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Topic with many replies

The festival site right now?

Author Message
Written on: 06.06.2010 22:13
Christian Pawlowski
Posts: 30
With only three weeks to the festival, it will not be long before the festival site begins to take shape. There is probably already a lot of preparations going on. Previous years, there have been websites such as Roskilde.laf.dk and www.kraglund.net/fk/ros/ with pictures from the preparations before the festival starts. But both websites are no longer updated.

So now I ask you guys: Have any of you locals been at the festival site recently so you can provide us with a update on how it looks out there right now?

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Written on: 06.06.2010 22:16
Posts: 3048
The annual Roskilde Livestock show which is held at the Roskilde Festival site, just ended today so nothing is in place yet.
Written on: 06.06.2010 22:29
Posts: 162
Sometimes my job leeds me by the camping and festival grounds. I will try to get fotos for uploading and make a post in forum just for the currius!
Be aware! There is a major highway ekspantion going on near the festival this year! Check you rute to the festival and get some current trafic updates when arriveing!

If you were a beer, witch one would you be?
Written on: 07.06.2010 10:06
Mr. Monster
Posts: 944
I work in Roskilde so I'll try to take some pictures and post them.
Written on: 07.06.2010 10:52
Christian Pawlowski
Posts: 30
Mr. Monster wrote:

I work in Roskilde so I'll try to take some pictures and post them.

That would be great!

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Written on: 07.06.2010 14:08
Posts: 661
Pictures of the current state of the camp grounds and festival area the coming weeks will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Written on: 09.06.2010 20:43
Posts: 12
Any pictures taken yet? I can't freaking wait!! icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 12.06.2010 09:34
flemming pallesen
Posts: 7
I work right next to the festival site. I will try to take some pictures monday icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 12.06.2010 10:18
Posts: 38
I was at the site Thursday

Here is the tour

And the picasa album

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Written on: 12.06.2010 10:34
flemming pallesen
Posts: 7
guess i don't have to go at the site monday then ;0)
thx for the pics
Written on: 12.06.2010 11:04
Christian Pawlowski
Posts: 30

Thanks! icon_smile.gif
Written on: 12.06.2010 11:20
Posts: 661

Many thanks. It looks a little wet in places. I hope it will clear up the coming weeks.
Written on: 13.06.2010 06:16
Posts: 43
We snapped this the day before yesterday ..


Not much preparation to be seen, but it does show that it's been raining cats and dogs in the area for the past week or so. We're hoping that's just the "Emptying out the reserves before Roskilde"-rain

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Written on: 13.06.2010 18:51
Morten Krüger
Posts: 16
Thank you!!!
Written on: 13.06.2010 21:17
Posts: 1426
That's interesting stuff, thanks. Seems strange to see that so much ex-gravel pit area is now grassy and ready for camping (although if there's a chance of rain, I'd avoid it at all costs as it looks water-logged to me!).
Written on: 18.06.2010 11:56
flemming pallesen
Posts: 7
The festival site is full of activity now.
Everywhere tents are going up and Odeon is rising!
Written on: 18.06.2010 12:27
Posts: 661
Pictures not words please icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 18.06.2010 13:03
Posts: 824

Check the TV-clips from TV2 Lorry from the annual animal show held on the festival ground. Taken just last week.
Pretty hard to recognize the place.

Never mind, most of those clips were from 2008. icon_smile.gif

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Written on: 18.06.2010 15:46
Stand up for rock n' roll!
Posts: 488
Odeon is in place, Camping west looks like it's during good progress as well.. from what i saw during my car-ride to practice yesterday (:
Written on: 19.06.2010 09:58
Posts: 38
My gallery is updated with 42 pictures from friday.

starting from http://picasaweb.google.com/brian.albertsen/RoskildeFestivalSite#5484249829387196674
this time in full resolution

Agora H is not on the west side of the lake as on the map.
There is a new shallow pool on the festival site and thes a new tunnel under the road that separates the GaT and caravan camping sites from the rest of the site

I might include Camping area P in the next tour
Written on: 19.06.2010 11:03
Posts: 27
Thank you Brian for the pics! Without your comments I would have had no idea where the pictures were taken icon_wink.gif

I wonder what the Tuborg pool will be used for.
Written on: 19.06.2010 11:50
Posts: 38
Pluto wrote:

Thank you Brian for the pics! Without your comments I would have had no idea where the pictures were taken icon_wink.gif

I wonder what the Tuborg pool will be used for.

All the pictures are GPS tagged so you might want to click show map in the lower right corner and switch to satellite view.

The satellite images are a couple of years old and it's easy to see that the gravelpit has moved north from area H
Written on: 19.06.2010 12:26
Posts: 661
Thanks BrianAlbertsen, much appreciated!
Written on: 20.06.2010 00:21
Helene Harefrøken
Posts: 40
Seriously, if we get rain this year, that pool is going to cause a flood! icon_eek.gif

I had no idea they started this early with the preparation, but looking through these pictures I can really understand why. So much work to do!

Do they really fill the beach by the swimming lake with new sand every year??
Written on: 20.06.2010 17:41
Posts: 38
The put some fresh sand on top of the old. I don't think they remove the sand after the festival.

Today sunday the site is buzzing with activity.
The camping area must be complete first.
Work in the festival area will continue until 5 minutes before the gates open on Thursday.

13 more pictures from today.

Starting from here http://picasaweb.google.com/brian.albertsen/RoskildeFestivalSite#5484880045889116178


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