til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
søndag 13.05.12

Can you compose a fantastic application for seeking asylum, giving you the “golden ticket”?

This year's Statement campaign focuses on young asylum seekers and the conditions they face in Denmark.

In the real world, seeking asylum can lead to a residence permit. At Roskilde Festival seeking asylum can get you and a friend a delicious breakfast in Poor City during one of the warm-up days. We call it Morning Asylum.

With this year's Statement campaign we are focusing on the terrible insecurity asylum-seekers feel when coming to Denmark. The wait is terrible and destructive to people who are already in emotional distress.

You can take part in the debate and not least express your own thoughts. Send us your application for the coveted Morning Asylum – and have a delicious breakfast served in Poor City. Based on tough selection criteria, a jury, consisting of people from Roskilde Festival and Danish ed Cross, will select who will be granted a stay. Danish Red Cross runs a number of asylum centres in Denmark.

Accept the challenge and give us your best reason to grant you and a friend the coveted Morning Asylum.


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Photo: Ivan Boll
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