tirsdag 19.06.12

Co-create with Roskilde Festival

This spring Roskilde Festival went on a road trip to four cities in Northern Europe. Roskilde Road Trip has now returned to Roskilde. We gather good ideas and projects from the trip in a specific area in Dream City, agora P.

Creative minds in Oslo, Lund, Stockholm and Berlin were invited to co-create Roskilde Festival with us in Pop-up Lounges in each city as a part of Roskilde Road Trip. The participants created performances, workshops, dance competitions, artistic cooperatives and much more. The final showcases with art and live music with upcoming bands were just the icing on the cake to leave the participants with the “Orange Feeling” of community that is the key to Roskilde Festival.

Create something special with Roskilde Festival
In the Roskilde Road Trip area (Agora P, area P37) you can meet the international guests and creative minds who have taken part in Roskilde Road Trip. You can also join in and be a part of the activities and workshops going on yourself; Go green with Urban Gardening, soften up the festival with your own Street Art Yarn bombing or express your wildest dreams when building the Dream Tree.

The music is playing and cameras are rolling
Helsinki Poetry is one of the bands who played at the final showcases and now you have a chance to be part of their new music video. All you have to do is meet us in Roskilde Road Trip's area in Dream City, get into a cool Chevrolet Camaro and be inspired by the music. Kiss, dance, sleep – the sky is the limit.


Photo: Lee Ann Hollesen

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