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Topic with many replies


Author Message
Written on: 15.08.2009 14:21
Thomas Gydesen
Posts: 1
Come on people, you know the only thing you ever really wanted to see live was Tool - and if you're one of the unlucky many (like me) who missed them some years back, DO SOMETHING!! Go rioting, shout it from the tree tops, anything!!!


Thomas, Roskilde, Denmark.
Written on: 15.08.2009 18:44
Posts: 1426
Would be awesome, but are they touring next year?
Written on: 18.08.2009 18:45
Posts: 31
I was JUST about to make a post requesting them to come!
This summer, they were touring in the US, and still are.
Hopefully by The summer of 2010, they'll be heading over
to Europe.

I must, I repeat, I MUST see them before I die.
Roskilde made it possible for me to see NIN just
before they ended, and now hopefully Roskilde can
fulfill my wish once again!
Written on: 18.08.2009 23:25
Posts: 1426
I'd love for you to see Tool too, I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't been lucky enough.
Written on: 27.08.2009 15:50
Posts: 1
icon_biggrin.gif damn Tool is the best thing ever happened to me man... music never really sayed me anything until i heard Tool the pot ... and after some days this song kept coming up in my head really couldent reamember from were and then i heard it again and i just falled for Tool completly they are the reason i started playing guitar the greatest thing in my life would be to meet these guys damn mann... if i saw them LIVE!!! OMG!
Written on: 02.09.2009 11:09
Posts: 56
Written on: 02.09.2009 21:02
Posts: 1
You've got my vote!!!
Written on: 04.09.2009 22:01
Posts: 297
A BIG yes to Tool
Written on: 05.10.2009 11:53
Posts: 184
TOOL would without a doubt be a hightlight of any festival line-up! They are rumored to play Europe next summer and if that is correct Roskilde is definitely in the process of getting them booked!
Written on: 05.10.2009 18:22
Martin Smidt Vinther
Posts: 2
I tell you guys - i've been at Roskilde Festival 15 years straight! And there is only 1 band who played loud enough (many bands should give the volume a little bit extraicon_wink.gif) at Orange stage and that's TOOL - never ever heard a sound like that - it was just amazing!

I can feel the Roskilde sprit, slowly entering my body - againicon_smile.gif!

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 05.10.2009 at 18:23.]
Written on: 07.10.2009 00:32
Posts: 4
TOOL, give me TOOL. icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 08.10.2009 00:41
Posts: 1426
Definitely would be really cool to see them again icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 08.10.2009 09:43
Henrico Lorentzo
Posts: 11
As the say; Anything you can do, Tool can do better icon_biggrin.gif
Written on: 08.10.2009 12:18
Bone Stvg
Posts: 46
Just put TOOL as my #1 wish for bands next year.
Written on: 09.10.2009 08:30
Posts: 4
Ow man, TOOL should come! icon_razz.gif
Written on: 10.10.2009 04:07
Posts: 1120
Tool is a must!
Written on: 17.10.2009 09:44
Posts: 31
FFS guys, go request Tool:

Written on: 19.10.2009 15:51
Posts: 53
Henrico Lorentzo skrev:

As the say; Anything you can do, Tool can do better icon_biggrin.gif

yes sir
Written on: 26.10.2009 10:29
Posts: 9
I/we would love to rock with Tool.
Written on: 03.11.2009 18:15
Nikki Jensen
Posts: 8
Tool is by far the biggest musical experience ive ever seen preform live. Ive been a massive fan since 2003 and saw Tool at roskilde 2006, A day to remember forever. A 1½ hour long orgasm it was!

Id love to experience tool live again and Roskilde is the perfect place. make it happpen
Written on: 24.11.2009 19:02
Þórður Darri
Posts: 2
I really hope that they will come!!! icon_eek.gif
Written on: 25.11.2009 01:14
Posts: 892
would be a little dream come true, I have never experienced them live either... yet...
Written on: 29.11.2009 01:36
I Like Turtles
Posts: 760
give me TOOL and the ticket is bought!
Written on: 14.12.2009 23:33
Posts: 1426
I'm officially bringing back this thread. I really, really would give almost anything to see Tool at Roskilde 2010.
Written on: 14.12.2009 23:45
Posts: 1750
Tool are my #1 wish this year! They should do an exclusive at roskilde icon_smile.gif

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