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torsdag 05.07.12

CAMP OF THE DAY: Let the doctors ease your pain!

At camp of the day medical students finds a cure for every disease you might have on the bottom of a bottle. Patients are offered breast scans and free condoms, and the doctors make sure to rub that sunscreen in – for your own safety, of course!

”I’m so happy today, I’ve had my medicine today” is the text sung by the medical students while they are dancing the Doctor Dance. At The Doctors Without Scruples you can get a consultation and get cured by the wonders of the fluid medicine Dr. Nielsen. At today’s winner camp, not just the socks are dirty – so is the agenda.

Centered in the camp is an apparatus that supposedly can give you a mammography.. On the front of the instrument is the inscription “Hocus Pocus, tits in focus”. Here you can get a breast scan and during the evening the camp elects the best bosom of the day.


Giving out condoms

However the camp’s mission not to be just pulling legs (or breasts). Jackie Løng whose doctor alias is Dr. Jackie is one of the creaters of The Doctors Without Scrupples, and according to him, safety comes first at the festival. “Our concept is to have fun, and while we are doing that make an effort in putting focus on the safety of the festival goers. That is why we apply sunscreen on our clients and give away condoms."

The Doctors Without Scrupples are studying medicine, and naturally they have some good advice for the festival goers:

“It is of most importance to visit our camp and let us rub some sunscreen in on you. And make sure you drink alcohol in the shadow.” Is the advice from Dr. Doctor, also known as Bastian.


What is Camp of the Year?

Since 2006 Roskilde Festival has elected Camp of the Year. Every day during the festival week, the committee elects a Camp of the Day. Saturday 7 July the best of this year’s Camp of the Day winners is announced Camp of the Year. This year, 68 camps are participating in the contest. Nominate a camp – check out Camp of the Year’s Facebook-site!

From Orange Press, written by Ditte Andreasen

The Doctors Without Scrupples make sure to find the cure. Photo: Philip Overbuary

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