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Topic with many replies

Will there be any punk rock bands this year?

Author Message
Written on: 07.03.2013 14:18
Kjetil Frugård
Posts: 7
Just asking if there will be any punk rock bands this year. The festival should have at least a couple of punk acts, right?
Written on: 07.03.2013 14:23
Posts: 1229
Kjetil Frugård wrote:

Just asking if there will be any punk rock bands this year. The festival should have at least a couple of punk acts, right?

Pää Kii and The Bots are already booked, so yes.
Written on: 07.03.2013 14:26
Posts: 712
Negative Approach are around at the time if you´re into more hardcore punk. I´d go for that one if we´ll get em in Roskilde.
Written on: 07.03.2013 15:26
Cliché Guevara
Posts: 174
Wouldn't be too surprised if Metz showed up, as they're playing Hove Festival and are fairly hyped. I only find them decent though.
Pure Love are playing Peace & Love and although they don't exactly play punk-rock, they still feature Frank Carter (ex-Gallows).
In terms of pop-punk/whatever-core, I'd love to have A Day to Remember play. They'd probably only be available on Thursday though...
Written on: 07.03.2013 16:05
Posts: 3048
Wallu wrote:

Negative Approach are around at the time if you´re into more hardcore punk. I´d go for that one if we´ll get em in Roskilde.

Overthrow and Hatebreed would technically also belong to the hardcore/metalcore punk genre. Opinions may vary.
Written on: 07.03.2013 16:14
Posts: 380
I wouldn't be surprised to see Iceage announced given they have a new, critically acclaimed album out and are Danish.

I would love to see Titus Andronicus play again.
Written on: 07.03.2013 17:47
Martin Horn Pedersen
Official RF person
Posts: 1273
Agreed we need more punk rock icon_smile.gif hardcore is fine and Hatebreed is a must see for me.. but we need more classic punk rock names to give us some awesome partys
Written on: 07.03.2013 18:30
Posts: 712
I don´t think that metalcore and hardcore punk are that close to each other. Hatebreed sounds ok and I might check them out this summer but I´´m not that much into metal anymore, and that band has it´s roots there, whereas hardcore punk bands come from a different neighbourghood originally.
Written on: 07.03.2013 22:00
Farah Hasanbegović
Posts: 6
Gallows will be on tour close by I think.

Also chances of getting any pop punk this year?
Fall Out Boy will be done with their announced gigs right by the 4th, I think.

Written on: 07.03.2013 23:08
Rock`N`Roll Dude...
Posts: 425
Some Streetpunk would be awesome!

Bands like:

The Old Firm Casuals:

The Unseen:

The Exploited:

The Forgotten:


Or (not street punk) more like skate/hardcore punk...
Suicidal Tendencies( who has a new album out later this month )

Teaser new album:

Written on: 08.03.2013 08:18
Kjetil Frugård
Posts: 7
Maybe some California based punkers like Bad Religion, NOFX, Rancid, or the other bands under the Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords label.
Written on: 08.03.2013 08:27
Posts: 3048
Bad Religion played in 2011 and NOFX in 2010 so probably not either of them.
Written on: 08.03.2013 09:41
Posts: 712
Big yey for Rancid, Suicidal Tendencies and The Exploited!
Written on: 12.03.2013 10:13
Kjetil Frugård
Posts: 7
How about Teenage Bottlerocket,The Queers or Masked Intruder!?
Written on: 12.03.2013 18:02
Posts: 53
The Flatliners would be great!
Written on: 14.03.2013 22:47
Rock`N`Roll Dude...
Posts: 425
A lot of great punk out there. Punk, street, hardcore, oldschool..etc.
So, it should not be hard for the bookers, to pick some cool punk bands.

Some other alternatives:

Blood For Blood:

Off With Their Heads:

Raised Fist:

Cock Sparrer:

Written on: 18.03.2013 00:34
Posts: 383
Wallu wrote:

Big yey for Rancid, Suicidal Tendencies and The Exploited!

Seconded - especially (in the case of ST) if 13 is any good.

And adding yays for The Unseen, GBH and Gallows.

The Bronx also have a new album out (IV) - less hardcore, but more of a return to the energy of The Bronx (I). Although they've just been in the UK, and they're in Australia in April, I guess they might return for the rest of Europe at festival time. At the moment, it seems their schedule stops early May.
Written on: 25.03.2013 14:00
Alexander Hanke
Posts: 5
I put my punkvote on The Fall, as always.
Written on: 26.03.2013 09:35
Kjetil Frugård
Posts: 7
Frank Turner would be nice too (even if he isn't very punk)
Written on: 02.04.2013 12:38
Posts: 712
This is quite good. Raw, I would say...

Written on: 02.04.2013 13:09
Posts: 173
Any of these bands would be great:

dead kennedys (still a great punk band without jello), jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine (he knows the festival. he did a spoken word thingy in 2004?), the queers, yum-yums, mr. t experience, lame ducks, agnostic front, ceasars palace, screeching weasel, hanson brothers, feilfødt, lagwagon, less than jake, face to face, pennywise.
Written on: 03.04.2013 19:13
Kjetil Frugård
Posts: 7
Andrew W.K. has announced that he will be providing vocals for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg. Book them NOWicon_biggrin.gif

[This article was edited 1 times, at last 03.04.2013 at 19:13.]

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