til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 12.06.12

Dream City is under construction: From idea to festival

The festival is approaching rapidly and a brand-new festival city is developing. Ideas are being turned into real projects that the festival-goers will bring to life in Dream City in less than 19 days.

Right now, creative festival-goers are working hard to turn more than 50 different ideas into projects for our Dream City. During the last three months festival-goers have uploaded brilliant, crazy and bizarre ideas on the Dream City website – and now it’s time to make them real.

One of these projects is designed by Eduardo from Stockholm. Eduardo’s idea is an info board where all the different events that take place in Dream City can be posted. He calls his design 'Spin It!' because the boards are turnable and allow the festival-goers to post news or comment on news themselves on both sides just by turning the boards around.

Everybody can take part in creating the city
If you feel like rolling up your sleeves and help constructing Dream City, you are invited to drop by Open Air Neighborhood’s workshop in Dream City. Here you can take part in creating e.g. furniture for social eating or maybe do your very own project for Dream City. Different recycled material and tools will be waiting for you in Dream City, and you are more than welcome to drop by, whether you just want to help build something or have an idea for the ultimate Dream City project.

The hard work will get your hunger going
Building and performing all day long in Dream City will definitely leave some hungry mouths to feed. In true Dream City spirit, you will of course take part in the creation of a communal meal yourself.

The Copenhagen Food Community (Københavns Fødevarefællesskab) will join us in Dream City with a load of fresh, organic and locally produced greens and vegetables. You are invited to take part in the preparation of a communal meal for you and your fellow Dream City citizens. To be a part of this, you are going to have to get involved and enter the line of production alongside a large group of people and at the end you can all sit down and enjoy a nice, home-cooked meal.
NB: You only have to pay for the vegetables you use - everything else is for free.


The info board 'Spin it!'

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