onsdag 02.11.11

Design contest: Make the coolest Roskilde T-shirt

Make a print of the festival and win both honour and tickets.

What does a cool Roskilde T-shirt look like? There are as many opinions on this as there are people at the festival. Maybe the coolest T-shirt is soon to be made ​​by you?

We challenge you to enter our contest of making the best design for a T-shirt that will be included in our merchandise collection.

Whether you make motifs or something more abstract is entirely up to you. Whether you draw using Indian ink, make collages, potato prints or digital design using an illustrator application is fully your choice of means.

We make no specific requirements for use of colours, fonts or materials. However, we have the following obstructions you must take account of:

  • Roskilde Festival's name or logo must not be included in the design (it is possible, however, that it will be put on the final product).
  • Your design must be applicable to T-shirts, one-piece suits, caps and more.

We accept designs on competition@(delete this text from the mail address)roskilde-festival.dk until and including 30 November. The design does not need to be a finished product. It can also be a picture of it. We accept all common file formats. In addition to your design you must include your name and address.

If you win the design contest, you will have – besides fame and glory – your print and name on a T-shirt that will be included in our merchandise collection. You also get two tickets to Roskilde Festival 2012 so that you can see other festival guests wearing your masterpiece. And, of course, you get five T-shirts for yourself and your friends.

The small print
Should we choose to play with you, we have the option of editing/slightly altering the submitted material. The winner passes all rights to Roskilde Festival. Any profits from the merchandise sale go, as profits from the festival in general, to non-profit projects.

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