mandag 16.07.12

Help us elect the best VideoMarathon films

Vote for the best short film and best music video and win Roskilde tickets.

Who has produced ​​the best VideoMarathon film in the disciplines 'topic' and 'music video'? Place your vote and register to win tickets to Roskilde Festival 2013.

During this year's festival, Roskilde-goers were equipped with cameras and microphones. 48 hours was all they had to record and cut a finished film. They could either produce a film based on the topic 'the first time' or a music video for Danish band Dig & Mig's song "Når jeg stikker af".

But which film is the best in each category? We have chosen 5 films in each category. The rest is entirely up to you.

Follow the link below. Watch the films and vote for best topic film and best music video. By doing so, you enter the draw for 2 tickets to next year's Roskilde Festival. The voting ends on 20 September.



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