onsdag 22.05.13

Help Norwegian Coffin Camp get to Roskilde Festival 2013

Coffin Camp is planning their camp for Roskilde Festival 2013 – and they need your help.

Over the next couple of weeks you can follow Coffin Camp’s preparations for Roskilde Festival 2013 in a mini series on Orange TV. The camp from Oslo has been a returning attraction on the camp site for the last few years. This year, though, they need your help to get from Oslo to Roskilde.

In the first episode you get to meet the members of Coffin Camp, who are building their camp’s trademark; the coffin. They still haven’t figured out how to decorate their camp this year. Watch the first episode and vote for one of the three suggestions as to how Coffin Camp should decorate their camp at this year’s Roskilde Festival. Go to our Facebook to vote.

Facts about Coffin Camp

  • There's about 10 members in Coffin Camp. Most of them from Norway, but a few Danes have joined the camp as well
  • They've been at Roskilde Festival since 2006, and are always camping at the same spot in the C area. That is, when they are not touring the campsite with 'The Coffin', spreading party and joy to the around 400 people that usually follows in the coffin's trail
  • The camp have been fans of the Norwegian band Datarock ever since they saw them at Roskilde Festival 2007. So much in fact, that they can always be seen wearing red Datarock jumpsuits when at the festival



Help Coffin Camp on their way to Roskilde 2013.
Photo: Michael Flarup

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