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mandag 07.01.13

2013 will be a ladder towards climax

This year we'll create a festival that gets wilder day by day – throughout a total of 8 days. Read about some of the new initiatives we're working on for Roskilde Festival 2013.

Since 2005, we have divided the festival experience into two distinct parts – four days of warm-up followed by four music days with full throttle on the stages. Never mind that in 2013. We drop the idea of ​​warm-up. When we start, we start, and we build up – step by step – towards the wildest climax.

We call it an eight-day experience ladder that leads to a greater festival, peaking when the music's playing on all stages between Thursday and Sunday.

This means that you don't have to be late for anything – even if you start higher up the ladder.

So in the coming months you should watch out for news from Dream City, Relax City, Game City, Street City and Cinema City. The volunteer planners are in the process of creating the best environment for you and your camp in a way that you haven't experienced before.

Apollo Zone moves into the borderland
We're particularly pleased to open the gates to a new Apollo Zone. It's the name of a new hood bordering between camping city and the festival area, and it's built on reclaimed grounds – the refilled gravel pit not far from the Pavilion stage. Here electronic music and art melt together in a crackling and festive universe with the Apollo stage at the very center.

The inflatable electro cocoon (one of many names for the stage) starts the festival by touring the campsite and presenting fresh, undiscovered electronic acts – before landing in its own zone and continuing with electronic music in the same variation as its debut year 2012.

Look forward to seeing when Apollo plays the sun down and fills the zone with hot, orange-red visuals.

109 days in Dream City
We're moving Dream City much closer to the festival site where it fuses with Green City, Poor City and Media City. Dream City is still all about what you want to create – be it art, installations or ideas – along with others.

If you dare build this year's festival, you can sign up right now and get access to build your project up to 100 days before the site opens for everyone else. That gives you 100 days of construction, 8 days of festival and 1 day of cleaning up the in total 109-day long Roskilde Festival!

More music on the way
And we have good stuff coming up. Right now we're focused on finalising the planning of the festival site. This includes moving the Gloria stage out of its tent and into one of the halls nearby, and in the other hall you will find a new food court with room for 20 different food stalls of the more experimental kind. Bon appétit!

Oh yeah, then there's the music. 200 acts on 8 stages in 8 days. Check the list of already announced acts here, and we've got much more coming...

So what more do you want? Gotcha, a ticket. It's to be found here, and if you shop before 1 March, it's yours for the same price as in 2012. After 1 March the price increases.

Happy new year and we can't wait to see you!

ps: Do you feel an urge to go already? Maybe this film will fire up those expectations.

Photo: Christian Minor

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