fredag 09.11.12

Guess who plays at Roskilde Festival in 2013

Have you already figured out which artists who plays at Roskilde Festival in 2013? Then this quiz may be something for you. Participate and win the official Roskilde Festival board game.

The contest takes place in our discussion forum. Here you can guess which artists you think will be released from 1 December and until our poster is published. It's not necessarily about whom you want to play, but whom you think will play.

To qualify, you have to post your guess as an answer in the specific thread in the forum. You may change your guess as much as you want until 30 November at 23:59. After this deadline you’re not allowed to change your guess.

Only artists released after 1 December count. For example, if an act is released 28 November, it doesn’t count in the quiz. You can however, remove the artist from your list and add a new one.

When the contest ends, festival-goer Martin Horn Pedersen will announce the winner with the most correct guesses.

The person, with the most correct guesses wins a Roskilde Festival board.


Photo: Martin Lund Aggerholm
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