tirsdag 06.03.12

Do you dare to dream big?

This year Roskilde Festival can be exactly what you want it to be, when camping area P (East) is turned into Dream City.

The idea behind Dream City is that you – the festivalgoer – will design and build Dream City using a green field as your construction site. The keywords are community, collaboration, creativity and great ideas. Roskilde Festival provides the construction site and you will make the city grow out of the green festival grass.

The festival-goers decide what is in Dream City
Whatever you want to build, do or perform is entirely up to you – and all ideas are welcome. It is the city of dreams and it is the dreams of the festival-goers that are going to breathe life into Dream City.

Do you think we need a Town Hall? A club? A pub?  A Bed & breakfast? Do you need a place where your ten-feet tall horse made out of empty cans can have a drink of water? Should there be yoga, Shakespeare recitals or maybe break-dance – it is up to you to decide what Dream City should be and contain, and what the city will offer its inhabitants and the many visitors.

The Dream City Dogmas
Only your imagination sets the limits of how Dream City will develop. We do have three dogmas that we need to respect to live up to Roskilde Festival's high security level – and of course to contribute to The Orange Feeling. The three dogmas are:

  • You cannot leave anything behind in Dream City when the festival is over. Everything brought into Dream City must be carried out again.
  • Your dream has to benefit everybody. No private parties here.
  • Whatever you're doing, it must be safe and secure. Dream City is about dreams, not accidents.

Read more and be part of Dream City at dc.roskilde-festival.dk.

Weekly Challenge #1: The City Arms
Like any other city, Dream City needs a city arms to welcome its visitors when they enter the city. The city arms will become the visual expression of Dream City and we would like you to design it.

Click here to learn more about the challenge and to submit your design.  You will not only be competing about the prestigious honour of having made the best design. The person with the best design wins two tickets to this year’s festival.


Photo: Adam Sund

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