onsdag 17.08.11

Here is your most creative ideas for Roskilde 2012

The co-creation of new ideas for Roskilde Festival 2012 has ended. See the two most innovative ideas here.

Thank your all for sharing and co-creating so many innovative, creative, and challenging ideas on how to make Roskilde Festival 2012 even better than this year’s festival.

We will try to include as many of all your creative insights as possible in the development of next year’s Roskilde Festival.

We have already singled out two ideas as the two most innovative, which will be implemented at Roskilde Festival 2012.

  • A Concert Teaser Area
    The idea is to create a concert teaser area that is open in the warm-up days, where everybody can stop by and listen to music by the different bands playing at the festival. In this way, it becomes much easier to stumble upon new and surprising artists and then afterwards enjoy their concert at the festival during the following days. This idea’s focus on creating better possibilities for exploring the music line-up of the festival is brilliant.

  • A Repair Workshop
    The idea is to have a workshop where everyone can stop by and get help and tools to repair that different camp gear – tents, camping chairs or gazebos. The idea to create a space for repairing camping gear is awesome because it will both contribute to a more sustainable festival and provides a creative space for working together. 

We have now closed down our idea generator for this year and we thank you all for the great input that you have posted and discussed during the summer.

Photo: Klaus Elmer

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