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Kill time with 100 Roskilde dice games

Creative minds have for the last couple of months been able to come up with rules for a Roskilde Dice Game. Nearly 100 fun and fanciful rules have been sent in – so get the specially designed dices and go play

Hide the dices somewhere on your body and let the opponent search for them in a game of "strip search". Or play "Go fetch",  where the aim is to throw the dices as far as possible. Or how about a game of "Solløjki", the game with a ten page rule book.

91 different game proposals have entered the competition for the best Roskilde Dice Game – ranging from party games, drinking games to the absolutely odd games (the good kind of odd).

The top three
All the participants' games were judged by playability, fun factor and innovation and here we have a top three:

Capture the Orange Stage by Per Petri Olesen: A unique tactical war game for two. Perfect while the early morning dew is setting before the rest of the camp rises. Well designed without being too complex and the rules are only one page long.

Roskilde Experience (English and Danish version) by Rasmus Møller and Jeppe S. Christensen: A game about new experiences, exploration and maybe meeting new friends in strange corners of the festival. Dare to take on the dice challenge?

Meta Roskilde Spillet by Mike Ditlevsen. Start with the orange dice and let the game build itself up. All games are different and could end with Yatzy or "Build the biggest human pyramid" – simple and incredibly innovative. A must!

The three winners will all receive tickets for next year's festival.

Find all the games here

You can buy the special dice set in all merchandise stands around the festival. It only costs 49 DDK. Just ask for "Roskilde Festival – the Dice Game" and we guarantee many hours of good fun.

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