til Roskilde Festival 2015 - 27. juni til 4. juli
tirsdag 19.06.12

No need for cash at this year's festival

For the first time a completely cash free area of the festival is introduced. You will not be able to buy anything using coins or notes. You will, however, be able to put money into a special festival debit card under the menu “trash your cash”

This year, the areas Cosmopol, Odeon, and the Volunteers' lounge will be cash free zones. Here, you will only be able to pay with regular debit cards and the festival's new debit card.

You can get the new debit card for free at the three “trash your cash” stands, which are located at the areas mentioned above. Here, you can bring cash or your credit card and top up the festival debit card. It is also possible to put in foreign currency without fees, enabling non-Danes to have a debit card they can use in 450 of the festival's 550 payment terminals.

No PIN number
There is no PIN number or any other identification tied to the festival debit card. Therefore, you should hold on to your debit card just as tightly as you would real cash. On the plus side, payment will be quick, simple and wireless.

In the cash free zone you only need to hold the festival debit card close to the payment terminal. You will see your balance and the amount you need to pay, press the green OK button, and payment is made. If needed you can top up your debit card in the three “trash your cash” stands.

Roskilde Festival reckons that about 6-8.000 debit cards will be in circulation. Especially non-Danish guests, and guests who want a ceiling on the day's spending, will benefit from the new debit card.

Long term, technology will make it possible to put the payment chip in the wrist band, perhaps making this the festival's first step towards a cash free festival.

If you have any balances left on your card after the festival is over you can get the amount refunded by contacting or coming by at the Roskilde Festival Secretariat. Also you can use the card for next year's festival where we in the mean time will evaluate the card and make space for new improvements.  

See where the cash free zones are on the map here 

Roskilde Festival's new wireless debit card
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