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Closed topic

[Closed] AC/DC To play Roskilde 2010?

AC/DC would be the biggest signing to Roskilde 2010?
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Author Message
Written on: 15.12.2009 22:30
Mikael Nielsen
Posts: 4
I have just received my AC/DC newsletter and it states the following:

AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour Returns to Europe
Ticket On-Sales Begin December 16 - 18

For Those About To Rock,

Get ready for packed houses, pumping fists and an electric shock from which you'll never recover. AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour is coming back to Europe!

Members of the AC/DC Fan Club enjoy special access to tickets from a grouping of reserved tickets not available to the public. If you plan on purchasing tickets to see AC/DC ignite crowds from a stage near you - either in the Fan Club On-Sales or the public sale - please refer to the chart below for on-sale dates and times.

Not a member of the Fan Club? What are you waiting for? Join now for special access to tickets and more AC/DC than you can shake a leg at!

Access to Fan Club On-Sales is just one of the many benefits of membership. To learn more about the benefits of joining the AC/DC Fan Club, click here.

Fan Club Membership
Buy Now

Show Date City Venue Fan Club &
Public On-Sale Date*
16 May, 2010 Bucharest, Romania Piata Constitutiei Wed. Dec. 16 @9AM
19 May, 2010 Udine, Italy Stadio Friuli Thurs. Dec 17 @8PM**
22 May, 2010 Wels, Austria Air Field Wed. Dec. 16 @9AM
25 May, 2010 Hannover, Germany Messe Wed. Dec. 16 @9AM
13 June, 2010 Stuttgart, Germany Cannstatter Wasen Wed Dec. 16 @9AM
15 June, 2010 Nice, France Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann Fri Dec. 18 @8AM
18 June, 2010 Paris, France Stade De France Fri. Dec 18 @8AM
20 June, 2010 Dresden, Germany Ostrahege Wed Dec. 16 @9AM
22 June, 2010 Berlin, Germany Olympic Stadium Wed Dec. 16 @9AM

*All times local
**The Public on-sale is Thurs 12/17 @ 6PM, while the fan club sale is Thurs 12/17 @ 8PM.

As usual, tickets will be available to the general public, and to members of the AC/DC Fan Club through a separate Fan Club On-Sale. To participate in the upcoming Fan Club On-Sales, members simply need to log-in and visit the ACDC.com tickets page to receive their unique Fan Club On-Sale passcode at the time of the sale. Click here for more information on how the Fan Club On-Sales work.

We Salute You,

This can only mean one thing and one thing only! More concerts to be announced and I beg you Roskilde!!! Please sign AC/DC to 2010!! It would be the perfect act for the orange stage.

They have said themselves that they want to play Roskilde, I was almost certain they were playing at this years festival, but they didn't!

This is maybe the only chance to get them to play at Roskilde!!

Please and I mean please, do anything to get them to play in 2010!!!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 15.12.2009 at 22:32.]
Written on: 15.12.2009 22:36
Posts: 1261
http://www.roskilde-festival.dk/forum/mm_forum_pi1/posts/band_rumours/the_rumour_thats_never_going_to_stop_acdc/ and that is only one of a million topics about AC/DC
Written on: 15.12.2009 22:42
Mikael Nielsen
Posts: 4

But my topic has a vote and an official mail confirming an European tour icon_smile.gif
Written on: 15.12.2009 22:48
Stefan Jespersgaard
Posts: 256
Mikael Nielsen skrev:

But my topic has a vote and an official mail confirming an European tour icon_smile.gif

who cares about a poll and you could just have added your information to the already existing thread icon_cool.gif

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