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Guess the music announcements and win a ticket

Name the 15 artists you think will play at Roskilde Festival 2012. The one with most correct guesses wins.

Will The Stone Roses play? What about Björk? Perhaps Kvelertak? There are many guesses and even more wishes when it comes to new acts for next year’s Roskilde Festival.

Two of our audience members, Alexander and Martin, make the guessing game a little more fun. They invite you to the festival's discussion forum to guess on the coming announcements. It is not necessarily about who you want to come but who you think will come.

The person with the most correct guesses out of 15 wins a ticket to Roskilde 2012.

To enter the contest you have to submit your guesses as a reply to the thread created in the forum. You can change your guesses as much as you want until 30 November at 23:59. After this deadline your guesses are locked.

The guessing game ends on 1 April when Alexander and Martin will find the winner. They will also update the score along the way. In case of a tie they will draw lots.

After 1 April a new round follows where you again can guess again. We will tell you more about this later on.

The prizes
Did we mention that you can win a ticket to this summer's Roskilde Festival? You just have to get most artists right with your 15 guesses. We also throw in a bonus prize: The first person who guesses a Scandinavian artist who is announced in this period wins a backstage tour and the chance of seeing a concert from the side of our big Orange Stage.


Photo: Steffen Jørgensen
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