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Hat stealing in Roskilde 2010

Author Message
Written on: 20.02.2013 14:21
Posts: 1
Hi fellow Roskilders, I thought it was time for me to retell my story of what happened to me during the awesome Roskilde festival 2010.

This was my first trip to the Roskilde Festival, and I travelled with two friends from Norway. I was 23 at that time, and accustomed to meeting new people. I had travelled the world, and the year before I was in the United States of 'Merica. While in Miami, I found this awesome black hat in a random shop, and I looked like a 'baller' in it, as the lady said to me, and I agreed!

Now, to the real story... This was my second day there, and I still had no clue about where things was, as it was all overwhelming at the time. I was walking home to our camp with my friend, water bottle in my hand and hat on and everything, a little drunk and a little intoxicated with snoop doggs favourite drug. While walking, a lady came from behind and took my hat. As I turned and looked at her, I gave her a smile and laughed. 'haha, that was mad funny, lady'. Actually, I thought it was funny, so i must have been a bit messed up.

As I waited for her to give it back, she ran the opposite direction. Kind of surprised, I had no choice but to run after her. Not sure what was happening, I ran after, though she had a head start on me, so she must have thought she was going to get away from me. It was getting dark and she ran into a campsection. What this little lady didnt know is that at that time I was doing Yoga on a regular basis, and I was silky smooth flexible. As I was a bit high, it felt as though I was a cat, my feline powers were incredible, and as I jumped over, sneaked under and on the side of tent plugs, I caught up slowly, but surely.

She did a side manouver by going into a tent, and then going out the other side of it. As I jumped in it, a danish lady(must have been a friend of the thief) came screaming and trying to stall me, but I used my feline powers again and outmanouvered her to get past it.

Now this lady really was freaking out, as her plan to kidnapp my lovely awesome hat had backfired, and I was feeling the power of Roskilde backing me while catching up to her. I was only three steps behind her, then two... Then one... And just as I was reaching for the hat, a bunch of guys dressed as tennis players stopped me dead in my tracks, and demanded to know why I was holding a water bottle in my hand, instead of a beer.

Needless to say, I never saw her again, and although I tried to find the tent she ran through, it was all for nothing. I was now hatless, and had no clue where I was. I found the tennis players and had a beer with them, before spending the next hour and a half to find my way back to my camp.

I hope you enjoy my hat, hatlady!


[This article was edited 2 times, at last 20.02.2013 at 14:36.]
Written on: 21.02.2013 20:02
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
I also lost a big sombrero a few years back that I´m surely miss so I know how you feel.
Written on: 22.02.2013 15:57
Jim Daggerthuggert
Posts: 637
Great story... And the oldest advice in the book: Never, ever, bring anything you won't mind not bringing home with you. Things get stole, broke, lost and so on. That said, I hope the girl burns in hell icon_evil.gif
Written on: 24.02.2013 03:34
Posts: 241
Jim Daggerthuggert wrote:

Great story... And the oldest advice in the book: Never, ever, bring anything you won't mind not bringing home with you. Things get stole, broke, lost and so on. That said, I hope the girl burns in hell icon_evil.gif

Haha, quoted for truth.

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