mandag 23.01.12

Help us find the stars of tomorrow

Which new promising bands do you want to hear on the Pavilion Junior stage this summer?

Pavilion Junior is the stage for new, exciting talent during the warm-up days, this year playing from 1 - 4 July. Here you hear the acts of tomorrow play concerts before they might be ready to fly on to one of the bigger stages.

We'd like to hear which acts you want to see play on Pavilion Junior.

Request up to three acts and leave your mark on the warm-up days too. Just as many of you have already done in our band request campaign in October.

The artists you request ...

  1. must be primarily from the Nordic countries
  2. are unknown to the general festival audience
  3. have never played at Roskilde Festival before
  4. deserve a career boost, in your opinion
  5. represent a genre variation similar to that found on Roskilde Festival's other stages
  6. have the courage to play in front of 2000 people
  7. kick ass, make blood freeze, hair stand on end, heads shake, dance shoes glow, etc.


Photo: Jacob Dinesen
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