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Topic with many replies

Roskilde - The Experience Movies

Author Message
Written on: 03.03.2009 09:27
Posts: 135
For information and download links :

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Written on: 03.03.2009 09:50
Posts: 378
yay, great work man! icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 03.03.2009 09:54
Posts: 135
Thank you woman icon_razz.gif
Written on: 03.03.2009 10:13
Posts: 378
when can we look forward to the release? icon_smile.gif your films are great to get through the waitingperiod when we miss roskilde the most icon_smile.gif
Written on: 03.03.2009 10:42
Posts: 135
Not long now i think.
Think im taking a little break from work to finish the movie.
The movie is going to be about 1 hour and free as always icon_biggrin.gif

For previews aso add me on messenger ( deepzone (at ) live ( dot) com )
Written on: 03.03.2009 10:50
Posts: 378
concider yourself added, mr
Written on: 03.03.2009 11:01
Posts: 135
And i feel honored icon_razz.gif
Written on: 04.03.2009 15:41
Posts: 135
Still waiting for a responce from the festival about getting a presspass this year..
Just like last year they have not responded at all to my requests.

No offence to the storage facilities on the campground.. but i will not entrust my camera there. I need the security that the media village icon_smile.gif
Written on: 04.03.2009 15:50
Posts: 3048
Btw, you should probably know that after a rather controversial court decision in the Østre Landsret which is being contested in the Danish Supreme Court, the Højeste Ret, the pirate bay's website and all content therein is blocked for most people living in Denmark, so posting that as a download site is futile for Danish people at least.

Getting a press pass from Roskilde is probably going to be impossible without having a working download site for the movies.

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Written on: 04.03.2009 16:05
Posts: 135
There are many other torrent sites that offer the movie for download.
Just google it and many other sites offer the movies.
Most of them use the piratebay tracker. But i dont think the tracker is blocked.. just the website ? or am i wrong ?
It's quite easy to bypass it by running a proxy.
Written on: 04.03.2009 16:43
Posts: 3048
No, it's completely blocked. Both the tracker the site and everything else. You can't even circumvent it with a proxy. It's utterly blocked.
Written on: 04.03.2009 17:55
Posts: 135
Hm.. ok icon_frown.gif
They are trying to the same shit here in norway.
But the biggest isp refuses to do so icon_wink.gif

Anybody know of a good tracker that you don't have to be a member to download from ?

the updates in the first posting will not be updated.. cant seem to edit it further like in the old forums icon_razz.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 04.03.2009 at 17:56.]
Written on: 04.03.2009 21:23
Posts: 3048
As I said it's an extremely controversial court decision and the exact wording of it makes every search engine or other service on the internet that can potentially lead you to information that could potentially enable another person to commit any sort of crime they could not themselves have thought up, illegal.

It's being contested in Supreme Court naturally, and if that doesn't help, it'll move on to EU court, and then to international court. There's no way a private organization should be able to deem what is illegal activity in any country which is in effect what that court decision have made possible.

To most music lovers in Denmark this is not a huge loss since if you're a customer at any of the major ISP's in Denmark you can download any music you like for free and without DRM or other annoying obstacles from their libary of currently 2.3 million songs and counting. But it is nevertheless in principle a court decision that is by very nature contrary to the Danish Constitution.

Written on: 04.03.2009 23:47
His Dudeness
Posts: 93
Saturnus wrote:

No, it's completely blocked. Both the tracker the site and everything else. You can't even circumvent it with a proxy. It's utterly blocked.

Still works for me, and I'm in Copenhagen.
Written on: 05.03.2009 00:14
Posts: 3048
I would ask which ISP you have but I fear that revealing it will make some busybody IFPI craptard send a crease-or-desist notice to them.
Written on: 05.03.2009 10:01
Peter Schmidt
Posts: 3
It's easy getting through to the pirate bay...

check thejesperbay.dk

any chances we will see the experience 08 during march deepsie?
Written on: 05.03.2009 17:18
Posts: 135
im not going into details on the release date.. but im hoping... soon icon_razz.gif
Written on: 05.03.2009 22:58
Posts: 6
Saturnus.... I used another server already before they closed it... Just go to:

They can help.

Keep up the good work Deepzone!!
Written on: 06.03.2009 14:07
Posts: 135
Hope the previous posts will help you guys who has problems accessing thepiratebay site. icon_biggrin.gif
Nobody got a another site that works in denmark that i can use ?
Written on: 06.03.2009 14:24
Posts: 334
dEEPZoNE skrev:

Nobody got a another site that works in denmark that i can use ?

Hey, The Piratebay is only DNS blocked. That means if you setup your OS to use a different DNS than the one provided by your ISP, you should be back in business.

Check out https://www.opendns.com/start/computer/
Written on: 06.03.2009 14:26
Posts: 135
Everyone got that ? icon_razz.gif
Written on: 10.03.2009 15:07
Posts: 81
I just can't wait anymore!
Please give us a hint dEEPZoNE. icon_cry.gif
Written on: 11.03.2009 15:17
Posts: 16

Danish politicians or whatever really screwed up on that one. Censoring internet is not cool! icon_smile.gif Always loved how the Experience-movies have been setting such a great example of a perfectly legal use of the great torrent technology!

Hope to see the movie soon anyway. icon_smile.gif
Written on: 11.03.2009 15:34
Posts: 3048
Ariel Blomkvist Rova skrev:

Danish politicians or whatever really screwed up on that one.

As much as I loathe politicians of any party, you can't really blame them for the courts to misinterpret a law and not understanding the basic principles of file sharing technology.

Oh, and hi neighbour from last year ... icon_biggrin.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 11.03.2009 at 15:34.]
Written on: 12.03.2009 13:34
Posts: 135
If anybody want to help... ? i really need someone to make a logo for the intro / covers aso.

Watch : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-0RCKzBRVE

The " Roskilde - The Experience 2008 " text is to be a logo.
Make it with a transparent background and in a minimum of 1920x1080px
In TIF or PSD formats.

My email is a few posts earlier.

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