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Electronic acts of RF'12 - Rumors, hopes and announced artists!

Author Message
Written on: 25.02.2012 21:35
Posts: 168
I found that the discussion of this year's electronic artists had died since the announcement of Toddla T, Martyn and Shlohmo. Well, Holy Thread Revival Jesus to the rescue!

So what do you guys think of the already announced artists? And who are you hoping to see on the final poster? I'll even start for you!

I must admit that Martyn is the one artist I'm looking most forward to. That guy's definately not afraid of being himself! Going to be a blast of a concert at Apollo/Cosmopol i guess.

Toddla T will get sweaty. VERY sweaty. Pretty much like Chase & Status last year i guess, since he'll probably be playing at Cosmo with his fancy scene show and contributing artists.

I recently started listening to 120 days. If you like rock and electronica you should definitely check them out, very nostalgic and atmospheric, yet danceable electro-rock.

I'm hoping to see Fout Tet, Mount Kimbie and Modeselektor also, the last two both released fantastic albums this year! I also have a weakness for Icelandic GusGus. Great album this year also.

And one more thing - Some Ed Banger please! Be it Daft Punk, Justice, Cassius or SebastiAN, i don't care! I can't get enough of that french electro!

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Written on: 26.02.2012 11:41
Jakob Nielsen
Posts: 52
Wow wow wow, Mt. Kimbie released an album this year? Sure you don't mean crooks and lovers (2010)?
Yes, I agree. I think we could use some disco/nu-disco as well - I, for one, had a blast at LCD and Tim Sweeneys show in 2010. Flight Facilities, Holy Ghost!, Dimitrij from Paris and The Magician (old Aeroplane), Breakbot, anything from DFA records, Todd Terje, Classixx, The Twelves und so weiter..
Azari&III could be cool as well, but they're supposedly on tour with Madonna herself (poke poke)
Written on: 26.02.2012 15:23
Ziggy Stardust
Posts: 32
I would love to see M83 appear on the poster.
Written on: 26.02.2012 15:55
Posts: 168
Crooks and Lovers is from 2010? Damn I've been missing out!

If there is one musical genre that really gathers people it's disco. As RA's Will Lynch said about Todd Terje's It's the Arps EP:
"Since the early days of disco (at least), countless artists have groped for something that Terje utterly nails here: the elusive feeling of having a supremely, impossibly good time."

Completely agree. He was playing the night of the first time i went to Dunkel Bar in Copenhagen, which is now where i spend pretty much every weekend. Indeed - he knows EXACTLY how to have a good time.

I'm also wondering whether or not we'll be seeing anything from the new London-based bass/house movement. I'm thinking Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything, XXXY and Blawan.

And Rustie - can't wait to see him in Copenhagen in April! Would be a blast at Roskilde too!

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Written on: 26.02.2012 18:07
Bongo Anders
Posts: 1155
Gareth Emery and other artists from Garuda would be awesome but my biggest hope is to see the full on Ferry show with Ferry Corsten at Arena.

Jochen Miller totally blew Armin Van Buuren out in the water when he played before the mighty one during last years Balaton Sound festival so to see him performing at the Apollo stage would make my festival.
Written on: 29.02.2012 20:52
Posts: 46
i would love to see roskilde add some ebm bands. here is a short list of bands touring and playing festivals in europe.

apoptygma berzerk (no)
combichrist (no)
and one (de)
camouflage (de)
project pitchfort (de)
aesthetic perfection (usa)

any of these would be awesome!!!
Written on: 06.03.2012 20:17
Sölvi Þór
Posts: 52
The biggest ''OH WHY OH WHY OHWHYOWHYY ROSKILDEEE ???!!'' for me so far have bee M83, The XX, Justice and just any of the Ed Banger artists (Breakbot, SebAstian etc.). They are all playing all around Roskilde (location and time wise) ! And they are not too 'on trend' right now for Roskilde to think that it would be too mainstream to book them.

aaargh.. some things I just don't understand. But the other artists that have already been booked are great ! And I won't go to any other festivals just because their line-up is better, I already did that once and found out that the 'festival-feeling' is way more important than the line-up.
Written on: 07.03.2012 23:42
Jakob Vedde
Posts: 2
I would like to see (as many others) Justice or Daft Punk the living electronic legends..
BUT I would totally enormous want that Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs could join in on the festivities. - He's new, hip, fashionable (kinda like a male [less yelling] version of lady gaga - he likes feathers and headpieces among other things), is minimalistic at the same time experimental, curious/magical/empathic sounding, with a good bass and some exeptional good lyrics and AND and he's on tour during the summer!
It would be AWESOME if your could book him!

If you haven't heard his singles, Garden, Househoold Goods and Trouble - do it; they're really worth a listen. - I listen to it non-stop
Written on: 08.03.2012 10:32
Posts: 168
TEED would be pretty awesome indeed - and now that you mention him i can't really see why Roskilde wouldn't book him!
Written on: 12.03.2012 04:27
Posts: 100
Röyksopp would be great to see again. You'd have to convince them to come play though as they haven't gotten any tour dates announced this summer.

Rustie would be another one I'd love to see. In my opinion he made the best album of last year.

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 12.03.2012 at 04:28.]

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