til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 18.06.13

Make your own food

Roskilde Festival and the organisation Food Culture (Madkulturen) welcome you to their communal kitchen FoodJam. Here all curious and hungry festivalgoers can create, cook and enjoy a fresch, healthy and tasty meal.

FoodJam is a communal kitchen, based upon taste, quality, community and pleasure. It is a kitchen where people feel welcome to hang around and get new culinary experiences, where food and good company is core.

At FoodJam, there is room to let the love for food flourish. Guests can taste and feel the pleasure of discovering new and unknown ingredients or combination on their plate.

The vision is to inspire and be inspired to challenge oneself with ingredients, food preparation and taste. FoodJam is not the average food stall, but an activity where guests - or participants – are being challenges and sometimes provoked to work with raw materials and textures, tasting food in an experimental, playful and educational.

FoodJam will give a breath of fresh air to the courage of tasting food and the joy of food while the sharpen the curiosity  for seasonal ingredients. Decent techniques and the best way towards good taste, is done with good collaboration and support by the kitchen counter  - and this is what FoodJam is all about.

Culinary skills and respect for the ingredients
The participants decide how wild they want it, but the culinary tutors provide a gastronomic safety net ensuring a meaningful and tasteful engagement and result.

At FoodJam we make full use of all the produce, we stay true to the old fashioned thinking, and the respect for true ingredients and nature. Thanks to voluntary Roskilde employees, we even do the dishes, so don’t worry about that one! Read more about FoodJam.

Create your own food at the festival.
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