til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 26.06.12

Meet the Wall and the humanitarian situation in Palestine

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the deposit collection cooperation between DanChurchAid and the Roskilde Festival, the Festival has donated 500.000 kr. to DanChurchAid so that DanChurchAid Youth can tell about, highlight and follow up on 10 years’ actions and projects.

With the slogan “RIGHTS FOR ALL - DON’T GROW ON A WALL”, DanChurchAid Youth has decided to rebuild ‘The Wall’ from 2004.  The highly controversial full size copy of a piece of the Israeli ‘separation barrier’ that according to the International Court in The Hague is illegal under international law.

The separation barrier will be a 708 km. long structure – some places an 8 meter high concrete wall, other places an electric fence with ditches and barbed wire – to separate Israelis and Palestinians and prevent possibly hostile Palestinians having free access in to Israel itself.

The barrier has immeasurable consequences for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.  They lose their land, their water resources, their free access to family, friends, jobs, medical help – and the capital Jerusalem, which is the Palestinians’ economic, cultural and religious centre.

In 2004 the International Court in The Hague judged that the barrier is illegal and demanded that Israel remove all already erected  – and suspend all planned  – parts of the barrier that are built on Palestinian land.  At the same time, Israel must pay compensation to the Palestinians who have suffered damage due to the erection of the barrier.  Israel has never recognised the Court’s position.

Humanitarian problems must be solved
Since DanChurchAid put up the first wall eight years ago, the humanitarian situation for the Palestinian population has deteriorated.  The Palestinians are being squeezed even harder for basic things like food, water, health and not least their rights.

With this event DanChurchAid Youth signals that wall and checkpoints, no matter what the purpose, must never be established at the expense of other peoples’ right to a dignified life.

Let your voice be heard
At an Info Café near the wall it is possible to see the results that the deposit collection has achieved over the years and meet volunteers from DanChurchAid Youth and guests from Israel and Palestine who will tell about the humanitarian situation.

And last, but not least, you can, directly on the Wall or via text message, sign up to the message that Denmark must work actively to improve the humanitarian conditions for Palestinians.  The signatures will be given to the Danish Foreign Minister Willy Søvndal.

Look in!

The shadow of the Wall

  • 44% of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories receive help from abroad
  • Over 40% of the West Bank has been made inaccessible to Palestinians
  • The lack of water is disastrous.  Palestinians have, on the average, only access to 50% of the amount recommended by WHO

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