blast. Hope the ones being responsible for this will change it next year. Did I just say "hope"??!! What the f*ck!

First Aid Kit ****
OK. Back on topic. These girls are nothing special. Still, they have written some good songs, and they sing well. They did a good job.

The Low Anthem ***
A few good songs. Nothing special, too boring.

Cold Specks ****
Great voice and some great songs. Nothing new, though.

Bon Iver *****
I must admit I'm a huge fan of Justin - just like the 20.000 girls(?) who screamed at the top of their lungs every single time it should have been possible to enjoy a quiet passage... In spite of this screaming I was still able to enjoy most of the concert. Still missed a solo performance like "Re: Stacks" as a part of the encore but I guess Mr. Vernon didn't have the courage among all his screaming fans.

Mew ****
Great concert but nothing new (though two new songs). Have seen them two times before - at Arena in 09 and in Århus some months after. In Århus Jonas Bjerre played a medley of some songs on the piano. Solo. I had hoped he would do so at Orange as well. Again, he might not had the courage?

Dr. John ****
Fine concert. A few REALLY great songs but not much variation. Left after an hour to see Peter Broderick but the hour I got was great.

Peter Broderick ******
I did not know his own music but being a fan of Efterklang I know him by name and I had in fact hoped he would play Roskilde. So I was very pleased when he was announced as a replacement for Gurrumul at Gloria. This was such an intimate and intense concert, playing guitar, violin, saw, keyboard and even looping some of it during some songs. Furthermore he played a fantastic cover of Tiny Viper's "Dreamer" when somebody shouted for it. He wasn't sure he could remember the lyrics - even though, he gave it a try and it was just amazing. In addition he played the violin and sang unplugged in the middle of the audience - quite spontane. I'm a new fan.

Niels Frahm *****
Instrumental piano player. Asked us to sit down and for half an our we were all sitting at Gloria, mesmerized of this young talented berliner. Absolute quiet and concentrated audience. Fantastic idea Mr. Frahm! When a yellow security guard asked us all to stand up I left. It seemed like a joke that the security rules couldn't be bend at the most quiet and safe concert ever... The magic was over and I went to Orange to catch some Amadou and Mariam.

Alabama Shakes *****
This was great. And what a voice! Back to the American roots - and it worked.

Björk ******
I only know three or four Björk songs + her new album. Arriving late (after Alabama Shakes) it was a nice surprice that the pits were open. Stood almost in front of the second pit and enjoyed every single moment of this brilliant artist and her minimalistic setup. This was what I had asked for when hearing Bon Iver and Mew. The courage to perform silent songs, turning down the music and just let the voice do the work. And she did that for a whole concert! Dont know if it worked in the rear. (must admit: dont care). To me this was the essence of courage, letting Björk close Orange Stage. Missed a hit or two at the end. Still, she and her choir were outstanding!

[This article was edited 2 times, at last 10.07.2012 at 15:36.]
Written on: 10.07.2012 20:01
Lord Beef Jerky
Posts: 1507
Maïa Vidal - 10/10
The Shins - 7/10
Today Is The Day - 1/10
The Cure - 8/10
Jakob Bro - 1/10
Copenhagen Collaboration - 7/10
Red Fang - 7/10
Baroness - 9/10
Gossip - 6/10
Hank3 - 8/10
The Cult - 3/10
Jack White - 7/10
First Aid Kit - 8/10
The Roots - 9/10
M83 - 7/10
The Boss - 10/10
Behemoth - 7/10
The Barons Of Tang - 7/10
Nasum - 8/10

All in all a good year for me!
Written on: 10.07.2012 20:33
Posts: 274
My points.

Araabmuzik 8/10
Sam Amidon 4/10
Wiz Khalifa 6/10
ASAP Rocky 4/10
Janelle Monae 6/10
Red Fang 4/10
Boubacar Traore 7/10
Gossip 7/10
Hank 3 8/10 (and by that i mean his country set, the heavy thing at the end was horrible)
The Cult 3/10
Lee Ranaldo 8/10
Jack White 5/10
Baloji 6/10
Mikal Cronin 7/10
Oneothrix Point Never 4/10
Alison Krauss 9/10
The Roots 4/10
Bruce Springsteen 10/10 (yes, the ultimate orange concert ever)
Liturgy 6/10
Lee Fields 7/10
Dr John 6/10
Big Krit 3/10 (great on record but as nerly all hip-hop artist the music looses it's soul live)
Machine Head 7/10
Amadou and Mariam 6/10
Shlohmo 9/10

A quite good year. 1 concert that blew my mind, 5 concerts i really really liked and a handful more that was enjoyable. I usually get's a couple of great surprises. This year it was only one, Shlohmo.

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Written on: 10.07.2012 21:25
Posts: 383
Lord Beef Jerky wrote:

Maïa Vidal - 10/10

All in all a good year for me!

Next year - if I'm the starter of this thread again - I'll take over your 10 point scale - actually much prefer that (have one very well defined for films), don't know why I didn't use it this year. It really isn't just a simple math thing, so I'll just try it out:

Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro 5/10
Kellermensch 6/10
Sam Amidon 8/10
The Cure 9/10
Apparatjik 2/10
The Megaphonic Thrift 1/10
Grieves & Budo 6/10
Macklemore and Ryan Lewis 1/10
Hank 3 9/10
Of the Wand and the Moon 5/10
Elektro Guzzi 4/10
Jack White 10/10
Punch Brothers 9/10
Cerebral Ballzy 6/10
Refused 10/10
Bellowhead 7/10
Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band 8/10 (yeah, that's 4/6 turning into 8/10 - and it's not because I've changed my mind - that's an example of what I mean by "not a simple math thing"icon_wink.gif
Dorit Chrysler 6/10
Dr. John and the Lower 911 6/10
H2O 4/10
Barons of Tang 9/10
Nils Frahm 8/10
Suicide Silence 8/10 (by the way, way better live - don't see the point after hearing their studio albums)

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Written on: 10.07.2012 22:25
cup of coffee
Posts: 101
Apparatjik -- best show what I saw in thursday. very entertaining to have fun.

Jack White -- I couldn't hear a f****n thing what he was playing! You could easily have a conversation with others using just a normal voice... I think that just silly, he was one of the guys I was waiting for the most this year. When Seven Nation Army came, I heard it because the crowd was singing it. I still didn't hear Jack & his band. Biggest disappoitment easily. I was there the whole gig, but I still can't say that "I've been to Jack White concert".

Bruce -- Wiped his ass with all the other 170 artists on the festival! That's the way to perform.

Björk -- Great. In first 10 minutes I was thinking "Is this the famous Björk really", but when Hidden Place came, the show really started and sounded amazingly beautiful and I actually don't know what to call it, just amazing music.

After all I can say that those big money artist like Bruce Springsteen and two years ago Prince, they are definitely worth it! There's really a reason why they are expensive... those kind of guys are in their own league comparing to others.
Written on: 10.07.2012 22:33
Posts: 173
**** kraftklub - energy similar to the hives back when they had something to offer.

*** today is the day - was looking forward to the concert but wasn't really anyhing special. Was disappointed. As many of the roskilde bookings this was at least 10 years too late. Was about to leave, but then they pulled their brilliant cover of feel like makin love up of their sleeve so I stayed for one more song.

**** abyssinians - just too tired to really enjoy the whole show, but what I saw was good.

****+ weedeater - nice show. Still don't understand why most of the ballsy rock is in the morning. Another music profiling matter?

***** red fang - great show! Too bad the sound fucked up and they had to take a 20min break in the middle of the set. As the guitarist aid when they were back on: "hope we didn't cause it by playing a wrong note"

**** baroness - nice rock show. Good as it was going on, but totally forgotten now.

**** evidence - nice rap show. Didn't know what to expect or even who played when i entered the arena. Was pleasantly surprised!

****** sage francis - what is a giant like this man doing hidden in an combo-show? By far the best rap act i've seen at roskilde. Rapped over where is my mind and some depeche mode stuff. The man is intelligent, positive, open minded, a great singer and rapper and a showman! Sage francis would make anyone respect rap music through showing what rap and hiphop music rarely is, but at it's best CAN BE!

***+ devildriver - they can put on a show. Ok stuff

****+ lee ranaldo - good show. Didn't have quite enough material to play the from the festival's side aquired hour.

****** gentleman - great show. White german reggae guy pulling it off. Warm, catchy, positive and a great vibe!

**** cerebral ballzy - Fairly good, but bad time slot and didn't have enough material. Were pushed out on stage again after their show was over because they still had some time left. Not as good as 4 stars but getting a bonus star for being harassed by the festival.

****** spoek mathambo - great and lively show by this for me before completely unknown guy. Looked lile a modern Jazzy Jeff and really got the crowd going. Maybe not quite as good as the other 6stars I've given, but definitely the biggest positive surprise of the festival!

****** refused are fucking alive! Oh man what a great show. Positive and energetic. Not often you see bands showing such a gratitude for playing in front of the crowd. It all accumulated in perfection, through maybe the most groundbreaking song in Scandinavian music ever!

**** warbringer - deliver a decent show getting the crowd going.

In general i have to say i was pretty provoked by the nazi time regime working badly both ways on the artists being told to play longer / cut their show. Of course this is no critic of the bands, but it surely effected the end of too many of the shows i saw.

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Written on: 11.07.2012 01:03
Jesper Hassell
Posts: 158
I'd prefer to rate the concerts in 1-10 scale.

Fritjof & Pikanen - 9/10
Icona Pop - 8/10
Adrian Lux - 7/10
The Shins - 4/10
The Cure - 8/10
Modeselektor - 10/10
Apparatjik - 10/10
Boubacar Traoré - 8/10
Evidence - 6/10
Sage Francis - 7/10
Rover - 5/10
Jack White - 6/10
Niki & The Dove - 7/10
Spleen United 24/10
First Aid Kit - 5/10
The Roots - 6/10
Bruce Springsteen - Could only bare to listen for 30 minutes, a waste of money.
Bon Iver - 9/10
Mew - 8/10
Pretty Lights - 9/10

And with those ratings I would like to say that the lineup for Orange was ridiculous. But thanks to great friends, great random people and awesome minor acts my ninth festival was a good experience. Probably the last though, since the cost including ticket, transport and living at the festival was around 8000dk, too much money unfortunately.

Love you all! / Jesper
Written on: 11.07.2012 04:37
Posts: 31
8/10 Araab Muzik What a party! Amazingly fast - must be great with the women.
8/10 Adrian Lux Generally good party getting everyone in P jumping.
2/10 Wiz Didn't really know him, but soon found out; nothing worth knowing.
7/10 Asap Rocky How couldn't he play Everything is Purple?
6/10 Kellermensche Only saw a bit of the end.. Was interesting with the violin and the progressive features; will definitely explore their music.
10/10 Paul don'trememberhislastname best techno/house/trance gig I've been to.
10/10 Santigold Coincidentally, and luckily, walked in half way due to the rain, and my god! Amazing; mix between MIA and Major Lazer. Beautiful voice, wonderful dancing, great beats! Brought half the crowd on stage.
5/10 Bruce Not a fan so only saw last four numbers or so... Was okay.
5/10 Bjork Same as Bruce. Very unique and weird, but in positive ways.
9/10 Bomba Estereo Third time seeing them, great show!
10/10 The Roots No idea how some rate them less. Crazy rapping, beautiful riffs, great bands, and did anyone notice once the vocalist mentioned the sun coming out (I don't remember if it was a song or a short comment,) then the sun actually reappeared!
6/10 Criolo Interesting, but was quite tired from previous concerts, sadly..
9/10 Machine Head This rating is mainly for Halo - amazing in the right front pit.
7/10 Copenheavy Heavy dub and beats!
8/10 Behemoth Everyone was chanting "satan, satan," before they came on. Then there was Ov Fire and the Void, then lot's of fire including upside down burning crosses and burning snakes, and then the blood spitting. Quite frightening, especially if they're for real with all their hidden satanic messages...
9/10 Mac Miller My friend dragged me a long and it was a beautiful show! Both aggressive songs and melow.

I really did enjoy the music this year! However, I'm sad that I missed The Abyssinians and the first half of Santigold.

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Written on: 11.07.2012 10:28
Posts: 712
Django Django, Analogik, The Cure, Janelle Monae, Les Freres Smith, Hank 3, Celso Pina, Lee Ranaldo, Jack White, Punch Brothers, Celebral Ballzy, Julia Holter, Owiny Sigoma Band, Alison Krauss, The Roots, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Kalkenbrenner, Dead Skeletons, Lee Fields, Conjunto Angola 70, Dr. John, The Barons of Tang, Nasum, Amadou & Mariam, Alabama Shakes and Björk makes it a 6/6 festival easily.
Written on: 11.07.2012 12:48
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
@ Ktadie

Was it Paul Kalkbrenner, the 30 minutes a saw was very good.
Written on: 11.07.2012 19:55
Ziggy Stardust
Posts: 32

5/10 The Shins; I hate to say it but I found The Shins very disappointing. There was a lack of interaction between the bandmembers and with the crowd, they did not played convincing.

9/10 Clock Opera; Fell in love with them the first time I saw them and loved the fact that they played their longest set ever. Very witty guys and beautiful and original music.

7/10 The Cure; It was a great performance, it's strange Robert Smith's voice almost didn't change over the years. Sometimes they didn't really 'pulled' me in their performance and I missed some songs in the setlist.

8/10 Perfume Genius; High rating, but I think the atmosphere of Gloria really influenced it. Just one guy with a piano, some moments were breathtaking.

5/10 Apparatjik; The intro was sick (in a good way) and mindblowing, but I wasn't very fond of their music.

6/10 Red Fang; I enjoy there music but it wasn't really impressive live as I thought.

2/10 Dalglish; Way too experimental for me.

8/10 Gossip; I fell in love with Beth Ditto: her voice and humor is lovely.

7/10 I Got You On Tape; Only saw an half hour of the show, I loved the opener and the band played very well.

4/10 The Cult; I didn't know much of this band except of their hits, but I hated the attitude of the frontman. Meh.

10/10 Jack White; Geez what a show. I don't know what to say, it felt legendary to me.

8/10 Daughter; Her voice is amazing and I loved how she stood on the stage. Really impressed by this artist.

7/10 Dry The River; Guys with a good sense of humor and it was special how their voices melted together.

4/10 First Aid Kit; I heard great stories of their performance but they didn't convince me at all.

7/10 The Roots; Not really my kind of genre, but it was great to see The Roots live and I found the attitude of the frontman very cool.

7/10 The Low Anthem; Only saw them half an hour but it sounded really good. Sometimes I missed the spark in the band but that's okay. It was kind of cute to see how nervous the girl were.

7/10 Refused; Saw them on the screens while waiting in the queue for M83, so doesn't really count. Despite that, I think the music sounded really good live and the frontman was jumping like crazy. Fun to watch.

9/10 M83; What an energy on that stage! Couldn't stop moving. Great opener with the lasers and the alienthing of the last album.

9/10 Bon Iver; It was so beautiful I cried. I was overwhelmed by their performance and it was beautiful to see how impressed the band was when everyone put their lighter in the air.


7/10 Dr. John; Impressive man, but the music don't always appeal to me.

8/10 Machine Head; The speech of the frontman was just awesome, so is their music. They really pulled it of.

7/10 Friendly Fires; Dance-able music with a spastic dancing singer, I liked that. Sometimes I loosed my interest because the rhythm was a bit monotonous or they stretched a song too long.

8/10 Alabama Shakes; Couldn't see the stage well because it was so packed, but it sounded beautiful and catchy. Her voice is amazing and I like the style of the guitarist.

7/10 Björk Impressive show and I think Björk is very charismatic. Love how she dances and her voice sounds amazing. I didn't think I would enjoyed her show that much, although sometimes the rhythm was too confusing for me or the songs a bit too 'vague'.

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Written on: 11.07.2012 21:13
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
Dig og Mig: 4/6 - Great fun party

Kraftklub: 5/6 - didn’t know them well, but one hell of a rock party... I don’t understand German, but it was no problem

Red Fang: 4/6 - Good show

The Cult: 3/6 - Solid hard rock, no more, no less, but the lead singer needs to shut up if he only have crap to say

Malk De Koijn: 6/6 - Slow build up, 2 awesome guest acts, it was perfect, this was the party of the year on Orange

Refused: 5/6 - They are fucking back, hardcore as it best

Bruce: 6/6 - I expect to see the start, then go out and find some food and then get back to the end.. But the old man did it, so I watch all 3hours.. A little to long for me, but the 2 best show of the festival

H20: 4/6 - fun punk fest

Have only rate show I saw all of.. Need to see more music next, but hey no bad show
Written on: 11.07.2012 22:09
Christian Forslund
Posts: 342
Kellermensch 5/10: Some good things, but their style seems a little random too me.

Cure 6/10: Dissapointing, since it was my most anticipated band, but three hours was too long for a casual fan with too many unknown songs, but when they played their hits it was magic.

The megaphonic thrift 3/10: Not bad music, but they desperately need soeone to learn them to act on stage.

Red fang 8/10: Great band and good performence, despite the technical problems.

Baroness 6/10: Solid performance.

Gossip 9/10: One of my big surprises, great band,energy and athmosphere and Beth is too cool.

Cult 5/10: Dissapointing, the music was ok, but the frontmans sour attitute ruined any chance of a great atmosphere.

Jack White 6/10: I didn't know that much about him and not every number caught my attention, but Seen nations army was my best song at RF.

Malk De Kojn 10/10: My big surprise, which I hadn't even planned to see, since I don't like hiphop, but this is my best concert since Muse in 2010, soo much energy great atmosphere and very catchy music icon_biggrin.gif

The Roots 7/10: Weird blend of everything, but it made me happy to listen too.

M83: 6/10: The might have been higher, if I hadn't spent a third of the concert in the Kristinedal queue, cathy, powerful and Midnight city.

Saw the first hour of Bruce, which didn't catch my attention and then the end of Warbringer, which sounded ok.
120 Days 7/10: I liked their atmospheric music.

Mew 5/10: I keep expect to like them better, but it doesn't make a deep impression on e.

Magtens korridorer 7/10: Perfect for sunday afternoon where simple likable rockmusic is what we need.

Behemoth 7/10: Probably the most brutal music I ever heard live and melodic enough for me to be good, but there seemed to lack a little in the performance.

Mechinehead 5/10: I expected to like this one, but it felt a little ordinary too me, maybe it was too soft for e just after Behemoth or maybe playing a orange in bright daylight was just wrong.

Bjørk 5/10: Weird and I really missed her hits, but some of it was great.
Written on: 14.07.2012 10:39
Martin Christensen
Posts: 87
The Shins 3/6
Clock Opera 4/6
The Cure 4/6
Perfume Genius 5/6
Copenhagen Collaboration 6/6
Gossip 3/6
The Vaccines 6/6
First Aid Kit 5/6
The Roots 4/6
Bruce Springsteen 6/6
Magtens Korridorer 2/6
Lars Winnerback 4/6
Machine Head 3/6
Hospitality 4/6

I missed Jack White and Alabama Shakes - damm it.
Written on: 14.07.2012 20:10
Posts: 159
The Shins 5/6
(The Cure 3/6 saw the first half and left)
Apparatjik 4/6
Gossip 5/6
I got you on tape 4/6
The Vaccines 6/6
Spleen United 5/6
Larsen & Furious Jane 6/6
First Aid Kit 3/6
(M83 4/6 but only saw the first half)
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 5/6
Mew 4/6
Magtens Korridorer 5/6

I liked the bands I choosed to see icon_smile.gif but nothing else really catched my attention and I didn't got the feeling of hearing something new or inovating this year.. hopefully next year will come with more surprises icon_wink.gif
Written on: 16.07.2012 13:14
Posts: 290

Dig og Mig 7/10 ...that was a really fun concert to attend - they're not magical, but it was truly fun
Klumben og Raske Penge 9/10 best concert I've ever seen in the warm-up days
Slowolf 5/10 Expected something along The Weeknd, but it sounded more like Mew (or Rammstein at some points) the last two songs was really great
Sleng 7/10 There's talent in these guys! (but I don't get why they mix Danish and English?)

The Festival

1/2 Django Django 7/10 I thought they would sound a lot like Franz Ferdinand - due to "Default" - but it reminded me more about talking heads, what I heard was great though
1/2 Kellermensch 7/10 They're from Esbjerg (and I'm living close to Esbjerg) so they are sort of local heroes to me - anyways they did the best opening of Orange I've seen!
The Cure 8/10 If they had waited an hour to start playing (the sun went down around ten o' clock) and only played for two hours it would have been 10/10... but damn they played a long concert, where I started to get a little bored... then came the encore set!!!! WOOOUW!!! that was crazy, I truly get what people talk about when they say gathering the Orange Stage now!
Apparatjik 7/10 I had only heard a few of their songs before, so I didn't really have any feelings for their music, but THAT WAS CRAZY!!!!! I was confused from the start till the end and had a blast icon_biggrin.gif


1/2 Red Fang 5/10 It was best when the dude who didn't sounded like James Hetfield sang, and they had a really positive vibe around them - music wise I just didn't find it as good as I thought it would be.
Last two songs of Copenhagen Collaboration Holy Crap that was fun! and it looked like they had fun as well!

Really really drunk in the camp

Jack White 7/10 I enjoyed that. It was crazy when he played seven nation army and he talks really funny icon_biggrin.gif I had higher expectations though.
Malk De Koijn 10/10 I was standing pretty far back due to a massive lack in the credit card machine when i should buy cigarettes (stupid ass credit card machines!!!) BUT THE SOUND WAS GREAT (I found that if you're not in the pit, it helps to walk a little backwards so that you'll get the sound from the two towers instead of the front stage! if you're standing right behind the back pit it's often really really low and poor sound (not during The Cure though) And people partied, and co-rapped, and you definitely realized there is no other Danish rappers even close to Malk!

...and then I should have seen Spleen, but they played their last number when we arrived.

The Roots 11/10 FUCKIN A!!!!! best concert I have ever seen! was a little worried that they should play a cloudy afternoon where nobody would care to party, but THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT THE CASE!! They run, They Dance, They Play better Cock-rock than any white guy, they jazz better than any other people, and they're blacker than a blackboard and show my skinny white ass what rhythm and rap is about!! Hallelujah I'm a believer in The Roots!
M83 8/10 A bit short, but it was a great party in the pit... I don't know why they got so poor reviews?
half an hour of Bruce Springsteen I could definitely see why he's called the Boss and why he was expensive... but hell did he attract a lot of old people on one-day tickets! you should've seen the train station in the afternoon!
Bon Iver 9/10 That was so intense! Only thing I didn't like was the way they did creature fear - but after being away from Bon Iver for a long time I'm definitely back again!
Mew 8/10 Nothing was really amazing about the show, I just had a good time and thought the time was flying by because I could sing a long to every old song (that definitely amazed me icon_eek.gif )

Didn't see a motherfucking thing! People were tired, and we have a long road home, but I would really have loved to see Alabama Shakes and Björk - that didn't plan out though.

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